Thu 23 July 2015: Fire alarm, Smoke Alarm and Lift Broke.

Thursday 23rd July 2015


This mornings photographicalisation from through the netting on the right of the balcony – 0730hrs

00540hrs: Woke and dashed to the porcelain yet again.

No memories of dreams.

Stayed up and finished yesterdays dairy, then went on Facebook for ages.

Beetplq3aLaptop on and got carried away doing some graphics using  Coreldraw x7 and Corelpaint.

A pot of porridge and many cups of tea later, I got it posted on Facebook.

Toyed with the other camera to try to work out how to get panorama piccies took – gave up and did a straight one from the balcony, it’s at the top of this diary.

Very late with me medications as I got carried Beetplq3.away with graphicalisationing.

Mucho wet rain forecast on radio Nottingham.

Had a S, S, & S – well, not the shampoo. Hehe!.

GP receptionist rang with the INR blood test results – too high again, they gave me the new dosages over the phone.

Went down and did me laundry – got there and realised I’d not taken me 20p’s for the machines – Tsk!

Back up and got them. Wot  plonka!


My neighbour Norman this morning

Met Norman from flat 76 on the same floor as me in the lobby. Had a nice chin-wag with him. We have a lot in common – mainly our abilities to fall over!

Got the laundry done and back up to the flat.

Within the hour the maintenance man called to look at the hole in the wall near the vent – said it needed bricking up. So that means the decorating I’ve just had done will need doing again afterwards – and as they are going to replace the kitchen window later as well – I might have to wait until that’s done too before cleaning up after the first session, and the second session is likely to be many weeks after the first and then later they will be replacing the bath with a disabled type one so I can get in and out easier without risking life and limb, then they plan to… oh and the old dump needs… Oh never mind.

Back to the repair man and the vent with a giant hole in the wall causing the draughts: The man felt the draughts coming in and got on his phone and arranged for someone to come and brick-up the hole. Thursday 30th July 0930 to 1400hrs.

It’s driving missen potty here thinking about things. Huh!.

The INR test results arrived at the flat – so they have got me new address at last on the system.

IMG_0096Deana and the other woman arrived at the door for Deana to replace me Wrist alarm alert thingamajig.

Please note how straight the index finger is in this photographicalisation wot I done. A much much better day with Arthur Itis not bothering me fingers at almost at all – mind you, he was showing some interest in me knees.

We had a laugh and I told her about the window and air-vent plans.

A lady in the flats has a writing bureau to give away and asked me if I was interested and I said yes, but until I get me carpets in I have no way of storing it without having to keep moving it when the carpet layers arrive. Shame!

Deana said she would be in on Tuesday when the carpet man arrives and to call her when he arrives and she’s come and have a talk with him.

Steve from Age UK phones, oblivious to the fact I’d tried to contact him repeatedly over the passed 6 days. He says when the carpet is fitted, contact him and arrange to meet him at the old place to have a look at hat needs sorting.

IMG_0094Did some Facebooking for a good while, then made me nosh.

Polish chicken, chips, petits-pois, beetroot and smoked mini-sausages.

Very nice.

Rated this one 8.5/10.

A kindly neighbour called to tell me the lifts were now back working. I didn’t realise they had stopped working?

Took me medications and sat for hours thinking about things that needed to be done, how to get them done, things I can’t manage to do, where to get the help from, will I live long enough to get the old place and the flat sorted, will I run out of money before I sell the old place… does it matter?

Then I thought of the new people I’m met here in the flats, the feeling of security here and realised it does really matter. Then wondered again how I was ever going to get things sorted… The spinning churning confused frustrated thoughts milled about…

Got me quilt on the kitchen floor, laid down and read me book for a while, amazing how despite all the confusion in me brain I could concentrate on it, but I did? Until the draughts coming in got worse, then that brought the negatives back to mind… Do I need a shrink? – Hehe!

Nodded off to the calming sounds of the fridge-freezer… Brrr, clunk clung, long clunk, shudder whine, Brr, clunk clung, long clunk, Brr…

Night-night all, God bless.

2 thoughts on “Thu 23 July 2015: Fire alarm, Smoke Alarm and Lift Broke.

  1. This may be my last visit with you Inchy. I enjoy my visits, but my Mom passed away early this morning and I’ve learned my sister’s cancer has returned, and possibly spread. I’m going to shut down my Facebook account and just quietly disappear for a while, as I take this all in, and try to deal with it all. My family is on their way in, and we will have so much to sort out now it is all overwhelming, so I’ll be too occupied with that now to think about anything else. Don’t forget me, because some day I might catch my breath again, and be back. Right now I can’t see thru the tears.
    Love you Inchy. Take care of you, okay???

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