Fri 24 July 2015: A Day of Rest – Well that was the plan like…

Friday 24th July 2015


The must used bus-stop near the flats by Inchcock today

0540hrs: Woke and usual start and dashed to the porcelain yet again.

Where I remembered some of me dreams and wrote them on the handy toilet paper before they drifted into the ether:

On a gigantic scaffolding in the sky – Trying to build higher, ladders.

Ran out of poles – panic, couldn’t get in touch with anyone on the phone to bring or send more up to me.

An Angel appeared, I think I knew her but she kept changing her facial features into other people, some I knew, some not? Floating in the clouds next to me on the planks… Talking to me for yonks, can’t remember what she said – suddenly she turned into a raging flying shark and gobbled me up – Inside the shark was a beautiful apartment, sunshine coming into the room through patio windows, beautiful aroma of lavender and lemon?

I was happy that she’s eaten me, but confused that I couldn’t find any teeth marks on me body as somehow I found myself in a luxurious bath soaking in bubbles… and me body was firm and slim again like when I was in me teens?

The face of a man appeared at the side of the tub, semi-transparent like and spoke to me through a pink megaphone? – I had been chosen to be installed as new angel advisor and had to go and see Captain Kirk to get my instructions… a bit vague here, but I ended up in an old dilapidated dusty office everything had gone mono in colour and I was wearing Dickensian style clothes sat at a high desk and smoking me old pipe, writing with a quill? In burst a beautiful buxom woman and she started to throw lemons at me out of her basket… That’s all I recall?

Any dream analyser who might read this – can you help? Hehe!

IMG_0095Making me cup of tea to take me medications I kept seeing movement out the corner of me eye. It was pigeons and crows flying by the window. I had a closer look and they were flying to and fro the balcony on the flat one above to the right of mine.

I took  photo, not a good one but I was having to lean into the window to get in the birds – of course seconds before I took the shot most of the pigeons flew away being pursued by the hungry crows – Do crows eat pigeons?

It appears that the resident in that flat has removed their bird netting, I could see it hanging down, or could I, perhaps that is the netting from the flat below?

Had a good spit and polish and decided that I had time to go to the old place and get some stuff brought back to the flat – also to check see if it’d been burgled yet.

I was really lucky when I left the flat, the bus was in and pulled off immediately after I got on it. So I didn’t have to walk down the hill to get to Mansfield Road, dropped of at the bottom of Winchester Street and walked into Carrington.

Plenty of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists around en-route. But I’m forgotten to take me camera with me.

At the dump I got in and sorted some bits out to carry bag in the two bags I’d got. Clothes, computer peripherals, cleaning stuff and me flat Doughnut cushion to ease me haemorrhoid suffering. The two bags chock-full I struggled to the bus-stop in Carrington. A bus arrived in a few minutes and I rode into Sherwood. There I went over to the bus stop to see when the next L8 or 9 was due – as I got to the bus-stop and L8 arrived! All this having luck if foreign to me, it worries me! Hehe!

Back up to the flats, dropped off just outside – good stuff this today, Gawd Bless and help me keep me free bus-pass. I felt almost fresh when I got back in the flat… well the feet were stinging a bit like, but Arthur Itis, the angina, reflux valve etc were being kind to me – Yahoooo!

CaptureTwo letters arrived – one for Margaret one for me. Mine was from the Nottingham City Homes to tell me the pull-cord on the kitchen heater would be replaced on Thursday 30th July – long with the Bricking-up of me gigantic hole in the kitchen wall.

So up to now, next week looks a bit easier appointment-wise? But we’ll see.

I took down the pull-cord from the bathroom light switch and soaked it in bleach and washing-up liquid. Then rinsed it and hung it up on a clothes peg in the hallway to dry. Bet I’ll have fun when I try to re-thread it?

The flat cushion over was terribly dirty so I washed that out in the bowl afterwards and will clean it again in me next laundry session, tomorrow perhaps. I wish they would make them in a dark colour instead of blooming white. Huh!

IMG_0097Realised I’d not done me baked bean special marinating. So I tried it with: Tomato purée, English mustard, vinegar, BBQ seasoning, sultanas, unrefined brown sugar and dried roast onions.

I’ll put the onions in last like when I have heated em up. Worraya think? I’ll let yer know later.

Close to expected 1400hrs call from the Skin Cancer place ran by private company ‘Circle’ for the NHS.

I’m hoping, after informing the NHS Dentist, NHS Anticoagulation Team, the NHS GUM Clinic NHS City Cardiac Unit and the NHS GP surgery of me new address and telephone number that they will have it so as to ring me here and not the old place… any bets on it?

Still the mobile number is the same, so they might use that – said he hopefully!

1405hrs – no call yet – whoops bite me tongue, here it is coming in now.

This second lot is Basal Cell Carcinoma type, far less dangerous.

They asked me to feel the healed wound and tell them if it was flaky or  wet. This I couldn’t do because Arthur Itis prevents me like, and there is no one living here with me. I said I would ask the staff if one could have a peep to let me know. There is no need to inform the hospital if the wound is dry or flaky, only if it is wet.

I went down and to the community shed but no one was in. So I returned and emailed Deana asking her if either of them could do this for me – but I fear it now getting on time-wise they will have gorn home like. Hey-ho!

IMG_0098Returned to the flat and made a cuppa, took me medications and updated this diary.

Put me beans int pan to slowly warm em through and watched an episode of London’s Burning on YouTube while the seasonings slowly warmed through for me to digest.

They tasted nice, perhaps a little too much sugar though. But I still rated it 8/10.

When I WC’s I found that little Inch had been bleeding profusely from the lesion. I’ll have to see the GUM again about this – but time and appointments are hectic already. Tsk!

Washed the pots and got down on the quilt on the floor next to the fridge in the kitchen and read me book then got me head down to the now familiar Click -shudder – whirr, clunk, drone… shudder – whirr, clunk, drone… Click of the musical fridge-freezer wot I bought from Currys. I’ll miss this when I get sorted and the bed in.

TTFN all.

2 thoughts on “Fri 24 July 2015: A Day of Rest – Well that was the plan like…

  1. “do crows eat pigeons?”

    Yes, they do, Inchy

    I’ve got 3, sometimes 4, of the buggers hang about my garden

    a few years ago, I saw two of them attacking a pigeon

    I chased them off, but I was too late to save it

    I held it in my hands, stroking its breast as it died –

    I’ve a bird bath at the bottom of my garden, near the fence separating my garden from that of my neighbours

    for years, two wood pigeons have been visiting me – often sitting on top of the fence

    a few months ago, when I went to top up the bath, I noticed feathers on the ground

    I’d seen the crows pecking at something on the ground earlier from my kitchen window but thought it was the seed I put out near the bird bath

    when I looked round though I found the carcass of a bird

    there was not much left of it – the buggers had eaten most of the flesh

    from the size of the remains, it wasn’t a small bird

    and from that day, there’s only ever been the one wood pigeon in the garden, sat on the fence on its own

    I really don’t like crows – nasty, evil birds !

    • I don’t like em now you’ve shown me this Dunc.
      That was a heartbreaking but compassionate blog, I’ve like it.
      It explains why I keep seeing pigeons belt passed the window.
      Swines of crows!

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