Inchcock Today Sun 22 Nov 15: Feeling

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Head Sat

01W01Woke around 0130 hrs, having fell asleep so early last night like.

Coughing, sneezing still, but the innards were a lot better mind, more gently rumbling rather that boiling and bubbling.

Bitterly cold in the flat despite me putting the heating up. So glad I had me new flap-hat to put on.

WC’d and medicated and cleaned Little Inchy.

Laptop started, cuppa made and medication pot out for later.

By the time I’d finished yesterdays diary and graphics off (between WC visits) it was 0436hrs!

Another cuppa, took me medications and started this diary off up to here.

Checked emails. Then did some Facebooking.

I’d forgot to post yesterdays diary – Tsk! So did it.

Feeling a bit weary suddenly, another dizzy and now shivering again. Decided not to have a bath yet until I feel better, so did some graphicalisationing… but couldn’t concentrate.

Not going out today either, going to get some serious sitting down doing nothing done until I feel perkier. Huh! The sneezing starting again now. Tsk!

Horrible day, hope to feel better in’t morning. Well enough to go to the doctors. Hehehe!