Inchcock Tuesday 16th July 2019: A day of inner-moaning. Tsk!

2019 July 16

2019 July 16

Tuesday 16th July 2019

Hungarian: 2019. Július 16, Kedd

22:00hrs: After falling asleep so early, I woke in a relatively refreshed mood, but still feeling a little tired. This was ignored at first, not given any deep thought. I was up out of the £300 c1968, second-hand, rickety, noisy, grotty-beige-coloured, disagreeably uncomfortable, sometimes working but as often not, recliner. Needing to use the almost empty EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket) and being caught out, my not expecting the SSPPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Powerful-Wee-wee) that flowed violently out from the bladder. I don’t know where the power came from. Haha!

I decided to get the hand-washing done straight away, and walking stick in support, I toddled carefully to the kitchen. After I had done the laundry, rinsing and got the t-shirt and socks on the airer, I tackled the health checks, and took the medications (far to early as I found out minutes later – Fool!

1Mon15WD 0.51.102 As I was getting the sphygmomanometer and thermometer out of the medical drawer, it dawned on me that the sun was still out, and what the time was! Jiminy Cricket, cripes and by gad, what an absolute harebrained, dumb, thick, addlepate I am! A supreme Shmo. Oy Vey!

I went onto the balcony to take a shot of the evening. With its finger-flesh tearing metal spring opener, I decided to be quick about it and not open the window to take the picture.

WD 0.51.102 Which was just as well, as I realised I was stood there naked taking a photograph! A Supreme+ Shmo this time! Oy-Gevalt! Can I get any help? I must be going bonkers! EEM (Extreme-Embarrassment) Mode Engaged!

I made a brew and got on with updating the Monday post. To my utmost pleasure and great joy, the digits, hand, and arm, rarely went into a dancing mode for the three and a half hours it took me to do the job. Fair enough, the shoulder did a bit of jiggling about, but even that wasn’t too often or violent. I’m having a mixed day up to now, some disastrous Whoopsiedangleplops, and some much-welcomed relief from the ailments. I am content for things to stay like this with the dancing limbs, though.

I nipped to the wet room, in anticipation of needing the Porcelain Throne – but I’m afraid things seemed blocked again, and all my bestest efforts and discomfort endured, failed to move anything.

Just a point of interest, I have noticed that recently, since the Stroke, my fingernails on the left hand are growing far more quickly than those on the right one? Also, the right leg, which has and is affected by so many ‘issues’, they keep changing their capacity for fluid retention, one day the left if fatter, then the next day, the right one is plumper?  In recent communications from various medical letters from different teams, the following terms have been used; Neurotmesis, Axonotmesis, Medullary/Myelin sheaths, Diabetic Polyneuropathy, and Peripheral Neuralgia. Surely some of these will be the same thing? It all confuses this already confused pensioner! Haha! I’ll have to ask Lynton if I remember, he’ll know. I’ve Googled them, but cannot understand all that came up. Just a couple of confusing thoughts I had this morning. Thick? Me?… Yes!

GC capI found that I had left my new light blue Andy Cap in the room. And with the ailments so being so kind to me, I took a selfie of me smiling in celebration. Hehehe!

I posted off the blog and went on the WordPress reader. Did a bit of Facebooking next.

Then onto CorelDrawing for a few more hours, creating some graphics for page headers and Thoughts for the blogs. Then I made a start on this post.

I had to nip out for a Porcelain Throne visit.  No bleeding, and it seemed a little less effort and a good deal less painful to complete the motion this time.

With getting up so early, I treated myself to a YouTube viewing hour or so. Mostly documentaries and car-crash clips watched. Then, I got the ablutions tended to…

2Tue02WD 0.51.102 The sickly old pins (legs) looked to have deteriorated somewhat from yesterday. The lumps were far worse in the right limb.

But, on the brighter side, the ankle ulcer is improving quickly. No Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna or Duodenal Donald were giving me any stick, either!

2Tue03WSA 0.51.102 Got the teggies cleaned. Then the shaving was done. But at a cost! Thanks entirely to the Neurotmesis, Axonotmesis, Diabetic Polyneuropathy, Polyneuropathy, or Peripheral Neuralgia prompted shakes, quivers, and Hokey Cokey-like, dancing fingers, shoulder and leg! They are all clever-sounding words, I must find out which is which! Hehehe!

I must get prepared for the INR blood nurse arriving in a bit. With the new Intercom not being heard correctly, well, not at all really!

WD 0.51.102 I set about rereading the leaflets again, in-depth, to try to find out if I could increase the ringing tone on the baffling contraption.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WD 0.51.102 I’ve no idea how, but I was sure the left icon would change the ringing tone level, and the right end one, the voice audio status. And I dare not move from the hallway at all, even for a wee-wee, whatever. I spent about two hours in the hall, making no progress at all. Eventually, I managed to (What I thought was) the voice-audio set to a third, but the flaming tone range went to Muted! I do not have an inkling, as to how this happened. I was getting myself all het-up, bothered, flustered, and frustrated here!

I heard Josie’s door open and had a little natter with her.

WD 0.51.102 I spotted even more bumpf had been delivered. 


  1. A confirmation letter for the appointment with Dr S K Raghunathan, at the Stroke Outpatients for 20th August, Corridor N5 at the City Hospital.
  2. Nottingham City Homes Important Notice for Woodthorpe Court Customers. Notification of Interruption of Water Supply. For Tuesday 23rd July at 09:00hrs.
  3. The work will take up to eight hours.
  4. A recommendation that we stock up with water the evening before each of the days, in containers, bottles, and saucepans.
  5. The NCH can supply bottled water if you contact Nick Jones on a certain number. Great for deaf people that!

WD 0.51.102 This can go with another from Nottingham City Homes letter.

  1. That informs us that ‘Engineers from Second Element’ will be on-site to carry out essential maintenance to the Water Supply System: On Wednesday 17th, Friday 26th, and Monday 29th July.
  2. Between the hours of 0830am and1700hrs.
  3. With a recommendation that we stock up with water the evening beforehand, in containers, bottles, and saucepans.

WD 0.51.102 And.

  1. A letter from the Queens Medical Centre, Haematology, and Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic. Mr Adamczyk, for the annual medical blood and vein count-type assessment, on August 28th, at 11:15. 
  2. Then at 1220hrs hours, Dr Nishapuri for a mental health examination.

WD 0.51.102 That can go with the Outpatients appointment for the duodenal ulcer checks! 

Ain’t gerrin’ older a pleasure, so peaceful and relaxing being retired and handicapped in various departments! No damned rest, peace-of-mind or rest here at all! Globallglocks!

WD 0.51.102 After ponderations, I decided to check on the intercom picture for a while to make sure the nurse had not arrived, and I pass her coming up as I go down in the lift. (Yes, both elevators are now working again!) And keep my eyes out for the nurse, and call to leave a message for Deans to get me some help with the not loud enough monitor thingy. When I got outside, I noticed some NCH workmen doing something with the windows outside the laundry room. I asked one if he had a company phone and the man said yes. Seemed a pleasant enough bloke, so I asked him if he could call Deana for me, about my not hearing the ring tone on the new intercom system. He went and got the number and rang her for me. But there was no answer. So he offered to come up to the flat with me, and see if he could help.

WD 0.51.102 In the flat, the helpfull chap agreed that the layout was vastly confusing, as it did not match with the plans that were given me. The chap worked out that I had got it wrong in thinking one icon meant the voice level and the other for the ring tone. One was for up the other down, no control over the ring-tone level it seems. Although something of that ilk should be there for the engineers, perhaps?

I got back to doing the updating of this blog. The nurse hasn’t arrived yet, so I can assume she is not coming? Maybe tomorrow? Something else to fret over! Humph!

2Tue08I got the fodder on the go.

Something new for me to try today. I piece of smoked bacon, vegetarian sausages, and smokey BBQ rice, with some BBQ sauce, added? What do you think?

I wonder if the nurse will come or not today? If it is a different lady, it is just about possible that she will come later on. Not that that will do much for me. I really need to try and get some sleep in if I can. And, if I fall asleep, I doubt if I will hear the new intercom’s weak tune. Oh, I am fed up!

She did not arrive, so I hope she’ll come tomorrow.

I fell asleep for a few minutes and checked the intercom panel, but no one had rung for me.

2Tue09I finally got the nosh served up.

I vegetarian sausages looked a little on the unappetising side, but they tasted alright. I must try some of this Bens BBQ rice again. If it on Special Price at £1, on my next visit, I get some more. Very tasty!

Taste Rating given was 7/10. Good stuff!

I did the hand-washing, got down, and fell asleep again. I woke up later, but the willingness of the mind and body to rise again, was reluctant to be roused, and I nodded off again.

3Wed01gI woke again, what the expergefactor was for this, I don’t know. But, I did rise up and consulted the notebook, to see if anything worthwhile had happened to add to the blog.

I could read ‘fire alarm’ written a few times. But what else at the bottom, beat me, and I wrote it! Hahaha!

Inchcock Today – Fri Aug 24th Aug 2018: Smug Mode Adopted, Fire Alarm, Ironclad black biting beetles attack persists. Harold’s Haemorrhoid hassle continues, Tsk!


Friday 24th August 2018

Africaans: Vrydag 24 Augustus 2018

5Fri005a0350hrs: Woke feeling confused and positively cold this Friday morning.

With rare nowadays, indications of movements having taken place, from the lower limited-use area. Which of course had started the Fungal Lesion bleeding. This was accompanied by some pretty nasty stinging aggravations from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

As I lay there waiting for the grey-cells to activate sufficiently enough for the bodily movements to be enabled. The need for the use of the Porcelain Throne forced me to struggle out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, and thanks to piles, make a painful visit to the wet room. In a rush, I did not take the camera with me as I usually would have to record the damned Ironclad black biting min-beetles/weevils. But there were only around five of the little buggers to be seen while I carried out my evacuation. Again, a swift, soft affair. Which meant, no time for the reading of the book this merry morning on the throne.

Daktacort2Had a cleanup and a medicationalistical ointmenting session with Little Inchies Fungal Lesion (Pain-Level 8.5/10, nasty!) and Harold’s Haemorrhoids (Pain-Level 3/10), and got the ensanguined areas treated with the Daktacort Miconazole cream. Anusoling the pesky and irritated at the moment, haemorrhoids.

I limped into the kitchen, with the aim of giving the brain time to come together, by making a mug of lovely strong tea.

WDPBL02a I had the door open, but no hearing aids in yet of course – but still I heard the Fire-Alarm kick-off. I poddled to the door and had a peek through the spy hole, no signs of any smoke out there. Even during this slightly alarming period (Alarming? Did you like that? Hehe!), I wondered how the heck I heard the alarm with no aids in my tab-holes?

5Fri001bWhat I would have done in the past, was go to the kitchen window and take a picture of the fire brigade arriving. But of course, now with the new windows and the sticking out ledge, it is impossible to do this. So I went into the front room and took a photo through the locked balcony door glass. Luckily the outer pod was in the process of being erected and had holes and gaps in it; so I could take a lousy photograph with the engines etc. seen through an opening that will soon be filled in, blocking out view and light altogether of any sight of the ground below for the time being. Until I am able to use the multi-windows that will need cleaning covered balcony when it is completed, by unlocking sliding the door back, opening one of the windows, and leaning out to take a picture – of course by the time I get all that done, the fire brigade will have left. Unless it was an actual fire, of course. I tangled that wording up a bit, didn’t I? Haha!

5Fri001WDPBL02a I continued on my mission to get a mug of tea. Finding in the kitchen, a few Ironclad black biting min-beetles/weevils.

See the Ironclad in the old washing-up bowl in the photo? Near to it was something that looked like a bit of brown/orange fluff. When I went to remove whatever it was, it sort of blew-up when I touched it and a thick liquid poured out?

Lie01a Of course, I planned to show the shadow of my hands holding the camera in it, to make it more interesting!

The brigade vehicles had gone, I then got on with doing the Health Checks and taking the medications.


By gum, the Sys, Dia, Pulse, and Temperature were all down. I would have expected the little bit of excitement with the fire alarm would have sent them the other way, up? Just goes to show you what I actually don’t know, doesn’t it? These results leave me all ferblunjit. Hahaha!

I made a start on this post, before finishing yesterday’s off. So much seemed to have happened in a short time, I thought I might forget something to record.

5Fri002Selecting the photographs from the camera card, I found this one. Another unintended mystery picture was taken! Klutz! Thanks to the ailment, Shaking Shaun.

But it fascinated me. Where, hoe when this morning could I have shot this view?

I deployed my Sherlock Homes investigative cap and spent ages trying to find out what I’d 5Fri006inadvertently snapped. Eventually, by using my superior investigative… no, I’ve used that word already, erm… er… inquisitorial qualities, in no time at all, (well, nearly an hour, Tsk!) I’d worked out what the photograph was of!

Extreme Smug Mode Adopted! Head sways, a superior twisted-lip smile appears on my mush!

5Fri009I recalled (eventually) as I went through what had happened earlier, putting down the camera when I was searching to the Ironclad black biting min-beetles/weevils, on the draining board. I must have caught the shoot button as I did so.

The view is of underneath the row of plate supporters in the draining tray!

Could I use this mystery photo as a template for a Sci-Fi graphic in a Space Station? Haha!

5Fri006aWhile in the kitchen, I  got the potatoes in the crockpot on a low setting. Added some sea salt and malt vinegar to flavour them up.

Made a brew of English Breakfast tea in the small Denby China mug.

Realised I had not actually taken the medications earlier, so I did. Meshugener!

5Fri006bThe sunshine came out.

The kitchen window (right-hand side as you look at this photo), is developing very well into a work of art. Multi-coloured splashes and spillages of various whatever they are. Haha!

WDPBL02a There were many of the Ironclad black biting min-beetles/weevils in the space between the cellophane covering and the glass in the 5Fri009awindows. Whether they were trying to get in or out, I don’t know.

Seeing these repellent beetles/weevils, reminded me to check the bait traps.

I went into the spare room and had a look on the window ledge sheet. There were a lot of caught Ironclads and dozens of little tiny, baby beetles I assumed, all over the painted wood.

5Fri010Off to monitor the wet room battlefield box.

Not so many in that one, but as I put the light on, dozens of the nuisances that were on the floor, scurried down the shower drain?

I felt a bit guilty about seeing the bodies.

Despite the sunshine, it still felt a bit nippy in the apartment. Brrr!

07:25hrs. Then, I started on finalising the Thursday post. Best laid plans, eh?

WDPBL02a Damned Global-Virgin Media internet went down once again!

Liberty Glob

Aug18N4Can’t turn it off, or I’ll lose everything I’ve done recently. Repeated signs were telling me that Saving Failed with WordPress. But it doesn’t bother me!

0755hrs: Back on again. Tried to get the Thursday diary finished.

Started on the templates.

1600hrs: Got hem finished. Phew!

5Fri011I put some extra sharp cheddar on top of the Cumberland Pie nosh. It turned out just grand.

Flavour Rating: 902/10.

The weather was okay, a bit of wind and rain occasionally.

I took some photographicalisation through the balcony windows at the front.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I fell asleep and rewoke repeatedly to so many programmes tonight: Heartbeat, The Interceptors, then I gave up, turned off the TV. 

I lay planning on how to arrange Brexit, solve the immigration worries with a ‘Compassion injection’, invent a pair of spectacles with the inbuilt camera and hearing aids, and the obliteration of pavement cyclists with kindness. Hehe!

Inchcock Today Fri 27 Nov 15: Help arriving today – no, I take that back…

Friday 27th November 2015

Woke at 0245 hrs, I’d been dreaming and waking up all night – the dreams were all of the same theme but totally different situations: I was searching for something in each dream but someone or thing was stopping me getting to where I wanted to search… an undertaker who looked like Spike Milligan was hiding papers as I tried to search on office, then he became a judge wearing a helmet and sentenced me to join the Conservative party as chauffeur to one of the MPs?  That was in the last dream I think. Bits from earlier ones all seemed to have me searching on rooftops again?

I could feel the lower regions damp, so went to the bathroom to clean up ‘Little Inchy’ again and have a session on the porcelain. More washing to do again now too!

I came out of the bathroom, put the kettle on and thought I could hear music? Odd that I thought at 0330 in the morning?

P1020529Went to the door tracing the music, P1020530opened the door to find it was the fireP1020532 alarm belting merrily away.

I went into the kitchen opened the window and awaited the arrival of the brigade to get a photo of them.

The first tender arrived. The lads got out casually and wondered into the foyer to check the fire-panel I assume.

One of the officers even looked up to see if he could see any flames – or he thought I was being cheeky pointing me camera at him? Hehe! Probably the second reason, cause none of them called at the flat to check.

The second tender arrives with great haste.

The third didn’t come near enough for me to get a photo of it, as it turned around behind the garages and departed whence it came.

Bit of excitement to start the day, P1020533bonkers dreams, fire brigade now, what will be the third thing?

Me tea had gone cold so I made another.

‘Little Inchy’ was sore so after they had left I called in the bathroom to check on me pads I’d put on Inchy and found I’d left the hot tap running in the sink! So, no hot water or bath today for me! Huh!

Took me medications and got the laptop on to finish yesterdays diary off.

The ulcer was a bit easier this morning, well a lot easier actually, Anne Gyna calm, reflux valve too, the blister on me finger from burning it taking out me nosh from the oven yesterday had come up and burst nicely, the toothache has lessened, Arthur Itis was lingering but not too bad, no dizzies at all and the temperature in the kitchen was up to 60ºf. Things looked good, a bit worrying this!

The tummy started rumbling a bit later, but nowhere near as bad as the last two days.

Checked me emails and comments.

biGladysGot onto some Facebooking. TFZ’s Suzieann’s birthday today, on with doing a graphic for her up there in Scotland. Took me while and the flipping Coreldraw started playing up cause I was using so much memory in creating this, but I was pleasedish with it, just hope Suzie likes it.

She’s a lovely witty gal and suffering at the moment with having her eyes treated. Hope she has a marvellous day.

Got a good bath and titivated missen and called at the Community Hut on me way to walk into Sherwood.

No one in again, so left the mail or the flats last tenant Margaret on the desk with some nibbles.

Tried ringing Steve again on the way, got an answer this time. He’s going to call round later bless him.

Walked up to the park and down onto Mansfield Road and left down into Sherwood and called at the Co-op shop see if they had any bargains and get me bread. They had some potato letters at half-price so I got a bag, along with a TV paper and me bread. Couldn’t find me co-op card – add me losing the letter from the Nottingham Building Society and I’m now waiting for the third thing to lose today. Tsk!

Came out search me pockets but could not find me Co-op card!

P1020536I noticed some residents at the bus stop so a bus must be due to catch back up to the flats.

Here they are, I showed the photo’s of the fire tenders from this morning. Two knew nothing about it, but this chap who has good hearing heard them and got up to watch.

P1020534We all had a natter, not much time as we were only going three stops – but it was all uphill.

We all got in the lift had a joke and departed.

Into the flat and to the WC – glad to see I’d not left the heater or light on or tap running! Sad innit?

Put me potato letters in the freezer. Made a cuppa and sorted some paperwork as I searched again for the NBS letter to show Steve of Age UK.

Without any luck. Tsk!

Laptop on to update this while I awaited the arrival of Steve.

Started a graphic using Corel Draw and Corel Paint for the TFZ gals.

Got missen in a pickle – Photopaint won’t close and Draw will let me close it until I exit from Photopaint? Oh ‘eck!

Ended up crossing me fingers and force-shut-down the laptop.

Steve rang later, he’s too busy to come but will call the NBS on Monday to find out about the house movement.

P1020537Had me nosh and took me evening medications.

Potato letter waffles, carrots pork pie, sausages, tomatoes and beetroot, followed my a pot of mandarins in orange jelly.

Got the DVD on the TV sorted a bit now, thanks to advice from Duncan Robertson – so watched the last two episodes of the ‘Life on Mars’.

Tried the laptop to see if it loaded alright and it did. Just hope that Coreldraw works when I next use it.

WC’d, then decided I’d watch some TV… the usual story, spent 10 minutes picking out what to watch and fell asleep within five minutes of putting on the set. The anaesthetic qualities of TV programmes are much underrated ain’t they?

Wed 29 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Stuck indoors again… Tsk!

Wednesday 29th July 2015


0409hrs: Woke and lay there accompanied by the Thud, rattle.. whir Mmmmm, grunt, clunk thud musical tones of the new Curry’s fridge-freezer trying to recall some of the dreams I’d had – all a bit vague though:

In a wood or forest with people chasing me… climbing down some scaffolding in the clouds, lost… being along with other people in a long line, sprayed with lavender coloured paint?

The urgent call to the porcelain was answered. As I got up, the draughts in the kitchen were worse than ever – I now realise the hole high in the kitchen wall is accompanied by another at the bottom of the wall! Crap that! ‘Cause when they come on Friday to brick-up the first hole, not only will it ruin me decorating but they will not do the second one at the same time and I’ll have to go through all the turmoil again later! Depressed now!

IMG_0114WC’d again!

Cleared the bedding. Laptop on.

Made a nice strong cuppa and took me medications.

Then remembered a bit more of me dream. I was flying high in the sky and kept diving down for see something near a factory chimney?

Another WC visitation – oh dear!

Finished yesterdays diary and posted it.

I’m hoping for a better day today. But the lack of progress, partly enforced by all the flipping appointments repairs etc is getting to me. I should get me INR Warfarin level test results in the post today – then the problem of getting an appointment at the doctors on the date they give me for me next test will have to be surmounted – if I had the time I could go to the QMC haematology and have it done, but two buses there and back and repair visits at the flat make it difficult.


Being as I’m stuck in here waiting for the Alarms to be checked, I decided to do a bit of Facebooking before the Morrison’s delivery comes – then changed me mind and had me bath and shave instead.

I think getting out of the bath is a challenge and painful nowadays – today was a struggle again – Tsk!

Had a bit of a dizzy-spell – bad nearly went over, but only lasted a few seconds.

A little tip here… When bending down to put yer clean socks on, it’s best to try and avoid hitting yer head on the sink!

Morrisons delivery arrived. Put the stuff away and took the rubbish and recycle bags to the chute.

Decided to go to the dump and see what I could carry back – then remembered I can’t go out until the Alarm engineers have been.

BinChecked me emails and sent some.

Sister sent a photo of a snake that brother-in-law Pete had to get out of a neighbours kitchen!

Can’t tell how big it is or what type come breed it was.

Imagine being sat down to have your corn flakes and one of these crawls onto yer table?

The Swift’s chappy-man came and tested the fire alarm and smoke alarm, took him at most 2 minutes.

I nipped out to the Community shed but no one was in, all locked up.

Came back and put me battered potatoes in’t oven and BBQ mini sausages in pan with a can of cheesey baked beans and finished of some graphics while they cooked.

DSCF0189Unfortunately I allowed the pan to overheat a tad and after the meal, had quiet a job cleaning it. Huh!

Pondered on whether it was too late to go to the house and get some stuff – yes I suppose it was.

So I did some more graphicalisationing for the TFZ folk.

AALona AANancy AAPatKBetbirth A few of the aged ones wot I dun ‘ere.

Couple of dizzies today, just had another.


Took a stroll down to the community shed, but no one there again.

DSCF0190Back to flat, turned off the laptop, made sure all doors windows locked, taps off, oven off and set out on a little walk up the hill behind the flats, to try and see if I could find the Greenhouses that are supposed to be in Woodthorpe Park.

Bit windy, but nice with it today.

Once in the park proper I had to watch out for kids on bikes, skateboards, footballs, gold balls and lurking antisocial elements.

DSCF0191Had a good walk around looking for signs that might inform me where the hothouse is but found one.

I walked to the other side of the park and through a thicket and came across an area at the end of the twitchell that had seats and was designer built.

But the uneven steps made it DSCF0192dangerous going so I took a photo from half-way down like.

I could see one of the entrances to the cave that lead under the road.

A bit of history there that I read about earlier in the morning on he internet. 

Read more: 

I made me way up to the old mansion, now a sad looking dilapidated council office place. But still no signs of any green or glasshouse?

Had to nip smart as I could manage back to the flats (Porcelain calling again).

Very tired when I got in.

Laptop on and updated this tosh, then went on Facebook to post me graphics.

Good responses to them.

And now – to change me bandage pad on me little lesion – not an easy thing to do, and rather painful. So if you hear on the news about mad screams coming from a block of flats in Sherwood Nottingham – it’ll be me.

Back in a bit.

Emptied me cupboard ready for the bricklayers arrival tomorrow.

Drained again – TTFN.

Inchcock Today – Wed 4th Mar 15: Back to hospital again – Tsk!

Wednesday 4th March 2015

What a night – agony every time I moved I was woken up with the pain from me damaged rib-muscles.

I know I dreamt again but remembered no details. (Annoying that)

Lay for a moment thinking of what tasks I had ahead of me for the day: INR Warfarin level tests – I’ll walk into town timing it so I can catch a bus from there to the hospital around 0930hrs. I decided against any other plans being laid cause I might not be very mobile with the ailments and the new pulled muscle… see how I go.

Took me medications and started laptop to begin this diary – got the message about the power supply not being powerful enough again, pressed F1 and loaded – very slow starting this morning, me and the laptop! Hehe.

Windy again this morning. So went down to make a cuppa and pot of porridge with lemon honey in it. Tasty!

Getting myself up was a bit painful in the ribs and knees – oh dear!

Did some Facebooking but Coreldraw9 would not let me do any graphicalisationing Boo!

Cut me toe nails which was agony and I should have left it really.

Got the nibbles ready for the nurses and paperwork required, made sure I’d got me bus-pass, mobile, camera and some cash.

Did me teggies, shaved, washed me tootsies applied me creams and lotions, splashed me Brute all over (Remember Henry Cooper?) put me togs on and set off on me walk into Nottingham.

Wed01The sky was wonderful to look at as I walked down to Mansfield Road.

The mothers were taking their apprentice anti-social neonate ankle-biters to the local priso… school.

I noticed the new Retirement flat complex have started shutting and locking their gates – a very wise move I thought! And they have done a good job of removing the graffiti too!

Wed02Onwards a plodded and at the junction near the Forest site island the traffic was at a standstill – but the horns and honkers were very active as the morning Nottingham commuters communicated with each other with hand signals not from the Highway Code and various gesticulation between themselves. I was actually glad I could no longer drive.

You can see on this photograph on the right, the wind was a problem for the pedestrians as it nearly blows the two coming towards me into a driveway.

I was doing well mobility-wise and got into the City with time to spare to catch  a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre Haematology Dep’t.

Wed03So I wandered through the Victoria Centre Mall, up to the second floor right through coming out on the walk-over, where I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the Nottinghomian’s care-free disinterested habit of crossing the road against the lights again.

No shortages of buses this morning.

Walked down passing the gooey yellow regurgitated (Indian I think, but I didn’t stop to study it like) and green sick on the stairs down Wed04to ground level and crossed over (With the pedestrian lights on ‘Walk’ green of course) and caught a bus to the QMC.

Throughout the entire journey one woman was talking on her mobile – I hope hope she enjoys the Chicken Risotto that Glenda is making for her tonight when she gets back from Bingo and collects the kids from ‘Nans’.

Dropped off on Derby Road and started to walk into the QMC site when once and yet again I Wed05heard the klaxons of a fire tender as it struggled to get through the queue of cars for the car park – quickly followed by another.

A fire-alarm yet again at the hospital.

I wonder if they charge the NHS for false alarms? Cause this year I’ve been there as an outpatient on at least eight occasions when the alarm was activated or activating- just a thought like.

I entered past the smoke covered patients fag area and into the haematology department, picking up a free Metro newspaper on the way.

Filled in me Anticoagulation form details and was soon called in to be tended to by a buxom blonde haired dimpled 5’4″ gorgeous thick legged cougar of a nurse who welcomed me like a son… well…

WWarnLieWed05aManaged time for a little natter, gave her the nibbles and was soon back out over the road and catching a bus to Bulwell to see if Fulton Foods had got me blackcurrant lollies back in stock yet.

Had a good read of the paper en-route and dropped of in Bulwell bus station opposite the River Leen to feed me Wed07mallards, there was not many about again.

Found a few near the old pillory stocks that were used many years ago by the Nottingham Constabulary.

Can’t understand why they don’t use these stocks nowadays for mad mobility scooter drivers and pavement cyclists?

Wed06Walked over and through the rather sad Bulwell Market along to Fultons – but no lollies again. They did have some short date Walkers Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps 6 packs at only 59p so I got one.

By now the arthritis and me ribs were really getting bad, so I made me way back to the bus-station and got one back to Carrington.

Two rather loud teenage girls were nattering and I have to ask for some help with understanding two of the things they came out with please.

1) “Tope?” – They all agreed the whoever it was they were talking about was Tope?

2) “Home skillet” (That’s what is sounded like no idea how it should be spelt?).

Beats me.

Wed08Dropped off in Carrington.

Again the sky looked a picture and on this road there was no one around at all?

This confused me for a moment – then I realised the school on the corner was about to release its inmates, hence all the worried parents waiting in their cars?

I made myself scarce and made for the flea-pit.

I fed the pigeon in a clandestine manner got in and WC’d, put pain gel on me ribs knees and ankles and risked taking an extra pain-killer cause the ribs like yesterday seemed to be getting more painful with every little bend stretch cough belch or movement.

Mad a cuppa and a flask of tea and the laptop let me use Coreldraw9 so got on with doing this diary update.

Took me evening medications.

The torn Intercostal muscle ensured me getting little sleep again.

Inchcock Today: Mon/Tue 8/9thSept 2014


Monday 8th September 2014

Up at 0500hrs. WC.

I’ve arranged for me deliveries to arrive today. Morrison’s and Asda nosh, and me toaster via Yodel.

ETAs given:

Asda nosh 0600>0800hrs

Morrison’s 0900> 1000hrs

Yodel 1100>1300hrs

If they all come at the agreed times I can still get then to me Warfarin level tests this afternoon, otherwise if any one of them is late, I’ll end up with two tests tomorrow at the hospital and the laundry to do. (We’ll see how me luck runs)

Made a cuppa, took med’s…


Started laptop, did graphics and finished posts.

I got loads done and posted, and had to wait at the window for me deliveries.

Asda nosh 0600>0800hrs – Arrived 0705hrs

Morrison’s 0900> 1000hrs – Arrived 1000hrs

Yodel 1100>1300hrs – Arrived 1919hrs


I was late with me evening medications. ‘cause I was waiting to the Yodel delivery that came – and I was late with taking me evening medications.

Ah well, I’ll go and get me tests done tomorrow then…

Tuesday 8th September 2014

Up at 0500hrs.


Blood cleaned up.

Came down and found I’d left the front door unlocked overnight, Tsk!

Started laptop, did a bit of WordPress viewing – Totally forgot about my laundry, made a cuppa and took me medications.


Got  the nurses treats and forms filled in ready for the INR tests, got missen prettied up (Mammoth daily task that) shaved and washed.

Set off to the bus stop, and caught bus into town. Called in Tesco and got some cream cakes for the gals in haematology, then caught bus out to the QMC hospital.

Mon01busFinished off me Eric Morecombe book en route, I’ll take that with me other bits to the Nottingham Hospice shop tomorrow (Said him fully confident that he’ll remember).

I took photo of the bus when I got off of it. A Mercedes bus, private company but I’m allowed to use me bus-pass on em.

Mon02aWhen I got to the Queens Medical Centre entrance, I was greeted with about a hundred people waiting outside, ‘cause the fire alarm had been activated. Yet through the window I could see dozens of people noshing away in the cafeteria… well they don’t call them that nowadays do they now it’s a Coffee shop, where you can take out a mortgage and buy a cup of fancy Mon02qmccoffee.

We were soon admitted, and I picked up the free Metro en route to the Haematology dept for me tests, took a ticket and sat awaiting me number to be called.

I got in, and the nurses were tickled pink with their cream cakes and nibbles.

Being as I’d caught the buses to get there, I decided to take a walk back into town to keep the knees oiled like.

Mon03MercAs I passed the old entrance gate to Wollaton Park, I noticed it was now occupied by the Mercedes, sad that.

Further down Derby Road on me hike, I saw the Rose & Crown public house had been done-up. Thought it looked so nice, I took a photo of it.

I limped on, and when I passed Mon04RoseCanning Circus, I took a different route through the (Privately owned and ran ‘Park’ area), that I thought would bring me out near the Audio centre I use.

It didn’t.

I eventually came out on Maid Marion Way, which suited me better, because I was going to the Chinese shop to get some veg-meat snacks. Which I did.

Walked down through the town centre, not many folk about today.

Mon05apubAs I passed a pub on me way to catch a bus to Fulton’s in Arnold to get some more microwave sausage, I saw through the open doorway, two deadly Mobility Scooters, with the drivers downing the plonk on the seats next to them. Scares me you know, these scooters, well the drivers if em. No law saying they need to take a test, or have insurance. This made me wonder about drink driving on a Mobility Scooter? I shuddered”

Mon6aScootCaught the bus to Arnold, and popped into Fulton’s, where I managed to get some sausages and lollies.

I crossed the road, and waited at the bus stop. I’d put me bags on the floor to sort out me bus-pass, and a Mobility scooter driving lunatic drove over one of me bags! She just carried on as if nothing had happened. I whipped out me camera and took a snap.

Caught the bus home, by which time I was shattered and weary.

Got me head down to try and sleep, but…