Wed 22 July 2015: Inchcock Today: A Feeling of failure flourishes…

Wednesday 22nd July 2015


0314hrs With the other camera taken from the kitchen window – not very good I’m afraid – reflections

I didn’t get to sleep till gone midnight – and was up porcelain visiting and wide awake at 0315hrs. Still fretting about things. Huh!

All uptight about not getting the old place sorted. May make some progress with the carpets today I hope when Glenora gets here?

Still got some dreams in as I remember:

0706I was in what looked like a classroom and people were lining up to give me the cane, or rather I was going along a line of people and each gave me the cane, some on me bum others on me hands, until I got to one mistress who reminded me, or does now, of Dame Margaret Rutherford – told me I had to go to Pimlico and help the fishmonger as a punishment for going bankrupt? I assume this was inspired by the Passport to Pimlico film?

Made a cuppa and laptop on.

Took medications with me second cuppa.

Had a scrub-up teggies and shave. No bleeding this morning from ‘Little Inch’ or the haemorrhoids either!

DSC00012Facebooked a bit and started to sort me medication pots out.

I wonder why me right hearing-aid plastic put-in piece has gone and turned an horrible brown, and the left one ain’t? – Have I been forgetting to clean me right ear?


Cleaned up around the cupboards now they have been mended – Paul the Painter left plenty of deposits bless him.

Glendora arrived, not in a good mood. She will not be coming again after today, kids on holiday like.

She phoned the Carpet shop and arranged for them to come next Tuesday. She tried to contact the Gas people to cancel it at the old address but we could not make contact with the right number? She was soon off. Nice lady.

IMG_0079I did some shredding and got missen ready to go to the carpet shop to pick me colours.

Set off out of the flats and up the hill into Woodthorpe Park.

Top of the hill walking down to Mansfield Road a git of a pavement cyclist nearly had me over as he belted IMG_0080along in the opposite direction.

Couldn’t get me camera out in time to catch the Swine!

Down to the gates and turned right and wobbled along on the way to Daybrook and the Allied carpet shop.

Feet beginning to hurt already, the IMG_0081angina was playing up too.

Feeling a bit down this morning – worried about how I’m going to get the old place sorted and sold before I run out of money.

Along and passed the tennis courts and into Daybrook itself – A dour place, devoid of etiquette and compassion.

IMG_0083Blimey, did I say that?

Not a lot of traffic about this morning.

Then another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came close to clobbering me – I’m getting fed-up with these antisocial uncaring nihilistic nerds!

Quarter of a mile further on I crossed IMG_0085the rod to be on the carpet shop side and blow me down – another neolithic nasty Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on his phone texting as he wobbled by me from behind near the bus stop.

You can see the red sign outside the store in this photographicalisation.

Went in the store, but there was only one bloke on and three customers in the store for him to serve.

I wandered around looking at the lower-priced end of the carpets they had, and saw at the back some single beds with firm mattresses.

I was getting weary now and decided the poor chap ain’t going to get round to me for a while yet, so walked over the road to have a look in the Carpet Right store – boy were expensive!

So I plodded back to Allied carpets and the man was available. Nice chap, a good con artist I thought.

Any-road, I picked some carpet out, not in the least what colour I wanted, but needs must. He or someone, is going to call on Tuesday to measure and price me up.

Then I hobbled into Arnold to get some cheese as I planned to do some cheesey potatoes in the oven later.

IMG_0087What a fool, I was in agony wiv me feet and knees – Dumbo!

Going along steadily I was nearly hit by yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist!

I was frustrated now and turned shouted and photographed him – I wish IMG_0088I could have shot him with something else!

A hundred yards further on and a pavement skateboarder and youth on a tiny bike passed me one on each side – the little gits!

Although they weren’t little.

Got safely (I don’t know how) to the Fulton food store and got me pack of cheese, then made me way to the L9 bus stop cause knew it was about due.

IMG_0089When it came, the three ladies at the bus stop were nattering and I stepped forward to signal the bus to stop and asked them if they wanted this bus. They laughed and thanked me cause they were carried away in conversation and could have missed it. I said they could keep an eye on me to make sure I didn’t nod-off on the bus.

IMG_0090When they got off in Bestwood one of them shook me shoulder and asked if I was still awake. Bless em, that cheered me up a bit.

Called in at the Community Shed and the two wardens were there, the Obergruppenfurher and Deana.

Had a laugh for a bit and Deana said for me to call her on Tuesday when the Carpet man arrives and she would come to advise me.

I got in and WC’d and had a little fretting time over whether or not I’d done right over the Carpets.

0704Then I set about making the meal I’d waited so long to do, and I haven’t been able to until I got the new stove/cooker in and working.

Baked Cheesey Potatoes!

Put the potatoes in the oven and did some updating while they cooked.

Took them out, only burning myself once at this stage I might add.

Cut em in half and scraped out the flesh into a bowl and added a bit of butter, salt, black pepper a sprinkling of vinegar and bashed the all up for ages. Then refilled the skins and rang a fork over them to make ridges so they will burn and crisp a bit on top.

Back in the oven with top heat only on, for them to brown off.

Second burn acquired here on the oven-tray. Tsk!

Had it with garden peas and smoked Polish mini-sausages. It were fantastic! Rated 9/10.

It took me ages to get the things cleaned up afterwards – but worth it, even if I did scold missen in the process.

I’m still not used to the hot and cold taps in the kitchen being the wrong way around Huh!

Fatigue dawned quickly, took me medications and I had to get me head down.

TTFN folks taketh care…

5 thoughts on “Wed 22 July 2015: Inchcock Today: A Feeling of failure flourishes…

  1. I was up until 1:30 battling gophers trying to plug up the geysers their tunnel networks they get into the ditches cause when I’m irrigating. Up again at 3:00 am to visit the “porcelain” as you call it, and then up at 5:00 to shut down the water and text the authorities that I was successful at flooding the property with a foot of water. After whacking a few more gophers, cat herding, bird seeding and my morning SSS, I was off to work by 8:00 where I had to deal with the restaurant downstairs who’s exhaust fan had gone out, yet again (they had forgotten to turn it on Monday morning when I went down to tell the they were smoking us out). When I walked upstairs in the office it was smokey and smelled like burned hamburgers and greasy fries mixed with a disgusting sewer smell that gets sucked into the building from their poorly ventilated grease trap. I went down to the restaurant again this afternoon and told a young woman with multiple rings in her nose that their exhaust fan was still not working. The cook, a young man with tattoos and various piercings, assured me the exhaust fan was turned on (I had already been on the roof to check and it was not running). The young women with a bewildered look on her face said “Yeah! But it’s been hot an smokey in the restaurant all day!” “Freaking DUH!” I told her “Your stinking exhaust fan is not working, and besides being a nuisance, it’s a fire hazard and it’s against the law to operate a commercial stove without the exhaust fan in the hood running!” She gave me a rather blank look and said “I’m really sorry!”

    Those baked cheesy potatoes look wonderful!

    While you battle your elements, I’ll be battling mine all day tomorrow I’m sure.

    • Gawd what a pickle your in! I wish you the very best of luck fortune and success Sir. No matter how much I get into a mes today, I’ll be thinking of you and sending good luck through the ether to you.

  2. Poor Inchy. What are we going to with you. I’m hoping you get the old place emptied, categories suspended until everything is taken care of., You know what would make you feel better? Some bright, cheerful carpet. Grassy green or bright orange. Oh, I know you would have to switch it out the next day, because who could live with either of these colors longer than a couple of days but I’ll bet you friend, Paul the Painter would help you paint the carpet a nice color later when you want a different color.
    Now remember, take care of you.

    • Hahaha… your right about Paul the painter Angel!
      I’ve picked a medium brown carpet for the hall and living room, and a maroonish one for the bedroom. (I’m a bit colour blind so maybe not. Hehe.
      The bed might arrive on Tuesday, I hope not though, the carpet should be laid first I think?
      Once that is down, I can plan to move the stuff I need from the old place. Th stuff I want to give to charity and the stuff to dish.
      I hope you can get sorted gal I really do.
      So, as long as you promise to take care, I will.
      TTFN pet. X

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