Inchcock Today Thu 26 Nov 15: Things gerring a bit better…?

Thursday 26th November 2015


No snow, no ice, no rain as the day lit up

Woke at 0600 hrs, still feeling bitter about FraserBrown (The amateur mock-Solicitors) mucking me about.

WC’d, made a cuppa and took me medications, remembering to take the extra Warfarin. Then realised I’d already taken them last night – a good Whoopsidangleplop start to the day!

Took ages finishing yesterdays dairy off, the ages on Facebook catching up.

Several cups of tea later, I started this one off, then got missen ready to go to the Clinic – bath have etc.

Want to go feed the ducks today if I can get ready in time and the clinic visit is not too long like.

So I’ll gerrof and prepare missen then.


All ready, bus-pass, camera, clinic cards, wrapped up warm, stomach settling and off I go.

P1020520Off on the L9 into town.

Nottingham pavement cyclists were rampant today.

I wondered down into the City Centre and wondered around for a bit taking photographs as I waited for the time arriving to nip up to the clinic.

P1020523The Christmas stalls were attracting the attention of the local ladies.

This stall selling well overpriced ladies accoutrements seemed popular.

I wanted to tell the girls that they could get the same stuff they were selling for £5 and £8 from the Pound Shop P1020522around the corner.

The German food stall was busy preparing the food on a giant rotating dish in the middle of the stall. I must say it smelt lovely.

If I win the lottery later I might be able to afford to buy some of there meats.

P1020525I must be feeling a bit better methinks, cause when I saw the sign hanging up on the stall that said ‘Olde English sausages – the noticed the Robirch Sausages bag they had just emptied onto the grill, I  felt like telling them that Robirch sausages are Irish made, not English, mind you they are great tasting though.

I wandered up to the clinic and noticed more Nottingham Pavement Cyclists buzzing through the crowds and scaring some of the old folk. Swine!

I got there and handed me letter and card to the receptionist. She read them, frowned and asked me why I was attending today and not in January as is me usual appointment time?

“Because the letter you sent me” I says… “Told me to come today at 1245hrs!”

She glanced down at he paperwork again, tutted and said nothing other than she pointed to the benches and commanded me to take a seat. Which I did.

As I waited I thought how lucky she was – if she was to lose her job through being thick, arrogant and uncaring, she’d walk into a job with FraserBrown pretend solicitors, fit in perfectly she would! Hehehe! Bitter still, Me?

A lady with a wonderful smile called me into the treatment room and was most helpful and understanding. (She wouldn’t stand a chance of getting  job with FraserBrown We-hate-Clients Solicitors at all)

She even explained why they cannot replace me inner plastic bit that went discoloured. She said it so nicely I was happy they hadn’t done it just for the opportunity to talk to her.

As I left someone else was getting an earful from the receptionist, who I think noticed me smiling at this? Oh dear, I hope she’s not on duty in January, she might remember me.

P1020526Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly got me as I walked through town on me way to the Canal to feed me ducks.

Outside a pub on South Parade an ambulance was collecting a customer and gently getting him in the bck of the ambulance.

P1020521A police officer got in with him?

On down Wheeler Gate I plodded, more pavement cyclists but they were too quick for me to gerrum on film.

I walked through the Broad Marsh shopping centre and called in the DVD shop to have a nosey around.

They didn’t have owt to tempt me with though.

Along to the Pound Shop, where I got carried away. Found they had just two pairs of the fingerless gloves with matting on the inside left, these are great when your fingers freeze, cause they help me keep hold of whatever I was holding at the time the fingers froze… if yer follow me like. So I got them, then saw they had tinned steak so I got one of them, a pair of long socks and a stylus pen for using on me mobile.

P1020517Then poddled to the Heron Store and got some bread.

Out and across the road to the Canal bridge… where a group of youths stopped me and asked if I was local, each had a clipboard and I said “Are you?”

It could have got interesting as I noticed the sneer coe on his face and the others closed in. But the traffic lights changed then and I could not hear what he was saying o wandered off pointing to me hearing-aids. Wonder what they wanted, survey or selling summat I suppose?

P1020519Got to the bridge and it was getting late, so I thought I’d drop the bread down off the bridge to the ducks.

I was amazed that there were so few birds there today. A chap stood watching me told me they had done a cull last week, he saw them doing it.

That’s not nice.

P1020518I wandered back into town to catch me last L9 bus.

Getting busier as the day went on in town it seemed.

There are now three saxophone player street artists on the stretch of road from slab square to the mall.

I thought I’d caught one in the photo above but missed him. You can see h equipment on the floor on the left though. (Failed again!)

P1020524Plenty of traffic about as I approached the bus stop.

Got on the bus and at a later stop the chap form the 4th floor of the flats got on and we had a little natter.

Nice chap, he’s the one who usually tells me a story from his passed, but didn’t today.

Got in WC’d, put me bits away, made sure I’d got the right medications ready and laptop on to update this load of waffle.

P1020528Got me nosh ready. Frikadellen, pulled pork balls, sweet potatoes in batter, beetroot in vin & orange, baby carrots and bread thins.

Followed by a banana, mandarins in orange jelly – there was to be a pot of orange yoghurt as well, but that had gone sour when I tried it, uergh!

After much hassle getting the DVD to work on the telly – I fell asleep watching it.

Kept waking up in between weird dreams, until 0300hrs when I had to go to the WC to tend to normal functions and clean up ‘Little Inchy’ who had got excited and started to bleed all over me. More flaming washing to do again! Tsk!