Sat 25 July 2015: Inchcock Today – An Odd Day

Saturday 25th July 2015


This mornings Woodthorpe Court photo: Bravely taken through the netting on the balcony…

00340hrs: Woke knowing I’d had many dreams and they were not good ones – but could I recall any details this time? No! Tsk!

Dashed to the porcelain – banged me knee on the door frame as I rushed to get there – Arthur Itis started at me knees. Blood from the little Inch had stained me jammies and Anne Gyna along with the reflux valve all joined in making this a messy painful morning!

Cleared the bedding away – the Curry’s fridge-freezer continues to serenade me with a slightly different tune this morning: Clunk, whine, shudder bang clang, whir thud – Clunk, whine, shudder bang clang, Wheee, whir thud! And I didn’t have me hearing-aids in either!

WC’d repeatedly throughout the morning.

Finished yesterdays Diary off and started this one.

IMG_0101It was time for me medications then, so I risked another cuppa with them. (Foolish!)

Then I did some emailing and onto Facebooking for a while.

Still to early for me bath cause the water running through the pipes might disturb me neighbours.

Couple of hours later I had me bath, little Inch took a while to get under control, and Arthur Itis is still showing great interest in me knees today. Tsk!

Got the stuff ready to go down to the laundry room – checked I’d got the soap capsule, the right coinage and me pen and crossword book! Proudly i made me way into the lift and out to the machines room and realised when someone spoke to me, I’d forgotten to put me hearing-aids in. Huh!

Got the washing in the machine and nipped back up to get them.

Had a chin-wag with a fella, and some of the ladies going to the hairdresser in the next room acknowledged me.

IMG_0102When the washing was done I had intended to go out and have a walk in the park while I waited for the drier to perform. I stepped out of the door and nearly got blown along the road! Some antisocial Herbert was lurking across the road making people walk around him on the path. Showing off to his harem of lasses?

Blimey what a wind we get up here!

I returned to the foyer and did me crosswords until the togs were ready.

Up to flat and put things in the airing cupboard and hung some up on the pegs in the hallway.

Then I rather unthinking started cleaning the kitchen floor on all fours – oh me knees! When I remembered that I have bricklayers coming next week to fill the hole in the kitchen wall I thought: “I’m wasting me time here, they’re bound to make a helluva mess when they come

It’s apart and parcel of bricklayers work innit?

Put an order in with Morrison’s for delivery fer tomorrow.


Nice tasting – but too fatty – I’ll regret having these lamb-burgers yer know!

Got some potatoes and lamb steaklets in the oven – peas on the hob and updated this diary.

I seem to be eating more than ever lately.

Rated this nosh 8.5/10.

Got me head down early, not feeling too good but I’ve been far worse.


One thought on “Sat 25 July 2015: Inchcock Today – An Odd Day

  1. Oh, Inchy, your troubles are so many. Please don’t go on your hands and knees again. That makes mine hurt all the way across the pond, just thinking about it. Groan, ouch, moan, groan. Arthur Itis strikes again.

    You must have some powerful winds over there, but your flat is on a hill isn’t it? That makes a small one pick up speed. Take care of you Inchy. My family is here now, and we will spend the week settling Mom’s estate, trying to put her house on the market, and just holding on to each other while we come to terms with her death.

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