Inchcock Today: Tue 10th March 2015 – The Pain Persists!

Monday 9th March 2015

Here is the first part of me Diary for today: Written in sad rhyme because I knew I would be housebound again today due to the ailments playing up – and not wanting to risk carrying me bags of laundry to the launderette and making the pain from me intersostal torn muscle any worse.

Thus I had the time to be a little creative in me blog of the day – and the concentrating helped keep the agony I was in at bay! (Haha).


I made another cuppa and stayed close to the porcelain in the bathroom. After making the above ode and planting it in the post – I called Big John to tell him I won’t be going to the launderette and to give my love to the girls there… he had the speaker on hands-free and I heard Grizelda laugh as she heard me talking. As long as that happens – me making someone laugh – I’m a happy Nottingham lad.

Did some Facebooking (5 hours) and crossed me fingers and used Coreldraw9 to try to make some graphics up.

Can’t concentrate for some reason.

Then the internet went down – all the lights were on go and okay – but no connection.

It came back on a few hours later – Phew!

Must remember tomorrow is me INR Warfarin level checks at the Queens Medical Centre.

Tired now – and I’ve done nowt really.

On checking before posting I realised what a mess I’d made of the graphic – too weary to bother sorting it now.

TTFN all.

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