Sat 31 Oct 15: Inchcock Today: Grafted way sorting the kitchen – looks worse than before I started now. Humph!

Saturday 31st October 2015

01topj5Woke 0655hrs, very late for me that.

Went into the kitchen and saw the state it was in – my head wobbled thinking about where to make a start. Tons of things to find permanent homes for now I’ve got the storage drawers in and made up.

Quiet suddenly the reflux valve and angina started kicking off both at the same time. Not good this, never had the both bothering me at the same time. Was it nerves about the mess to sort or what? Last night I was really happy when I settled down too?

01topj4As it got a bit lighter the colouring outside looked beautiful.

Off to the porcelain – Little Inchy had been bleeding again, seems like every night and day lately, must mention this to the nurse on Monday I thought – that reminded me of Monday’s agendas: Asda delivery 6 > 8am, GP appointment,  Chemists to collect me padding for Little Inchy, bus to town then out to meet Brother-in-law Pete who would be there to have his treatment on his skin cancer and results from his last examination. He doesn’t like hospitals, I like to think I manage to keep his pecker up when I go with him every time, stops him thinking about the procedures as I waffle on about other things and don’t let him get a word in, plenty of jokes, anecdotes, memories etc. Then I have to go to see the Nottingham City Homes people about the drilling in me flat, find out if it is okay to fix me book-case with two screws?

Hello, the flipping innards are rumbling again now too. Get a feeling this is not going to be a good day somehow?

Took me medications with a cuppa and got the laptop going.

Did some Facebooking but felt guilty about not attempting to get the kitchen sorted, so I’m logging off (Forcing myself you know?) and will try to get some sorting out done… (1110hrs).

Sun04 Sun06 Sun05

Sun02 Sun01Many many hours and much frustrations and pain later, I gave up sorting as I was well snickered and Anne Gyna was visiting again making me feel sorry for missen.

The place didn’t look any better than before I started me sorting?

I reckoned one more bask tomorrow at the kitchen should have it finished – well perhaps not…

Had a shave got in the bath, had a good soak making sure I didn’t fall asleep in it I got out sooner than I wanted to, then… Whoopsie

AGCT05I  went over onto the floor getting out of the bath again!

Made me nose bleed.

Well tired and now getting irritable with myself, I became even more annoyed when I WC’d and found me haemorrhoids bleeding again!

What a pickle the place was in. Tsk!

No nosh, just took medications with a cuppa and a pot noodle, then collapsed in me chair. Well drained, worried about if I would be up to doing some more sorting in the morning?

Slept right through until gone five in the morning.