Mon 27 July 2015: Inhcock Today – So tired!

Monday 27th July 2015


Up and on the laptop by 0200hrs – the fool!

00149hrs: Woke again knowing I’d had many dreams and they were not good ones – but could I recall any details this morning? No! Tsk!

WC’d, made a cuppa and laptop on doing this diary by 0200hrs.

Bit of a dizzy-spell first thing. Feeling wearisome, ulcer twinging, Anne Gyna letting me know she was there. The mad itching under both arms still there. I’m going to the GP surgery for me INR Warfarin level tests this morning, must remember to book appointment with the wonderful Dr Vindla to tell her about the increase in dizzies and the itching. The nurse gave me some cream a while ago for under the arms but it is not doing nowt to stop or ease the itching.

WC’d, made a cuppa and laptop on doing this diary by 0200hrs.

Did posts for the LOMM site.

Cuppa and took me medications.

Many visits to the porcelain and another dizzy as I was wiping the sink after washing me hands.

Made the header for this page – feeling depressed and yet nothing has changed from yesterday? Maybe that’s the problems, nothing getting sorted and that?

I don’t like feeling like this, not me at all normally. Even feeling a bit sorry fer missen again now… oh dear, sad git! So many others worse off than me too.

Got missen washed and readied or me walk to Carrington – going to call in the old place and get some stuff, all I can manage is a carrier-bag or two.

CaptureI’ll see if I can get an appointment with the doctor for Friday. I can bring up the underarm itching and bruising, the increase in dizzies, depression, ulcer and panic attacks then… if I can get in for Friday – so many other things on again this week.

Tsk and Double Tsk!

IMG_0112Wiped the Whirring clunk, rattle, sake, wheeing thud musical fridge, but still can’t find out what the plastic addition on the top left of the freezer door is for.

Can anyone help me here please?

I asked BJ, he said: “Stick it in the hole then, it must do summat!” That’s wot I thought too.

0705Did some graphicalisationing then got missen ready – spit and polished like – for me walk to doctor’s surgery.

Took some nibbles for the staff with me and a large strong bag to carry some stuff from the house back to the surgery and carrier.

A bit dank this morning folks.

Down the hill into Sherwood.

0706Left up the Mansfield Road incline and down into Carrington.

Got to the house and sorted some stuff I’d need into me two bags.

Medical stuff, bandages, plasters etc. And me BP monitor, thermometer and some togs, cutlery, Books, and some cleaners, that was all I could carry.

Wobbled over to the doctors and remembered to make an appointment with Dr Vindla for Friday 0930hrs. Made list of things I’m worried about, dizzy spells, itching and bruising under me arms and chest, Ulcer playing up again and me fretting about the move.

Nurse did me blood and had a little chin-wag, I enjoyed that.

Gave the receptionists their nibbles, then off to the bus-stop – feeding some pigeons at the stop before the bus arrived.

dropped off in Sherwood and was lucky again when a 40 bus arrived within a few minutes and got lifted up Winchester Street hill to the laundry. Dropped off and walked the few hundred yards to the flats.

Repairs taking place to someone’s flat below on their balcony window today.

0707Took a photo of the kids play area above the flats.

I noticed one of the flat balcony’s had a Bird box and feeder on it, the netting had been removed. I’d like to do that, but it said in the tenancy agreement it was not allowed? Hey-ho!

Made a cuppa and put some of the things in the drawers that I’d brought from the hovel.

Charged up the Camera batteries and stirred the baked beans marinating in the boom, bang, ping, shudder clonk reverberating fridge.

Laptop on to update this diary.

Not sure if Deana (Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Co-ordinatorhas remembered about her saying she’d check the skin cancer scar for me or not. (She didn’t appear Tsk!)

I’ve got some mail for Margaret to take to her, and some more laundry to do. I’ll nip out and see if she is in the shed.

Ah well, I’ll catch the bus into Arnold then.

As soon as I realised I’d got on the wrong bus – I decided to go to town instead. (Humpf wot a plonka!)

In town I thought I’d visit the charity shop to see if it had any furniture desk-wise, to wardrobe-wise.

0707bIt didn’t, nor the other two I visited.

Walked down Clumber Street.

Then turned into the Primark Shop to see if they had any warm cardigans in stock.

Had a good wander around. Got one a nice colour, some stuff from the ‘Reduced’ display. Socks and a long sleeve t-shirt that was a bit thicker than the others.

Strolled down into town, slipping some seed clandestinely to the pigeons.

0707cThe Nottingham Riviera was on proper today, but not many folks due to the lack of sunshine possibly.

The people there, apart from the kids, didn’t seem too happy.

Just like last week, the French Pancake stall was bereft of customers once again.

0707fI wonder if whoever runs it actually makes any profit from it?

I suppose with so many Greggs take away food stalls all over the City Centre, there are five as I know to in the area – and them all being so easy to nick stuff from (I’ve seen em at it mate!) why should they go to the French Pancake stall and have to pay?

0707eThe weather and prices at the Ice-Cream parlour thingy would have been the reasons that they were not doing any trade either.

Even the mannequin of the lady in her two-piece swim suit wasn’t attracting any perves, yobs, kids or anyone for that matter.

I nipped smartishly (Alright… hobbled up King Street to catch the last L9 bus back to the flats).

As the bus pulled from the traffic lights I had me camera in hand just in case what happened, happened.

0707gThe Nottingham Citizenry showing their lack of interest in the traffic lights on any colour.

I was soon back at the flats (35 minute ride).

Hung the togs that I’d bought to keep e warm up in the hallway for now.

0707hI must stop buying now I’ve got enough to keep warm without having to do the laundry so often.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on.

Seasoned beans out of the fridge, added the polish sausages into the pan.

Chopped some tomatoes up to add to it when I serve it up. Wholemeal bread and mature cheese to have with it too.

DSCF0180Not bad at all. Rated 8.2/10/.

Head down to the melodic but annoying now familiar:

Whir clump shudder, clunk-click, whir clump shudder clunk-click thud… of the fridge freezer.


6 thoughts on “Mon 27 July 2015: Inhcock Today – So tired!

  1. Inchy, I take a day off without checking up on you and you just seem to fall apart. What am I going to do about you? My goodness, I guess I’ll just have to move over there after all just to keep you in line, and feed you something other than sausages. We’ll keep the beetroot in, add some other vegetables and proteins and I’ll bring you some of my extra blankets. I think if I start building my canoe next week it should only take me a couple of years to row across the pond to get there. I’ll have to pack carefully to get my furniture on, and I’ll have enough for us both to furnish our flats. Might need a barge as well as my canoe to carry all of my stuff across, but just hang on, and visit the docks frequently in about a year. Leave some bright lights on for me, because I am directionally challenged to the point that I get lost in a closet. But some day in some way, I’ll row into a harbor somewhere, hopefully in London rather than Hong Kong.

    • Well that gave me a smile and cheered me up Angel, thanks pet!
      I’ll be ready by then in two years to offer you a bit of comfort and somewhere to sit I hope! Hehe!
      The hole high in the kitchen wall I’m having bricked up on Friday… no Thursday, I discovered this morning has a brother hole even bigger at the bottom of the wall! Tsk! So that will need doing later as well – I don’t know why I bothered decorating! Huh!
      I hope you are managing with your own problems gal?
      Proud to have got to know you – a fighter and compassionate person.
      A treasure to me.
      TTFN. X

      • Aw, gee. Glad I could help. I’ll be stacking some chairs on the barge I push with my canoe, along with my crochet yarn and computer, my TV, blankets, pillows, clothes, pots and pans, pretty much everything I have so I’ll not have any expenses for furnishings when I arrive, so don’t worry about that part. This all hinges on my winning the lottery, of course, so I’ll have to start buying a ticket each month. Not much sense in buying more than one, because only one will win, and I’ll need every penny to build my canoe and barge to get there. I guess I’ll have to let you know the actual launch date, because I’m not sure which month my numbers will finally come up, but it is definitely going to happen. Be sure they have a flat open within a year after I let you know I’ve started, so I won’t have to search for one after arriving.

        We all have to dream, don’t we?

      • Thanks Pet. We do all have a dream Angel, mine is that all you say comes true!
        I’ll put a pink coloured light on top of the flats when you let me know your ETA.
        I’m a bit concerned that the carpets might not be down by then… I don’t want you to risk carrying them in your canoe as well!
        I’ll start getting tickets this week – so the journey might be reversed and I come to you in me canoe?
        Take care thanks again fer the cheering me up.
        Gerry X

      • My pleasure. I think we cheer each other up lately. Maybe we can both win and meet somewhere in the middle of the pond, find an island and build our paradise home for everyone. That would be the best dream come true ever for me, each of us taking care of the rest for as long as we all live, with others coming in to fill the ranks. The Isle Of Hope And Dreams Come True.

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