Inchcock Today: 11/03/15 – Incorporating the graphicalised marathon walk to the QMC

Wednesday 11th March 2015

0301CarringNot a good night again, dream, wake, dream, wake, WC, dream, wake, etc.

I did manage some kip around 0400hrs to 0520hrs, when I sprang awake – I could not remember any of the dreams again. Tut!

Went down and made a flask of tea, during which sadly I had a couple of dizzy spells – (just when I thought it was safe to boil the water – hehe!). I ran the scolded fingers under the tap for a minute or so and applied some cream.

0302MR1The interscostal muscle was I think a little less painful though, and Arthur Itis was good – Anne Gyna was a bit persistent again, the ulcer no bother though – damned dizzies might be set it for a while – just a feeling – I hope not, I hate having them. That feeling of impotency and inability to do anything to stop them is frustrating.

Got to go to the QMC today for me INR Warfarin level tests – it’s raining outside at the moment, so I’ll do an anti-rain dance in a bit (Only joking!).

0303GBWC’d – during which I got a sense of what one of the dreams last night was about, but by the time I’d discovered the bleeding piles and tended to them I’d forgotten again. It’s odd that to me – I can remember remembering but could not remember what I’d remembered? Does this happen to others?

I potted about and got the nurses nibbles in the bag ready for later – made sure me INR record card was in me pocket with the bus-pass and me Emergency Card was in me jacket. Put me camera in the bag too.

0304GBLaptop on to start this diary.

I must try to get back from the hospital and try to get some graphics done for the TFZers, hopefully the fatigue that overcame me yesterday will not prevent me and Coreldraw9 will not crash – I’ve given up on Serif Draw x6, that seems to crash too regularly.

I decided that as I was feeling a bit better today – I’d walk it all the way to the QMC for me INR Warfarin level tests so as to catch up on me walks I’ve missed while feeling poorly. (I get these impulses every now and 0305GBthen – I think it’s something to do with being thrown in the canal when I five years old?).

I had a good scrub-up and got the things ready for the outing.

Determinedly, and foolishly full of confidence I set off nice and early.

The graphicalised tale of the journey to the hospital is in the graphics on the right hand side of the post.

0305StPI thought you might like to scroll down and read me comments wot I printed on the photographs to get the best out of them like? Please let me know if this idea was not a good one – I’m used to failure and promise not to sulk if it didn’t work.

The entire journey took me 1 hour & 57 minutes.

Well above me record time, even me average time for this journey.

0306StPBut then again I was not racing or rushing missen, and I did stop many times to take the photographs like.

The weather was kind throughout.

Worth repeating was that at every traffic lights there was somebody wearing a plastic or cardboard billboard advertising Pizza Hut collect only: Any size Pizza at £6.99.

Every one of the poor lost soles walking around looked absolutely pee’d off and depressed.

0307ArtI wonder how much they get paid for standing around on street corners looking twits?

Poor devils…

On Triumph Road – now taking over by college students establishments – long gone are all the business that used to dominate this road – no Player’s factories now, Transport depots, Coopers etc. the new college buildings especially the multi-coloured big one shaped like a wedge or something out of Thunderbirds and some of the students looked a bit like puppet character ‘Virgil’ from the 0308Pizzaprogramme as they passed me by.


The ‘wedge’ building on the University of Nottingham Jubille campus there seems to be having work of some sort done on the exterior ever since it’s been built in June 2009 I think – surely the architects must be a little embarrassed by their claim that: ‘The three new landmark buildings and a striking new piece of public art create a gateway and a strong new identity for the campus, emphasising the university’s modernity and 0309Cl1sustainability’.


I see the first part of Triumph Road is now being got ready for being built on by the University.

This area was occupied the old Gasometers from the gas works – they closed I think about 1980? I’m not sure and cannot find an actual date on the web either.

0310Cl1The land is still not considered safe enough to build on top of apparently.

I had a burk-on-a-bike come flashing passed me from behind as I went underneath the walk-over in one of the new buildings.

I hate it when some unthinking pratt of a pavement cyclist does that to me – 0311Cl1in fact these dung inhabitants are possibly my most hated species of turd after politicians and paedophiles.

Yes, they are my most hated species of turd after politicians and paedophiles!

As I walked along Derby road on me journey into the unknown and stopped to cross the pelican lights – another 0312Derbyrat-bag on a bike came from behind between the pedestrian and crossed part way making us (the poor pedestrians) move out of his way.

I didn’t know I could hate this much.

I completed the journey and arrived in the bright sunshine at the entrance to the QMC.

I made my way to the haematology dep’t and much to my surprise found only a handful of people waiting to go in – then I realised that I’d set out really early and so found it a delight to have my number called out 0313qmcwithin minutes.

There was a new nurse who took me samples and we had a nice chin-wag.

After she professionally dealt with me, I left them their nibbles and cheerily left walking out into the sunshine again and over the road to catch a bus into town.

0314qmcWhen one came, I was told by the driver I was too early to use me free pensioners bus pass.

I did feel a fool – did it again!

I got off and had a look at me mobile to get the time and it was 0925hrs – so only five minutes before I could use it.

0315busSo I had a walk for a few bus stops.

I caught a bus at the Olde Lenton Lodge bus stop into the City. (The Lenton Lodge is now a storeplace for Mercedes – so sad!)

The bus was nearly full (I imagine with the gaggle of us old folk using our bus-passes, Hehe)

I got off the bus off early anf walked down to the library, where I another dizzy. Sat down and read a bit of a book by Harry Secombe’s brother Fred Secombe (Anglican Priest in the Church of Wales) entitled ‘ How Green was my Curate’.

It was so humorous I got carried away with it, two and a half hours later I left the library.

I poddled to Tesco in the Victoria centre and got some bits.

Bread Tins, Fresh Cream Apple turnovers, Cornish Pastiesm Bacon/Cheese Burgers and some fine Frank’s.

Oh and a nasal spray to help clear me clogged nose.

0315noshWalked towards the bus stop, dropping some seeds and meal-worms for the pigeons en-route to Trinity Square.

Took some ‘Bling’ photographs for the TFZ gals.

Caught the bus okay and dropped off at the co-op and walked back to the dump – feeding Fatima and Fred on the way.

WC’d. No blood.

Made a cuppa and had it with one of the apple turnovers but was not impressed with it, all sugar and hard bits of apple – I may write to David Cameron about this…

Started (usual message about incorrect power pack) laptop and did a graphic for the header – halfway through Coreldraw9 froze – Huh!

Tried again and it let me – slowly!

I later looked for me INR record sheet but could not find it. I sat puzzling what I could have done with it – aha thunk I – bet I used it as a book mark at the library when I had to call at their porcelain…? I’ll call in tomorrow and ask them – although if it is there, the address is on it an they might send it on to me – I’ll call in tomorrow.

Tonight perhaps Cornish pasty and potatoes? Franks and beans?… er… Burger and beans? Spoilt fer choice ain’t I?

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