Inchcock today Sat 28 Nov 15: Some sorting done at last


The Moon refusing to go away this morning…

Saturday 28th November 2015

Woke at 0400 hrs, WC’d, checked the temperature, a decent 57ºf this morning, made a cuppa and took me medications. Felt tired still for some reason, old age I suppose?

I’d been dreaming but could not define exactly what took place just knew it was related to running and chasing again.

Laptop on started this tosh off.

Facebooked a bit, then WC’d, made another cuppa and tripped up and went over in the bedroom when looking fer me clean bath towels. Luckily I fell on a pile of bags with clothes in that are waiting to be sorted – and made no noise to disturb me neighbour either, with the soft slow-motion landing I had. No injuries lumps bumps or cuts… apart from feeling a fool! Hehe!

Got a wash and shave and into me togs.

Out to catch the L9 into Arnold and get some Anya potatoes ’cause the craving for em came back.

Great chin-wag with the other residents waiting for the bus.

P1020539Dropped off at Sainsburys petrol station and waddled in and got two bags of me spuds – not very buy for a Saturday and I was out in time to catch the next bus back to the flats. Bad news, they have gone up to £1.50 a small bag.

WC’d then got me potatoes on the boil slowly.

Got me things ready and did some laundry to catch up on the pile I have still to do – having forgotten to take one of the bags with me last Tuesday. Tsk!

Out to the lifts and they were out of order, both of them.

P1020541    P1020542

So I popped down the twelve flights (24 really, two for each floor) of stairs and into the lobby on me way to the laundry room… guess what? The Fire Brigade were here again – this time in numbers and talking to someone in the lobby and looking unhappy about whatever it was they were doing. I assume they have turned off the lifts for some reason. Possibly a follow-up from the activation yesterday?

P1020469None of the other tenants heard any alarms?

Cleaned the machine and got me washing into it.

Then back up the stairs to the flat, definitely harder than coming down from the flats. Hehe!

P1020540Checked me spuds doing nicely. Then I put on another pan with the rest of them in it, and me carrots in another to warm them up later.

Cleaned the kitchen floor and it was time to go down the 24 flights of steps to the laundry room and get me togs into the drier.

Brigade chaps still milling about.

Togs into drier and back up the stairs to check on me spuds.

Somehow I’d turned off the rings when I put the new saucepan on? It’s not easy being a pillock yer know!

One more down to the laundry room with me bag to put the togs in. I was surprised at how well I coped with the stairs, and Arthur Itis was good about it.

Took me togs out and folded them – I acquired an odd sock in the process.

My next door flat lady arrived as I was leaving the lobby, now free of personages and the fire engine had gone from outside.

As we got the now working once again lift up to the flat she told me she had suffered her computer being hacked by someone demanding money not to destroy all her files!

She had taken it to a computer shop and they told her they can remove it in time, the git said she now has 2 days to pay-up. I hope the shop bloke was right about sorting it for her.

P1020544Into the flat and checked me spuds, done nicely, turned off the heat and left the lids on for later.

Really enjoyed me nosh tonight. Baby carrots, pickled beetroot and egg, sausages, Anya potatoes and chestnuts. Rated this one 9.54/10.

Sorted some togs out I’ll not need – owing to the shrinking… or right, owing to me getting fatter! Taking them to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop next week. Might drop them off on me way to the GP on Monday.

Had a look on Facebook for a bit, then decided to settle and watch a DVD – what a decision that was, it took me so long to decide which to watch it was dark! Ended up watching some episodes of Sherlock Holmes from the 1930’s.

Getting to sleep took ages and ages. Then kept waking up regularly. Tsk!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock today Sat 28 Nov 15: Some sorting done at last

    • That’s praise indeed thanks Tim.
      Those spuds are grown on Royal owned farms and only one store ‘Sainsburys’ are allowed to sell them. Not surprising as Lord Sainsbury is related to HRM. Nutty flavour, very nice.
      Hospital Junior doctors will strike for three days in December if a ballot produces the widely expected go-ahead for industrial action in protest at a new contract, their union has announced.
      The NHS has 45,000 trainee doctors in England. On a first strike day, they would provide only emergency care for 24 hours starting at 8am on Tuesday 1 December, reducing hospitals to the low level of service usually seen on Christmas Day.
      They intend to follow that with two all-out stoppages, in which all junior doctors will refuse to work. Those walkouts are expected for Tuesday 8 December and Wednesday 16 December, subject to the result of a ballot by the British Medical Association (BMA) of the 30,000 juniors it represents.
      The ballot closes next Wednesday at 5pm and the result will become public the next day.
      The action, if it happens, will see most planned operations and outpatient clinics cancelled, with consultant doctors prioritising more urgent and emergency cases.

      • It is very much so Tim. My INR Warfarin level blood checks have been cancelled, and the Cancer checks too, to be rearranged at a later date all being well.
        It’s a battle twixt this Government who are anti NHS and poorer folk who can’t who afford Private Doctors methinks. Cheers.

  1. Very interesting conversation above luv. What are “junior” doctors? Would that be something like our interns?
    As to your activities m’dear, falling is no longer allowed, even if it IS a soft landing. Only I am allowed to do that, because I’ve been doing that since I was 9 years old. So you don’t try to steal my thunder, and I won’t steal the King’s potatoes, even if they do look better than any potato I’ve seen around here lately. I seldom eat potatoes because of my diabetes, but when I do, I eat only a small one, or a portion of a jumbo baker, making one potato last for the week. And right now I’m falling — asleep. Been trying all night but each time I come close a new project pops in my head and I start on it, settle down and something else pops up, with me popping up after it. At the moment I feel like a bucket of popcorn; a sleepy bucket of popcorn at that.
    You are in better shape than I thought though if you could make all those trips up and down the stairs with your laundry. I’m very impressed luv. Not a single misstep on the way.
    Take care of you luv.

    • I think our Junior Doctors are like your Interns Angie.
      Precious terminology ” So you don’t try to steal my thunder, and I won’t steal the King’s potatoes” X
      Seems we both have ‘popcorn syndrome’ Angie, love your descriptions.
      Thanks Angie, I’m suffering for them today, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna not too pleased with me. Hehe! If the lifts are down today, I don’t think I could manage the stairs now. By the way, the water retention has given me legs like Popeyes! I’ll ask the GP this morning if sh can give me some more tablets for it again. TTFN pet. XXX

      • My ankles were swollen this morning when the therapist came, but an hour later when the doctor was here they were okay. Very strange, but my b/p was back to normal, so a good kind of strange. Spending too much time on my feet, not enough time using my brain, or what passes for a brain. I think I should visit OZ and see if I can find a replacement part and some extra cells to fit in the empty head.
        Take care of you luv.

      • Swollen parts of the body always seem to change when you see a medical person don’t they gal? My water retention in me legs is bad last night and this morning, pound to penny they’ll be gone down when i see the GP… Tsk! She won’t put me back on the water-tablets cause they affect all the other medications, but its making it more painful to walk anywhere. Hey-ho. Good you BP is okay well done pet.
        Your head is full of empathy understanding and compassion Angie, and turns of phrase I admire so much. TTFN X

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