Inchcock Today Sat 7 Nov 15: The best laid plans…

Saturday 7th November 2015



Took a good while to get to sleep last night. I suppose ’cause I got no walking in staying in the flat all day waiting for Steve Age UK to arrive, of course he didn’t.

When I stir, I was amazed with how I felt. Anne Gyna had absconded, only a little blood from ‘Little Inchy’ and H Ernia was calm. Bleeding from the rear end was a bit bad, but I’m not complaining. the head was a bit sore from me Whoopsiedangleplop yesterday. Hehe!


000lIDaCuppa and medications taken, then laptop on to start this off. Got carried away with delving into the complexities of using the smudge facility in Coreldraw 7 and lost a couple of hours there. Still can’t master it now! Huh!

I found me graphic wot I dun and aged for the TFZ site and posted that off.

Another cuppa and some brekkers then P1020377ingested.

No time for Facebooking this morning, got to get missen ready to go into town and visit the NHS drop-in centre on Upper Parliament Street.

Got me bus-pass, camera and money safe in me coat pockets.

Got the bath running and perfumed it with lavender antiseptic disinfectant – hoping this will help and not hinder the healing of ‘Little Inchies lesion’.

By the time I’d had me shave afterwards, I realised this would not help the healing of ‘Little Inchies lesion! Whoa, talk about sting!

Hello, it’s raining and blowing something rotten out there now. Should I have another days hibernation or not? Oh no, must get to the drop-in centre.

P1020378Rubbish down the chute of the way down and had a natter in reception with a couple of tenants. Then to the bus-stop and caught the L9 into town.

Bit of a problem when the bus got onto Gordon Road – it got blocked by parked cars and vans and the driver pipped his horn. He called his control centre, who we heard tell him to give it a few minutes and call back if no solution and they would call the police to move the offending vehicle.

After five minutes or so, a chap came out of his house and moved his car to allow the bus to get through. Not the offending parker though. The lever driver manoeuvred the bus through with great skill and inches to spare and we were off.

P1020379In town it was wet dreary and busy.

I went up on the walk-over and took some photographicalisations of the traffic on view below.

Plenty of buses and shoplifters in sight on Upper Parliament Street.

Had a dizzy-spell while doing this, but soon alright again.

Lots of Christmas shopper I suppose after P1020380nicking some early presents for the family.

The usual sight of Nottingham Shoplift.. Shoppers, muggers, benefit recipients, bullies, pickpockets, Big Issue sellers, immigrants and winos as they crossed the lights as if the traffic was none-existent!

I plodded on towards the NHS Drop-in Centre at the other end of the street through…

The NHS Drop-in Centre at the other end of the street had been closed down! Tsk!

P1020383Walked back to Victoria centre and had a walk through and down to Tesco – where amazingly I found that a tw0-pack of those fresh cream French horn thingamabobs jumped into me basket again? Also got a tiny little shop baked loaf with cheese chutney, very costly I thought at £1.50, more like a cob than a loaf.

 Had a wander around window shopping in the rain.

Walked for ages as according to the time-table in P1020384me pocket, there were only four L9 buses on a Saturday and the last one to leave or should leave at 5 past the  hour.

As I meandered through the slab square there was a wedding taking place in the Council house and they were using (hiring) an old London AEC Routemaster Bus for transport.Nice touch the name on the destination board, but why I thought only one name?

P1020385As I walked up King Street there was a Fire Tender on the corner tending to a fire in one of the restaurants.

I got to the bus stop and the electronic timetable informed me that the L9 leaves at 55 past the hour?

I waited just in case me paper timetable P1020386was right for 5 past the hour, but no L9 bus came.

Walked down to another bus stop and waited 20 minutes in the rain for the 40 bus to arrive that takes me onto Winchester Street from where a little walk in the rain and I’d be back at the flats – that was the idea and plan.

The bus arrived no problem and I squashed missen in with the weary shoplifters and was soon on our way.

P1020387Dropped off the bus, over the road, round the corner, up the road and over into Chestnut Walk.

Took a photo in the gloom of the flats in the rain, well drizzle.

As I ascended in the lift, many plans and ideas came to me… make a start on sorting the paperwork, or maybe sort out the trays ready to use when I get the book-case sorted out and screwed to the wall. None of these came to fruition though…

P1020391Got in, WC’d warmed some chilli and had it with me expensive bread and cream cakes and a mini-pot of ice cream.

Literally fell asleep while eating it.

Well gone, I woke up any hours later in the dark and cleaned up the carpet of the remnants of the tray that had fell onto it as I drifted off.

‘Little Inchy’ bleeding bad, so I did me best to clean him up. Tsk!

Made a cuppa, and drifted off again before drinking it.