Inchcock Today: Bother on me walk today 12/03/15

Friday 6th March 2015

A decent nights sleep last night – in between waking up a good few times but overall I reckon I got a good five hours in – I remembered some bits of the dreams I’d had too… so will get them down now before they evaporate into the ether:

A rather large but attractive lady and three men (legal types I think) were chasing me through a fun fair – I got on a dodgem car and drove it off the fairground onto the road – made it to motorway – where a St John’s ambulance stopped me and they asked to see my driving licence – as I got out of the dodgem blood streamed from my rear end – the ambulance-men rugby tackled me to the ground, pepper sprayed me and pulled me pants down… they arrested me for failing to take reasonable care of me haemorrhoids and driving under the influence of out-of-date Yorkshire tea bags – Found myself incarcerated in a brick cellar with my old Smith-Coroner word processor, Cyril me beloved old cat, with box’s of curried beans used as a desk I was sitting on, an electric chair which I had to keep getting out of to allow the Ambulance-men warders room to electrocute someone every hour or so…

There was more, lots more I know – but the facts faded fast into the unretentive mist of my foppotee mind.

I took me medications and WC’d – only to find that me piles were bleeding profusely in reality as well as my dream… of course as soon as I used the porcelain the pain started – now this is not necessarily a bad thing – as it took place above the pains from me torn Intercostal muscle, which means that the damage under me ribs must be getting somewhat better and slowly healing? Mmm, I’ve said this before I think. Not really confident about this scenario I rubbed in some more pain-gel just to be on the safe side like.

My other ailments including Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis seemed content to give me a break this morning – hope they keep it up.

Started this diary.

MPs20915hrs: Email received from the doctor – Warfarin INR level far too low at 1.7 they have increased dosage. I’m not sure if I’ve missed any doses or if the whoopsiedangleplops and torn muscle might be affecting the level?

Worrying innit?

IMG_0091I had a scrub-up and got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

Only Fred came to breakfast this morning when I took rubbish out to the bin.

I set off struggling a bit with the bags.

IMG_0092When I got on Mansfield Road I thought the new street lights reminded me of ‘The Day of the Triffids’ so took a photo of them – but they don’t show up very well.


Over the hill and down into Sherwood proper

IMG_0093I spotted that the pub had removed the scaffolding from the frontage, thus allowing me to take a better photographicalisation of the humorous sign above the doors.

I must say this tickled me when I first saw it.

But the hilarity soon turned to anger, IMG_0094frustration and verbal confrontation as I moved on down and up the hill on Mansfield Road.

First a git on a mobility scooter came belting passed me nearly clipping me one, as I got to take a photo of the imbecile he’s just clipped a woman further along the road and she was giving him some signals and a verbal message as as he just sped on from her making a woman with pram take action to avoid a collision.

I wish I could have caught up with him.

I recognised his scooter as one of those outside the pub nearly every day.

IMG_0095Moments later a BMW weighed down with dozens of packs of Cola pulled off the road between some safety fencing near the pelican lights to unload into the Pizza Roma place.

He got out looking daggers at me taking a photo, sneered said something I could not understand, but it wasn’t ‘Good morning’ I’m sure.

IMG_0096This prompted me to question his sanity in driving onto the pavement while pedestrians were there and so close to the pelican crossing.

He just swore at me and ignored me – I bet he sells a lot of Pizzas with an attitude like that. The lady who he came closest to hitting was angry, but she walked away without complaining.

I moved on a little uptight with the hassle and got to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and left the goods for them.

IMG_0097I liked the look of the picnic basket in the Hospice window and took a photo of it – I imagine there will not be many like that one around today.

The pottery was not in good condition but it evoked memories for me.

I crossed the road and took a photo towards Carrington from the hill as IMG_0098the weather or rather sky began to look threatening.

I could smell the food from the Continental hot food store and crossed back over the road to see if they had any fodder left for sale as the aroma had got me taste-buds going.

Naturally this late in the day there was not going to be much choice or fresh cooked stuff.

There was a choice of four however but I didn’t recognise any of the food and asked the assistant what the stuff that looked like grass was.

I could not pronounce what she told me it was – she said it had beef, beans and herbs in it. Anyway I asked for some with the last of the roast potatoes they had.

Popped it in me bag to reheat later at home and crossed back over the road and up the hill into Carrington.

IMG_0099As I neared the top, two, I say two pavement cyclist nits had stopped to chat with a member of the opposite sex who had a pram and everyone was having to walk around them.

I mentioned this to them as I drew close and one of the gentleman pavement cyclist suggested I go forth and multiply as he gave me a seriously threatening glare.

If he thinks that was going to scare me off he was wrong… it just happened that I had to get home to reheat me whatever it was I’d just bought – otherwise I’d have had WWarnLiethem both I can tell yer!

IMG_0100I plodded on eventually arriving back at the bomb-site to be greeted with Fatima, Fred and family wanting there dinner.

First things first – I got the nosh in the microwave. Gave in six minutes (Cause me microwave is not very powerful like) but it needed a couple of minutes more – it smelt delicious, a bit like a good beef goulash. It was a tad greasy but boy what a great taste.

Gobbled it all up in minutes, even the roast tatties were excellent.

Watched a bit of a DVD while I ate it, then started Coreldraw9 to finish this diary on and do some graphics for the TFZers.

The laptop did some funny actions and I had to restart it – then Coreldraw9 crashed, and then again and for a third time it froze – each time I had to force close the laptop and restart, each time getting messages about the power pack being either not powerful enough or not recognised?

Then I noticed the battery was 57% (55% now) and Not charging.

Really fed-up now. Driven at – verbally abused and now technology is having a go at me!

I’m not a happy lad, in fact depressed and sad. Tut!

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