Sat 18.4.15: Inchcock Today – Stuck indoors again – Tsk!

0602skySaturday 18th April 2015

Got in a good seven hours again – the dreams, what bit I can remember of them were of a rather naughty nature – but I enjoyed them I think?

Made a cuppa and took a photograph of the sky.

No porcelain visits yet – and the damned rumbling innards are back!

I must remember to ring Big John later to see of he can assist with a lift to the ‘Local’ Post Office to collect Shirl’s pressie for me. But not today as I dare not move out of the house – I feel it brewing in me stomach, rumbling and a-grumbling again… oh dear here I go…

MPelec15Pain and strain but no evacuations – oh dear!

Most uncomfortable. And the angina is a bit bothersome too – arthritis reflux ulcer and skin-growth not bad at all though.

Self testing done – BP Sy 142 Diy 84 Pulse 85 and Temp 35.3 AAPatKNo idea what these figure mean though.

Got a fair bit of medicationalisastional stuff this week, Tuesday skin-growth then Warfrin level tests, Wednesday GUM clinic, audio Clinic, busier than when I was working!  I hope that BJ can manage to help me carry me gift from the Post Office on AANancyMonday – no reply to me phone calls yet.Huh!

Opened Coreldraw9 and hoping it would not crash freeze or mangle the laptop proceeded to do the header for this post. Then… searched through to do some graphics to post – but at the back of me mind FrankDinohave no confidence it getting em finished. Posted them on the left hand side here fer yer to have a goggle at like.

Took a break to have some nosh.

IMG_0053It looked good and smelt good but I couldn’t eat it all – the grumbling rumbling innards have been joined by some dizzy-spells and the haemorrhoids are bleeding again – if I live through to Tuesday I’ll tell them about it at the hospital appointment. Tsk!

Managed to get through to BJ – bless him, say’s he’ll give me a lift to the Post Office on Monday to pick up Shirl’s pressie

Did some more graphicalisationing for blog and BinTFZers Facebook.

Dizzies still coming and going and I must admit they are of concern.

Tired suddenly, so tired.

Shivering yet sweating now – bloomin’ ‘eck wot next – Hehe.

SM Inch beachMight try to do some more graphics and then get me head down.

Inchcock – The Nottingham Lad

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