Sun 19.4.15: Inchcock Today – Got out a bit today

Sunday 19th April 2015


Foreboding sky today

Five hours dream filled kip – no notes found and no details retained in me brain about them. Huh!

Health checks carried out:

BP: Sys 126 Dia 78 Pulse 70 Temp 35.0 that looks alright methinks.

Haemorrhoids not bad at all and no bleeding – Reflux Valve very fair – Ticker ticking – Hernia okay – Arthritis fair – Ulcer just letting me know it’s there like – Anne Gyna not too good, but been a lot worse – Skin growth okay until I moved and caught it, very tender now – Dizzies had some yesterday but none today yet.

Made a cuppa and laptop on to start this diary.

0702Spit and polished missen and set off on me risky walk into town – I’ll call in PC World to get a new cheapo mouse and mat if I remember.

The sky was not welcoming as I left Carrington, I wus surprised to see so few people about – then I realised it was a Sunday. No fleas on me – quick as a flash – Tsk!

Plodded on into town.

No incidents on route – didn’t see a pedestrian cyclist! – Honest!

0703As I got into the centre of town I noticed the old BBC building was almost demolished now. They’ve brought in the bigger mechanical triffids now.

Called in the public WC.

A lot more folk about now.

I called into PC world and got the cheapest mouse and mat available – then I spotted they had on the software rack – Corel Paintshop Pro X7 Ultimate on sale price at £49. I checked and it said it was okay to use with Vista – so got it like.

0708Out and had a hobble around Trinity Square. Slipped some seeds to the pigeons craftily and took a photo of some Bling for the TFZ gals – no idea what gems they are, but they were expensive and beautiful I thought.

Took the  photo through a pawnbrokers window so I assume they were second hand?

Walked down toward the City centre – avoiding an argument taking place between five or six chaps near the general post office – no idea what it was about about… I think they were having a good verbal set-to in Polish or Ukrainian perhaps – all double Dutch to me. Hehe!

0707Down into the slab-square and dropped some more seeds…

There were some tents up from the Army Cadets, Air-Force Cadets, Girls and boys Brigade with some cadets going round giving sticky badges saying ‘I support the Army Cadets’?

A typical TSM walking about with his
swagger stick swaggering as he strutted around.

A young lady sat on the paved seating lifted her little mite out of one of those silly three wheeled fashion push-chairs and the push-chair fell forward onto them – I tried to get to help them – but was well beaten to it by the young cadets.

I felt a little old and senile – then again I am a little and senile?

I was surprised to see the Labour Council had allowed a St Georges flag to be put up in front of the Council House. I think it’s Thursday 23rd this year, St Georges day like.

Still, not complaining like.

0705Caught bus back to the hoppit and immediately and excitedly installed the Paint Shop programme – it does work!

Took me hours to get it installed as well – not to mention the cost.

It freezes when I try to open or install anything?

Really really pee’d off now. Grrr!

So spat and swore a bit and got me nosh ready 0709for later.

Cold nosh tonight:

Cooked beetroot, Sopocka a cooked loin, pickled beetroots, garden peas, bread thins manarins in jelly, lemon dessert, iced lemon mini-cake and a piece of seaweed and me medications. Bet I’ve overdone it and will not eat it all again – Tsk! But feeling well miffed about the Corel Paint failure and frustrated with not knowing what if anything I did wrong installing it or how to correct it either – I do not feel like eating at the moment anyway – A Whoopsiedangleplop of sorts?

Listening to a Dean Martin compilation on You Tube at the moment – 2hours 30 minutes and well worth a listen to: Some great songs on it and it almost cheered me up a tad… almost!

Settled down now – just remembered tomorrow: Got the cancer clinic and then the the Warfarin level tests.

Got to get me medication packets sorted to take with me (All right all right, I know I should have got them sorted earlier – but the Corel paint fiasco got me going – I can feel me ticker ticking now, bet me BP is high. Feeling so irritable and irked about it!).

0412Wot a clot I is – it’s Monday tomorrow not Tuesday! (Another example of me recently acquired habit  of practising creeping senility there!)

Tomorrow Monday – I have got BJ going to ring me to give me a lift to the ‘Local’ Post Office half a mile away on Hucknall Road to collect Shirl’s pressie and lift it home for me bless him – do not know when it will be – so I must get up early in the the AM and get things ready in case he is free early – I hate bothering him, a grand chap Big John.

This Dean Martin old music I’m listening to on me headphones is good, memory provoking.

The new mouse I’m using that I thought would stop the jumping about on the page while I’m typing had failed to cure the problem. (Fancy that – me failing… huh!)

Getting dark earlier tonight, a bit of rain perhaps? I’m getting passed caring, what else can go wrong?

Nipping in to get me clean jammie bottoms out of the bedroom – stubbed me toe catching me corn a hefty clout… (Bother!).

Had enough now!


Knuckled down and had anther go at importing photo to Corel Paint.

Not sure how I did it, but I got one in and practised removing background.

Not what I meant to do – Tsk!

Too late to try any more – must get me head down.

Hullo… that Facebook link has started on Elvis’s hit records now… good this is!

Not feeling up to much – hey-ho.

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