General Election 2015: Some things that make you wonder whether to vote or not…


We look at the escapades of  our past and present MPs like Blair, Brown and more…

Should we have voted them in – they’ve all lied – more than once before,

Blair with his Ploutomania and addiction to killing and war,

Cameron out to kill-off the NHS that’s certainly for sure,

Cleggy his pet supporter has a lot to answer for.

Nigel will fail, despite his being cocksure,

Vince Cable a man of whom I am suspicious and unsure,

Their lies, cheating and fiddling we seem to ignore?

I might be uneducated and rather poor,

And been guilty of voting for one of em before,

Now this lot I hate, they make me teeth sore!

Written by Inchcock on Saturday 18th April 2015 while he was suffering from rumbling innards and frequently demanding trips to the porcelain – Where he naturally was inspired to make this ditty as he thought of Britain’s Members of Parliament

No NHS patients, unemployed personages, or disabled people were harmed in the creation of this load of rubbish.


6 thoughts on “General Election 2015: Some things that make you wonder whether to vote or not…

    • Golly gosh how kind Sir. Not moving out today, the rumbling and a-grumbling innards have started agen! Tsk! Not well at all poor old codger. Hehe!

    • Yes, I have to give them credit there – Their eristic, obnoxious, petulant, churlish natures far outdo any other group of people anywhere.
      Had a horrible day health-wise and could not dare go out on a walk due to me rumbling innards and dizzy spells. Tsk! I suppose this made me grumpy and I decided to take it out on these liars cheats and nihilists… better take me medications now gal. Cheers.

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