Inchcock Today Sun 29 Nov 15: Ostentatiousness from the seagulls?

Sunday 29th November 2015

Woke at 0310 hrs in need of the WC.

Cannot recall any dreams, ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding needed attention again, passed wind and nearly choked missen! Phwoar!

Laptop on to finish yesterdays diary off.

Kettle on and made a cuppa and took me medications.

After hours on the laptop I got a bath and freshened up.

P1020545Getting light properly now and the rain and wind is a-blowing!

Felt oddly tired and fell asleep when I sat down to have a cuppa.

Woke up hours later confused as to what day it was, time it was and where I was – for some reason I thought I should have been on a bus?

The stomach began churning once again, and I was nibbling nearly all the day… worms?

Listless a had a read of me book.

Went to make a cuppa and to me amazement outside the kitchen window were several seagulls. They were swooping at the window, I think one to two of them clouted the glass with their beaks?

Went to get me camera but they had gone when I returned. Alfred Hitchcock has nothing on this place! Haha!

Did very little of worth or value today at all – moped, read, watched TV… idle sod!

Took me medications and spent hours trying to get off to sleep.