Inchcock Today: Housebound

Saturday 4th April 2015

I took me medications and nodded-off around 0430hrs.

Woke up around 1045hrs and wrote down notes of the morning dreams I’d had:

Moored boats, all types hundreds of them tightly laying side by side – I was searching through them and everyone I boarded started to sink and I had to jump on another one – couldn’t do any searching they sank that fast… last one was a fishing vessel and it didn’t sink, I was overjoyed because somehow I knew who I was looking for was bound to be hidden on this boat – Found someone hidden in a big cupboard in the galley as I pulled him out the explosion threw us both out into the water… as I tried to get out a Frenchman (Onions around his neck too) stopped me back into the water…?

IMG_0038Went down and made a cuppa tea and took a photo of the dank morning (Well almost midday by now) sky.

Returned to the bathroom in answer to call for attention from the porcelain – fair bit of blood and pain – medicated as best I could.

Not feeling too well this morning.

0602Arthur Itis demanded that his knees get some attention, so I put some extra Phorpain gel and rubbed it in well, took an extra painkiller too.

Despite getting in a late 6 hours of dream filled kip, I still feel so tired?

Must remember all this for when I go to the quacks on Tuesday.

Still, Anne Gyna was not bothering me at all at this stage, plus, no dizzies yet today – swings and roundabouts eh?

Started the laptop and began this post to here.

Not concentrating very well here I’m afraid.

Spent all day on the internet Facebooking, Coreldraw9 and Serif-draw… both graphic packages freezing with alarming ease! Tsk!

Not physically too bad today – mentally challenging due to feeling a bit low – no walkies today, couldn’t muster enough energy or encouragement.

Watched many episodes of ‘All Creatures Great and Small.

Remembered me medications and continued to release involuntary emissions of wind of medal deserving putridity all day and night. Phrewww!

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