Inchcock Today Tue 10 Nov 15: BDSM today?

Tuesday 10th November 2015


So much needs doing! Huh!

Woke after an intermittent sleep at 0400hrs. Fretting over things again.

WC’d, Little Inchy in a state again – must get to book appointment with the GP again.

Cuppa and took medications.

Took me ages to get yesterdays diary finished off with so much going on and wrong on Monday. Hope it gets better today.

Thought about going to get me laundry done early today, but the rain still raining down I decided to try tomorrow instead. I’ll try to get me paperwork sorted today soon as I force myself off me laptop.

Started this diary and graphics.

WordPress and then Facebooking and emailing done. Eventually!

Took me midday medications.

Made a start on getting the paperwork sorted.

Got all me laundry things ready and went down to the laundry room in hope of finding a machine free – and I was lucky, one was free.

Got me washing in as I came out frail elderly lady was wandering about in the lobby. I asked her if she was alright and she told me she had left her flat to go to another one for a few minutes and when she got back to her flat door had been locked, she thought the warden or carer might have locked it. I sat her down and gave her some nibbles and reassured her I’d get someone to help her. Poor old dear was asking everyone who passed about how she could get into her flat again, bless her. Told her to stay where she was and I’d be back shortly and I nipped to the community hut, but no one was in. Couldn’t see a caretaker anywhere.

I returned to the lady and told her I’d dial NCH control, this I did on the entry panel, and a very curt chappie at the other end got the message and just rang off. I assumed he was going to contact someone via the phone.

Back in to the lady, confirmed she was from flat 56 on floor 10 and told her I’d nip up and check on her door to make sure it wasn’t just a stiff lock or anyone had unlocked it since.

As I left the caretaker arrived and I told him I was going up to check on the door.

When I found her flat the door handle was stiff, but it turned okay and the door was open – after I tried it a few times it loosened.

I nipped down and informed the lady and caretaker. Then walked the lady back to her flat and made sure she was able to gain entry. She asked if I wanted to come in for a cuppa but I had to thank her but turn her offer down as me laundry would be ready and I didn’t want to keep folk waiting down in the laundry room in case someone was needing to use a machine.

Tomorrow I’ll nip and see the lady make sure she’s okay and WD40 her door lock for her.

Back down and moved me togs into the drier. Had a good natter with another lady there and gave her some nibbles and had a laugh. The caretaker was using one of the driers drying a quilt? He actually thanked me for my help with the lady!

P1020408Got my drier going and nipped back upstairs to continue me sorting of the paperwork for half an hour or so, found some more old photo’s to add to the many found earlier. Memories!

Then I returned back to collect me washing from the drier. Back to the flat and put away me togs in the airing cupboard and on the cloth racks.

Took me evening medications early, as I was feeling a bit drained suddenly and knew what to expect when I get a feeling like this – I was going to drop off to sleep first time I stopped and rested or sat down… I just knew.

P1020406Did a bit of cleaning in the kitchen and got me nosh started.

Sweet potato slices in batter into the oven, chilli and sausages into the saucepan. I added some black bean sauce to the chilli, and a few splotches of BBQ sauce and kept stirring the concoction all the time.

P1020407Then got some lemon curd tarts ready to have for dessert after me nosh.

Very impressed with the flavour of this meal. Ate this with some bread thins, amongst the piles of part sorted paperwork laying all over the place awaiting further attention.

Rated it 9.2/10

Did the washing-up and clearing up and foolishly returned to sit down and have a cuppa and take me evening medications before starting the sorting again… I drifted off into dreamland and the sorting didn’t get done! Again!


Woke up at 0145hrs, WC Little Inchy bleeding and had to be tended to… Stayed up an updated this tosh.