Inchcock Today Sun 8 Nov 15: Blood, bleeding and sorting needing

Sunday 8th November 2015


Woke with me full cup of tea at me side.

Soon as I moved it had to be to the bathroom for careful removal of the dried blood.

I really must get to the GP about this – I went to the NHS drop-in centre yesterday to find it had closed down.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

P1020393Decided to get me laptop on and finish me Saturday diary off, get the emails sorted, Facebooking done and then get on with sorting the flat… either the paperwork or moving stuff into the bedroom to give me room to clean the living room proper and then get the stuff back in the right places… didn’t feel up to doing either really with all the blood loss I felt right drained. But, needs must, it is driving me bonkers not getting it done.

Steve not arriving with the surveyor bloke on Friday has delayed progress on the house sale again. Just hope they arrive tomorrow.

P1020393I might move some furniture about to see how it works in the new places instead?

I’ll get a bath first, no, maybe not, I might need one more later?

0915hrs: I’ll make a start now… back later, I hope…

1640hrs: Plans to pot again!

Opened a box from the bedroom containing paperwork – masses of paperwork. Thought I might find me TV licence in amongst this lot.

P1020394Spent hours sorting and shredding, in between visits to the porcelain, cups of tea and making me nosh.

Shepherds pie with chips (fries), garden peas and bread thins.

Followed with a mini-pot of ice-cream and a pot of yoghurt.

Very nice, gave this one a 9.45/10 rating.

Got carefully into the bath for a good soak – fell asleep. When I woke at first I thought I’d been asleep for age, but the water was still warm.


Rain and fireworks in the distance, but no idea why I’d gone into the kitchen?

Nearly went thingy over what’s-it getting out, just managed not to though.

The wind was a-blowing and the rain descending summat awful.

Thought I’d watch some film or other on the TV.

P1020400Thought I’d do me usual and fall asleep but… I watched the film all the way through. As it finished a flash-thought attacked me, and I urgently got up and went into the kitchen – in the few moments it took me to get into the kitchen I’d forgotten what the flash-thought was?

Made a cuppa while I tried in-vain to remember what it was that I went into there for – no luck, still no idea why?

Returned and got me head down, fully expecting to nod-off at any moment. I was still waiting to nod-off at 0100hrs. Tsk!