Inchcock Today Fri 27 Nov 15: Help arriving today – no, I take that back…

Friday 27th November 2015

Woke at 0245 hrs, I’d been dreaming and waking up all night – the dreams were all of the same theme but totally different situations: I was searching for something in each dream but someone or thing was stopping me getting to where I wanted to search… an undertaker who looked like Spike Milligan was hiding papers as I tried to search on office, then he became a judge wearing a helmet and sentenced me to join the Conservative party as chauffeur to one of the MPs?  That was in the last dream I think. Bits from earlier ones all seemed to have me searching on rooftops again?

I could feel the lower regions damp, so went to the bathroom to clean up ‘Little Inchy’ again and have a session on the porcelain. More washing to do again now too!

I came out of the bathroom, put the kettle on and thought I could hear music? Odd that I thought at 0330 in the morning?

P1020529Went to the door tracing the music, P1020530opened the door to find it was the fireP1020532 alarm belting merrily away.

I went into the kitchen opened the window and awaited the arrival of the brigade to get a photo of them.

The first tender arrived. The lads got out casually and wondered into the foyer to check the fire-panel I assume.

One of the officers even looked up to see if he could see any flames – or he thought I was being cheeky pointing me camera at him? Hehe! Probably the second reason, cause none of them called at the flat to check.

The second tender arrives with great haste.

The third didn’t come near enough for me to get a photo of it, as it turned around behind the garages and departed whence it came.

Bit of excitement to start the day, P1020533bonkers dreams, fire brigade now, what will be the third thing?

Me tea had gone cold so I made another.

‘Little Inchy’ was sore so after they had left I called in the bathroom to check on me pads I’d put on Inchy and found I’d left the hot tap running in the sink! So, no hot water or bath today for me! Huh!

Took me medications and got the laptop on to finish yesterdays diary off.

The ulcer was a bit easier this morning, well a lot easier actually, Anne Gyna calm, reflux valve too, the blister on me finger from burning it taking out me nosh from the oven yesterday had come up and burst nicely, the toothache has lessened, Arthur Itis was lingering but not too bad, no dizzies at all and the temperature in the kitchen was up to 60ºf. Things looked good, a bit worrying this!

The tummy started rumbling a bit later, but nowhere near as bad as the last two days.

Checked me emails and comments.

biGladysGot onto some Facebooking. TFZ’s Suzieann’s birthday today, on with doing a graphic for her up there in Scotland. Took me while and the flipping Coreldraw started playing up cause I was using so much memory in creating this, but I was pleasedish with it, just hope Suzie likes it.

She’s a lovely witty gal and suffering at the moment with having her eyes treated. Hope she has a marvellous day.

Got a good bath and titivated missen and called at the Community Hut on me way to walk into Sherwood.

No one in again, so left the mail or the flats last tenant Margaret on the desk with some nibbles.

Tried ringing Steve again on the way, got an answer this time. He’s going to call round later bless him.

Walked up to the park and down onto Mansfield Road and left down into Sherwood and called at the Co-op shop see if they had any bargains and get me bread. They had some potato letters at half-price so I got a bag, along with a TV paper and me bread. Couldn’t find me co-op card – add me losing the letter from the Nottingham Building Society and I’m now waiting for the third thing to lose today. Tsk!

Came out search me pockets but could not find me Co-op card!

P1020536I noticed some residents at the bus stop so a bus must be due to catch back up to the flats.

Here they are, I showed the photo’s of the fire tenders from this morning. Two knew nothing about it, but this chap who has good hearing heard them and got up to watch.

P1020534We all had a natter, not much time as we were only going three stops – but it was all uphill.

We all got in the lift had a joke and departed.

Into the flat and to the WC – glad to see I’d not left the heater or light on or tap running! Sad innit?

Put me potato letters in the freezer. Made a cuppa and sorted some paperwork as I searched again for the NBS letter to show Steve of Age UK.

Without any luck. Tsk!

Laptop on to update this while I awaited the arrival of Steve.

Started a graphic using Corel Draw and Corel Paint for the TFZ gals.

Got missen in a pickle – Photopaint won’t close and Draw will let me close it until I exit from Photopaint? Oh ‘eck!

Ended up crossing me fingers and force-shut-down the laptop.

Steve rang later, he’s too busy to come but will call the NBS on Monday to find out about the house movement.

P1020537Had me nosh and took me evening medications.

Potato letter waffles, carrots pork pie, sausages, tomatoes and beetroot, followed my a pot of mandarins in orange jelly.

Got the DVD on the TV sorted a bit now, thanks to advice from Duncan Robertson – so watched the last two episodes of the ‘Life on Mars’.

Tried the laptop to see if it loaded alright and it did. Just hope that Coreldraw works when I next use it.

WC’d, then decided I’d watch some TV… the usual story, spent 10 minutes picking out what to watch and fell asleep within five minutes of putting on the set. The anaesthetic qualities of TV programmes are much underrated ain’t they?

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  1. Good thing there wasn’t a fire. The last time we had to call the fire dept the two buildings on the end of our black burned down and almost took the rest of the block with them. We got a lot of smoke damage in the second story of our office and I had to relocate the staff for 6 weeks while they cleaned up after the smoke. Cute looking dinner with the tater letters. Take care!

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