Some of Inchcock’s Annoyances last week

Some of Last Weeks Annoyances


The hearing-aids hid themselves, once again,

Lost me Co-op card, another pain,

Little Inchy bleeding and leaving a sticky stain,

More laundry to do, but I don’t complain,

Phones Steve Age UK, BJ and Sister Jane,

None of them answered me, all calls were in vain,

The solicitor lied to me once more, they’re inhumane,

My confidence in them now disparaging and slain,

Fire alarms two, the lifts broke down again,

Of mending me heating, the Council are uncertain.

Thursday I dropped me dinner on the floor,

Bent down to pick it up hit me head once more,

I went the NHS drop in centre to get cream for the sore,

But they had closed down, so went to the chemist for some more,

The bleeding must be stopped that’s for sure,

The chemist applied a ligature,

Yet this day there was to be more!

Shame on my part, as I broke the law,

Fed the pigeons, got a right lecture like never before,

To the policeman for mercy I did implore,

He let me off, and I went home feeing guilty and furthermore…

Fell over in the bedroom right onto the floor!

I just don’t care any-more!


6 thoughts on “Some of Inchcock’s Annoyances last week

  1. You’re a poet and don’t know it
    Tho’ your big feet show it
    Because they’re such Longfellow’s.

    My haiku for the century luv. Actually it’s one my Mom used to repeat to us as kids when I was growing up, and I’ve always loved it. You have had a bad week luv. Sure hope you took the weekend to rest and recreate. BTW, who took the photo of you above? I like it, you sitting there with mouth open, probably snoring.
    Take care of you luv.

    • Wordsmiths run in your family Angie, love your choice of them.
      Sunday I did nowt but rest to get over me stair climbing and felt guilty, but hey-ho!
      The piccy was taken by Duncan when he called to see me, he went to the bathroom and I nodded off – he took the photo with me camera and said nowt about it. Caught me good he did. Hehe!
      Take care flower please. X.

      • You needed the rest luv. I need some now, and will sleep early tonight. This has been a non stop day with doctors, nurses, therapist, and dentist all coming on the same day — except the dentist, and I tried to shame him into coming, but he laughed at me. Not a sympathetic bone in his body, although we were talking earlier about how he used to do auto repair work on my old car when I would go in for my appointments., My choppers fit well now, and I’ll only go back if something starts to hurt.
        I’m taking very good care now, and trying to stay seated as much as possible with my feet up. Swollen ankles this morning for the first time, but too much running around all weekend. Not good for me I guess.
        Take care of you luv.

      • I hope you got the rest in love, good for you if you did.
        Fingers crossed yer teggies stay alright for you.
        My legs are still swollen up, Tsk!
        Keep warm and well gal. X

  2. Well, I am impressed by your skill to use the same rhyme scheme so flawlessly. If that improves your situation or not, I don’t really know. As for the rest, at least you end up not giving a damn.

    • Me lack of imagination, education and massively rampant frustration tends to limit me writing skills Marissa, I’ve noticed that.
      I’ve decided that me luck fortune or opportunities are not going to improve and have trained missen to accept failure as the norm. (Well… most of the time… Hehehe!) TTFN pet. X

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