Inchcock and his 86 hour Christmas shift – Security Career Woes

The 86 hour Christmas shift in Security Control Room

GCVinIn my ten years with the company, I had never had a day off sick, and had only been late on duty once.

With so many of the lads knocking off with sickies, and then my fellow controller joining them, I ended up working straight through for 86 hours over the holiday period.

One of the supervisors brought me in a Christmas dinner, and the night men took me off for two hours each night shift so I could wash shave and have a nod to keep going.

The Operations Manager thanked me profusely.

The Owner thanked me.

The Night Manager offered his appreciation for my commitment.

Two weeks later I was made redundant as they had out-sourced the control room duties to save cash in their effort for financial survival.

After a couple of years of being sneered at and ignored by the Job Centre plus people I gave up trying to find another job at 64 years of age.

I am now happier with my life (Using the term loosely) than I have ever been.

The hernia then the heart operation, angina, arthritis, haemorrhoids, cancer of the bowel, duodenal ulcer, torn Intercostal muscle, going deaf, and slowly losing my sanity is okay to me – as long as I do not lose me laptop, internet connection or Cyber-friends.

TTFN all.

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