Inchcock Today Tue 25 Nov 15: Laundry laughter – Then Disaster

Tuesday 24th November 2015

Woke around 0225 hrs, sneezing started again, temp in kitchen now down to 54ºf. Despite heat coming out of the storage heater in there.

No dream memories.

To the WC and found Little Inchy sticky, sore and sorry for himself. Cleaned him up again.

With falling to sleep so early last night I’d got no end of kip in, yet still felt so tired?

Laptop on and finished yesterdays dairy off.

P1020511Sorted some more medication pots and added them to those in the drawer for later, to make room  for the new packets bottle and tubes if they are ready when I check with the chemist.

The tummy rumbled and off to the porcelain again – this time things were different, I reckon I am now 2-3lb lighter after that visit! Core… Hehe!

 Back to the laptop with me cuppa and took me medications.

BJ should be calling later to lift me to the launderette. Made sure I’d got me bus-pass for afterwards, coinage, detergent etc in me bag or pockets.

Emailed, Facebooking and then titivated the kitchen a bit.

Had a wash and shave, took the rubbish to the chute and BJ rang, he’s on his way.

Met him outside and we were off to the launderette. Mandy was in good form today.

I felt a lot better now, but BJ was not in good form. That’s sister Jane, BJ and me all all with the same complaints, although being greedy I have a few extra. Hehe!

I nipped to the chemist and the prescriptions were ready.

Got the togs in the drier and went to take a photo of BJ and Mandy and what a clot, I’d left me camera card in the laptop again! Huh!

Popped into Lidl and got Frikadellens, pork pie and a vegetarian slice – a certain sign that I’m feeling better now.

BJ ran me to Asda with him and another sure sign – that he was not well showed as he cursed signalled and generally insulted so many other drivers en route… Ah well.

Got some more bits from Asda. Some green beans, carrots,cheese rolls and Sopocka – oh… and some Fresh cream French Horns fell in me bag again… Ahem!

BJ ran me back to the flats and I made me way up the lift home – nice word that!

WC’d then opened me bag of medications and rotated the stuff into me drawer.

P1020512       P1020514

Emptied the washing into the airing cupboard and hung some up on the clothes racks and… found a bag of washing that I should have taken with the others… oh I did feel a fool!

Got a phone call from Taxi driver demanding I let him in? Obviously another wrong number dialled.

Made a cuppa and cleaned the sink, for some reason it had gotted marked badly?

Deana the coordinator for the flats called to test my health alarm – letters had been delivered, one from Fraser Brown the solicitors AGAIN they want me to go in with ID documents – I went in last week (third visit) to tell the lady on reception that I do not have a current Driving licence as it has been returned to me poor health and being unfit to drive – and I have never owned a passport. The lady rang someone in the offices and they rang back to say me National Insurance number on a legal document would suffice – I found I had me last wage packet from when I was made redundant with me – she called someone again to confirm this would be sufficient and she made a photo copy – I asked her like I did the previous week, have you got everything needed now tp proceed with the sale and she like the previous week told me they had everything to proceed with the sale now. Now it’s all stopped again!

Today I get this letter from them!?!?!?!?!? ~ Swines!

Remember the name. Fraser Brown (They were recommended by the Nottingham Building Society too!) and be warned in case you come across the nincompoops yourself!


Nosh after burning me finger, just before dropping it on the floor!

Deana rang them but no answer, it was on answer-phone, she left a message asking them to ring her back. God I’m frustrated and pee’d off again now!

Made me nosh.

I’m getting bitter and twisted too ain’t I?

Summary of Woes today:

  • BJ unhappy unwell.
  • Ate too much.
  • Missed a bag of laundry off.
  • Lied to by my solicitors.
  • Let down over help with storage heating.
  • Nasty phone call from Taxi driver.
  • Burnt finger taking nosh out of oven.
  • Dropped nosh on floor.
  • No answer to calls to Steve Age UK.
  • Cough starting again.
  • Little Inchy bleeding again.
  • Feeling depressed and frustrated.

All in all – Pee’d off with life going wrong!