Mon 31 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: A walk in the Woods – that was the plan…

Monday 31st August 2015


The rain and mist this morning

I was so tired yesterday I was in bed by 1650hrs – sprang awake around ten and got and stayed up inter-netting all night. Hehehe!

Did some blog posts, on the LOMM site. Facebooking, emails etc.

Had a cuppa and took me medications.

Boiled some potatoes for later. Thought I’d get down and clean some spots on the kitchen floor… how long it took me to get back up I ain’t sure, but I’m talking a good few minutes and pain here! Humpf!

Started this diary off, then went fer me bath (Hope I get out of it easier this time).

Back in a bit…

Managed to get out of the bath without any Whoopsiedangleplops.

Got the bag ready to take with me – my aim was to go and have a look in Woodthorpe Park to see if I could miraculously find me hearing-aid, then have a walk into Carrington and fetch some last bits I want from the old dump.


Only one person in sight

At the end of Chestnut Walk the rain began to pour down really heavy, so I abandoned me plans to go searching in the woods and turned back and down to the end then right down Winchester Street.

I took a photo from under my brolly of the almost empty street.

Down to the bottom and right onto Mansfield Road and into Carrington to the flea-pit.


No persons in sight here… oh, one!

Still raining heavily, I got in the house and sorted the bits I wanted into the bag, and left without any sadness and walked to the Lidl store to see if they had any Cornish Clotted Cream on sale.

Took another photo from under me brolly of the deserted streets?

Mind you that’s not  bad thing, it meant the rain had kept the local yobs indoors.

Down to Lidl and found they did not sell clotted cream – but they had some Lemon Curd yogourts and Lemon mousse so I got one of each.


Nottingham Pavement Cyclist

Went to the checkout, paid for them and started to walk out without them. Luckily the chap came after me with his “Silly old bugger” look on his face and handed them to me.

When I got out, feet aching now, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist must nearly had me as he wondered on completely oblivious to the fact texting away on his phone as rode on. I took a photo from under the bus-shelter. Git!

Took me midday medications with a drink of Bitter lemon which I cleverly took with me.


Poor things!

I caught a bus into Sherwood, and noticed the flower displays had been knocked about a bit by the heavier than ever rain still coming down.

I took a photo from under the brolly again!

Then I crossed over the pelican lights and walked over the hill into and through Woodthorpe Park back to the flats.

It was not cold with it, but the rain persisted belting down summat rotten heavy like and wet I noticed! Hehe!


Woodthorpe Park: Abandoned by folk to nature – and Inchy. It’s the rain yer know, they don’t like up em Mr Mainwaring!

Again there were few folk to be seen. I took another under-the-brolly photo, I’m getting good at this, mind you I only had the one bag to carry.

The feet and knees gave me some hammer for the last few hundred yard.

Met some tenants in the reception area and had a little natter – I love doing this yer know.

One lady looks so much like my TFZ friend Janet Aaron it’s amazing. I asked her if I could take a photo to put on TFZ, but she rejected this… nicely mind.

Made a cuppa, took evening medications and got the laptop on. I forgot to ‘cream’ Little Inchy.(Fancy that! Hehe)

Sister Jane sent me an email. Pete has got toothache and they wanted some of me painkillers.

01topaShe also sent me news and a photo of there so still cute cat Octogenarian Fooey, they know I love him so, cause like me he’s different to the others. Not pretty but a great personality.

I can’t remember what breed he is, but his coat has to be pruned every single day, or it gets matted and lumpy. He was a little poorly stray 19 years ago, but they never found his owner, so they adopted him, or he adopted them. Hehe!

He had a Whoopsiedangleplop last week, fell off his favourite sleeping chair, shook himself up – But he had the sense not to sleep their any more, and he’s changed to kipping near a certain chair leg now, that means Jane and Pete can no longer use it themselves. Gawd I adore that cat!

Tomorrow I’ve got me Morrisons nosh coming early, then I’ve got to get in touch with Steve from Age UK to sort giving him the keys for the old place. And if time get to report and arrange a replacement hearing aid, Dentist Wednesday, Got to get me house deeds from Jane who keeps them since me last break-in a the old house, but doesn’t yet know I’ve moved – I so want to get this flat sorted and the old place got rid of and sold, then I can surprise her. Tsk… it’s all go again!

An irresistible urge to sleep overcame me once again, and I got me head down. The flipping cramps put in an appearance first.

I woke and remembered bits of a dream: Something about being lost walking on clouds, but in a gigantic cellar with a canal running through it? Building a raft and loading it and t kept sinking?

Suddenly almost in a panic, I noticed it was seven-forty-five, The Morrisons order was coming between 0730>0830hrs! Scrambled to get up painfully like a rhinoceros that had just given birth and only had three legs.

I put the laptop on to check the times of the nosh coming on Google diary and realised it was not 0755hrs – but 1955hrs! I had to laugh at missen.

So up and wobbling about, I stayed up, and finished this diary off. I did feel a fool!

4 thoughts on “Mon 31 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: A walk in the Woods – that was the plan…

  1. My friend, you are in worse shape than I am I think. Or maybe not. You at least got a bit of sleep for a few hours at a time. Of course I had to laugh because I can remember waking at 0230 once, and thinking it was 1400 instead, I called my Mom and asked her what she was doing. I couldn’t imagine why she sounded so grumpy when she asked what I thought she was doing at that time of morning. That was an OOPsidangleplop that I made sure I never repeated.
    Your dream might have been based on our raft building projects. I have to put my new apartment in order before I can finish/begin my raft, and then I’ll be “sailing, sailing, over the bounding Main” on my way to visit. Or I’ll be passed out in my nest, sleeping for the first time in months, and God help the person who tries to wake me for any reason at all. I think I’m going to try to eat something now, just to see if I can swallow yet.
    Take care of you luv.

    • Oopsiedangleplops to add to the dictionary now Angie, after your description! Hehe.
      If you arrive asleep I’ve gently lift you into the taxi and lift you back to the flat where the champagne will be waiting for when you wake up.
      Frustrating at the moment, I’ve rang Steve from Age UK like he told me to (three times up to now) about his collecting the house keys, without any reply – so now i have to wait in between ringing him again and again to hear if he is coming or not!
      So I can’t go out to sort me remote, go to see BJ, get to the audio clinic to report me lost hearing aid or even go to the community shed in case he calls and I miss him.
      Fed-up I am! I thought things were getting better, it is I should have known better!
      Seven days for you to go Angie?
      Crossing me fingers still – that makes it awkward when I want to pick me nose… Hehehe!
      TTFN pet. X

      • Only three days to go now Inchy. Plus two hours if you want to get picky about it. Which I am–picky that is.
        I’m ready to send some storm troopers over to give Steve a good kick in the nether regions and send him flying over to your flat. I have these visions of myself as Wonder Woman, drop kicking people who aren’t nice to me friends and sending them flying across the town to do what they are supposed to do. At the moment though, I’m trying to figure out how to reach that certain place on my back that is itching — just up from as far as I can reach. Guess I’m going to have to rub my back against the door facing if I want to get it right.
        I hate to be kept waiting like that. You can’t do anything because if you start he will call and you have to stop what you’re doing. It’s very rude.
        Going over to rub my back against the door now, just like an old cow. Take care of you luv.

  2. You can be as picky as you like Angel. It’s your countdown and no one else’s!
    Your storm-troopers did an excellent job – Steve came about an hour or so ago, Fanks!
    When I got the things from Ikea last week, I got a long shoe-horn – it works a treat as a scratcherer for the itches in e nether-regions! I’ll mention it in me Inchcock Today diary with a photo if I remember.
    Going over to rub your back against the door eh?
    Well… ♫ Moooove over Darling…♫ Hehehe!
    TTFN pet, ringers still crossed for yer X

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