Sun 30 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Determined to have an easy day!

Sunday 30th August 2015


Worked a Treat!

0540hrs: Up feeling okay, to the WC and pleased to report very bleeding this morning from front or rear!

Arthur Itis still in residence of me knees of course, but he’s giving me hands and fingers a rest at the moment bless him. Even the reflux valve is absolutely no bother at this moment! I might sing to myself now – ♫ Happiness, happiness, I thank the Lord that I possess more than my share of happiness…♫ as Ken Dodd used to sing.

Found me hearing-aids and wrist alarm despite leaving them both in the wrong place!

Made a cuppa took me medications and planned my day: Check and respnd to me emails, Finish yesterdays diary, Make and post a graphic for Frankie and Caroline in America, have a good bath and soak, do me laundry and if time left go visit the Tropical House with me camera in Woodthorpe Park, must remember it closed at 1500hrs though. It might be tight, cause the laundry take a a minimum of just over two hours – and that’s if any machines are free when I get down to the laundry room.


Caroline & Frankie have a nibble before retiring!

Checked me emails then did a bit of Facebooking, then did the graphic in Coreldraw x7 and Corel Paint x7.

Had a good bath and soak, changed into new clean togs, and WC’d.

Then got the washing ready and went down and got it in the washing machine.


New Sign up in the Laundry room – made no difference the filter was still clogged when I came to use the drier. The Senior Naughties. – Tsk!

Did me crosswords book… well I got one or two answered while the machine performed.

A chap told me he’d just heard on’t radio that we are due for rain from 1900 tonight through to at least 19oohrs Monday night, Oh dear.

Hour later I moved the togs into the drier, then up to the flat to collect me camera and off on a walk to the Tropical House at the top of Woodthorpe Park.



Foolish Inchcock forgot it closed at midday on a Sunday! Tsk!

I did take photo of some flowers, no idea what they were, but there was a selection of them competing for the sun, that looked nice.

So back to the flat through the rough areas with the old trees, I love going that way for some reason. When I arrived back at the flat I thought me hearing aid-battery on my left one had dies and thought that’s odd, cause I only put a new one in on Friday…


I went to take it out and it wasn’t there!

Panic! I went back out and searched where I thought I’d walked in the Park, but no luck.

Dejected I returned made a cuppa, and took me midday medications!

I’ll have to manage for a while, cause the Audi-clinic is closed until Wednesday – so even if I can afford to get it replaced it’ll take a good while. I waited 25 days for the original ones to get made ready, and that was after waiting 6 weeks to have a test first.

But hey-ho, it didn’t upset me so much as it would have earlier in the month. I was just angry with missen like.

No Dizzy-spells up to now though, that’s good.

Laptop on and updated this garbage.

IMG_0149Then set to sorting me pots of medications out, checking them and making up new ones with what medications I have left in me drawer.

Hunger pangs stared around 1520hrs and I made a pan of seasoned tomatoes and sausages with bread thins.

Not bad for a rushed nosh.

IMG_0150I was getting tired again and I didn’t know or understand why?

It’s been a slow day for me. The only things annoying up to now are the Garden being closed and losing me hearing-aid – but why should these things make me so tired suddenly?


01topa2Laptop back on updated this diary, then had a go at another graphicalisationing session before I fell asleep.

Updated this old one, not happy with it but Lyzzi likes it.

Overcome with tiredness so early again.

Head down.

Sprang awake around 2200hrs – got up and on’t internet again. Huh!

2 thoughts on “Sun 30 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Determined to have an easy day!

  1. that chap was right, inchy – been up since 3am and it’s been raining ever since (looks like it’s on for the day!)

    feeling a bit smug, though, ‘cos I managed to get my grass cut and put a coat of woodstain on a new wood panel side gate to the house yesterday before the weather changed 😆

    • Beating the rain eh… Well done. That’ll be your EQ then Dunc. Raining here also, and I wanted to get out into the park to look for me hearing aid too, Tsk! Mind you the chances of finding it are about o.ooooooo1% or less. Hehe!
      I’ve emailed the link to the Ikea incident wot I dun mate. TTFN cheers.

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