Inchcock Today – Saturday 4th August 2018


Saturday 4th August 2018

Scots Gaelic: Disathairne 4 Lùnastal 2018

0425hrs: I stirred, and waited for the brain to do the same.

As I began to move the feet gave me some aches and pains. The aching old plates are not in good condition, I think I’ll take an extra codeine phosphate with the medications.

Other than the feet, I extracted myself from the creaky £300 second-hand rickety recliner with no other ailments bothering me at all. Until I got myself stood upright… then the innards rumbled grumbled and gurgled, with alarming volume and almost violent activity. I’m sure I saw the bulbous stomach moving as if there was something in ti trying to get out?

But no signs of my needing the use of the Porcelain Throne yet. This baffolded me a little. I felt prescited for a later struggle to come from this anatomical department. Hehe!

6Sat02Into the kitchen. I peeked out of the unwanted, filth covered, air and light stopping coming in new windows, but the view was obscured, only the new blobs of whatever it is that has been deposited this last week, quite artistically though, I might add, were seeable. Tsk! Possibly we have some budding Picasso’s working on the flats?

Did the Health Checks.


2Tue05I took the medications along with an extra codeine tablet.

Made a small mug of tasty brewed tea.

Had my first post-prandial wee-wee, rinsed up and to the computer, to finalise the Saturday blog and got it sent off to WordPress.

Had a perusal of the WP Reader page.

The innards kept easing off, then starting to get nervous, jittery, jumpy and agitated again.

Ah, that first wee-wee has started me off again. I thought I was going to wear the carpet bare between the computer and the wet room. I’ll have a look around to see if I can find some receptacle to keep handy. Embarrassed Mode Adopted!

After completing the last post, I went to make another mug of tea. I found an unopened bag of the mini-potatoes. Not exactly fresh, but some of the looked usable. I opened the fully sealed container, and guess what?


There was one of the flats immigrant Iron-Clad Biting Mini-Beetles dining on the spuds? I wonder if this might be how they could have gained entry to the apartment in the first place. But, there was only the one as far as I could tell. Look at the size of his pincers for his size, no wonder they have no problem biting me! Huh!

How he got in the bag is a conundrum. Unless the army now in the flat came along with the potatoes from where they were picked?

I tackled the beetle, winning for once, this one was nowhere near as fast as the others were. Perhaps he’d gorged himself on my kartoffeln? But, I have to say he was much larger than the other beetles in his gang.

I washed the few potatoes that didn’t have soft rings and spouting boil-like looking blotches on them. I got them into the crock-pot. But now, I’m thinking I might dish them instead?

I created a new WordPress blog then. I chose many photographs from the Woodthorpe folder that included anything showing the traffic, blocked pavement and or folk struggling to get around obstacles on Chestnut Walk.

Here are just a few I included.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then I made a start on this post, between regular short-sharp-painful wee-weeing sessions. Already!

I struggled on with creating and doctoring some photographs I’d taken, I’ll use them in later posts.

I spent hours trying to remember how specific functions I’d not done for years on CorelDraw worked. Thankfully the help-site got me sorted out. Suddenly, it was well-gone midday.

1Mon01b Hello, the usual mornings rumbling from the innards has now 6Sat05been followed up with activity and movement!

Off to the porcelain Throne!

I expected a rush job, but the evacuation was reluctant. A drawn-out, painful period was endured, and surprisingly, the passing was painless.

Luckily, I had Max Hastings 680 page book ‘Catastrophe’ near the porcelain to read. Hehehe!

Cleaned up, and while carrying and still reading the book to the kitchen to check on the progress of the fodder…

6Sat071Mon01b Going through the open door to the kitchen, I walked into the door frame.

Well, the hasp thingy that the door shutter ball should click into. I think!

No denying it, I swore out loud!

The bruising where I’d scraped the arm along the metal strip thingamabob came up almost 6Sat06immediately.

I made a brew, did the Health Checks and took the midday medications.

Back to this blog updating.

Went on TFZ Facebook.

Then another look at the WordPress Reader.

Went to the kitchen to sort out the nosh. Went to drain the mushrooms from the crock-pot porcelain bowl…

1Mon01b I dropped the basin as I was straining out the liquid. Scolded my ring finger, middle finger and index finger now! What a Klutz! Not too bad though, only the area below the nails seems to be affected. I ran the cold water from the tap over them for a couple of minutes, then, I dolloped some antiseptic cream on them.

6Sat27Eating the wonderful meal was no problem, as long as nothing touched the damaged area of the skin.

A much-enjoyed meal, worth a Taste-Rating of 9/10.

Got the last Health Checks and medication taking done.

When I’d washed the pots, all I could do was to sit down and feel weary. And I had not done any walking today either.

Many nod-offs ensued as I bored myself with whatever was on the telly. But, they would only last for a minute or two before I’d wake again.

This went on for hours. Huh!

TTFN each.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 4th August 2018

  1. Won’t be long before they have your window completely covered wiyh drippings and droppings. Looks like they are making all kinds of hazards for you in the construction zone. That little evil boll weevil must have a transporter that lets him go through plastic. Great looking dinner.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      I hope no one gets injured out there in the traffic and obstructions. (Especially me… Hehe!)
      I reckon the Mini Ironclad biting beetles are in for good now. Bet they’ve found somewhere warm and safe to breed in. Tsk!
      TTFN mate.

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