Sat 29 Aug 15: Inchcock Today – Out of steam

Saturday 29th August 2015


0330hrs: I must have been dreaming when I woke up, because I could recall much of the last dream and even a bit of earlier ones I’d had last night! Noted them down straight away on me conveniently located notepad, located there for just this reason. It seems I had at least slept (albeit a dream ridden kip) for 9, I say Nine, hours! Amazing!

Got up with far less a struggle than of late, noticed I must have got up last night to get fodder, for there next to me notepad was an empty cheese biscuit and Marmite crisp bag, don’t recall fetching or eating them, yet I can remember the dreams?

Hobbled to the WC.

Put the kettle on and then returned to use the WC again?

Made a cuppa, laptop started first time (Phew!) and took me medications.

Made the headers for this diary then…

WC again! Oh dear me... three visits in an hour!

Still, no signs of any dizzies yet thankfully. You can’t believe how refreshing it is not to worry about going to sort things out at the old house again today.

I consulted me scribbled note about the dreams and here they are:

I was in a grocery shop like the one I had years ago but not that, one if you know worra mean. With hardly any stuff on the few shelves there were left in the barren looking place. It was painted nicely in a dark blue and the windows were massive, an urban scene outside but no people in it…

The door at the back of the shop led into a grand posh house? There were folk in their, but they seemed to ignore me, I don’t think they knew I was there when I was in front of them, ghosts perhaps? Or was I the ghost?

The family, Mam, Dad son and daughter were well spoken posh types, the lad seemed like a Hooray-Henry type. I didn’t recognise any of them.

I kept nipping back into the shop but there was never any customers.

Each time I returned to the house through this back door it was all differently laid out, but still with a blue colouring as the shop, different classy furniture, gigantic TV scene thingy but the folks were the same ones. All prim and proper, but still not acknowledging my presence. I kept nipping back into the shop to see if I had a customer.

After endless trip to the shop and back, a dog appeared with the family, and then they spoke to me to tell me off for bringing this disease ridden creature into My home (Teenage son speaking), Remove it or face the consequences my man!

I took the dog with me back into the shop, and fell in love with it, then the family from the back came into the shop and Mother wanted the dog back cause she was about to cook it for dinner? (Something about Quails lingers in my mind but I can’t fathom or remember this bit). The dog jumped up into my arms and I fed it some Warfarin tablets and, as the Son, now wearing a deerstalker hat aimed a double barrelled shotgun at me, I think I ran carrying the old dog to the shop front door falling over as I did so…

Maybe I woke up then, because I can’t remember anything of this dream after this.

I’ve never retained a dream as well as I have this one, and would appreciate any help with diagnosing the meanings, just interested like – remembering it so well and clearly?

But I can still remember bits of a dream I think I had earlier?

Corridors, dirty abandoned building, loads of doors, I was searching for something or someone but did not know who or what, but couldn’t stop myself searching, in each room, some were offices, others living rooms or bathrooms, I delved into drawers, cabinets every thing but without knowing what I was after finding – eventually after what seemed days to me in the dream a phone started ringing, and rang for yonks as I then started searching for that and found myself back at the start if the dream in that first corridor…?

WC visitation required again.

Remembered I’d got me Asda order coming this morning, so I was about to go to the bathroom to get missen spit and polished and I realised it was too early, cause I didn’t want to start running water this early and wake me neighbours up.

Had a bash on Facebook for a bit.

Asda food arrived and I put them away.

Got some donations for the Nottingham Hospice shop in a bag, and readied missen: Camera in pocket, mobile and bus-pass etc, to have a walk through Woodthorpe Park into Sherwood and the Nottingham Hospice shop.

Now you’d think this would be a relatively easy task…

I locked up and walked to the lift, got into the lift and started going down and thought. where’s that woman’s voice who talks to me usually when I go in the lifts?…

I went back up in the lift to the flat and put my hearing-aids in, walked to the lift, got into the lift, went down and as I was going through the doors out – felt in my left hand jacket pocket, usually dedicated to the camera and it weren’t there!

I felt sure I’d put it in earlier?

I went back in, up in the lift to the flat, searched and could I find it? Well eventually I did – in the cardigan pocket that I was wearing!

Tutting away to myself, I set off for the third time up and down through Woodthorpe Park into Sherwood, over the hill and down to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop. Gave them the carrier bag of bits. Then out to the bus-stop and into town.

I had to get some cash from the bank to pay a bill, and thought I’d check how me balance was at the same time – I’ve make a few cock-ups with them ATMs in the passed, forgot me number, lost me card etc.

IMG_0140Caught the bus and dropped off on Mansfield Road near the Victoria Centre (Mall). Walked down and through Clinton Street.

Not as busy as usual I thought and walked through unmolested by mobility scooters, pavement cyclists, big issue sellers, being knocked into by anyone using the ipods for mobiles as they walked along, beggars or even any antisocial yobbos! Nice.

Called into John Lewis’s in the hope of getting some help with the remote they gave me with me new TV being different to the one in the manual and my not being able to find any instructions on the web.

Ha! They were that busy no one came near me or was even free for me to ask for help. I gave up.

01topa2aHobbled along and got to the bank. Where a very polite young man handed me the money requested and gave me the balance of my account. It ain’t good! I hope selling the house gets a move on on Tuesday when I ring Age UK Steve – but will he answer me? Time will tell.

Came out and worked out I had 20 minutes to go until the next L9 bus, but must not miss this as the one and last one of the day is two hours later.

Had a poddle around the slab square and took some photo’s.

I chickened out of taking one of four chaps all sat in a row on the low concrete wall and all dressed in the same gear and all playing on there mobile phones at the same time. It looked so photographable to me, but I didn’t know how they would react, so didn’t.

I was suddenly gripped with tiredness again – been happening a lot lately. But it was more surprising today, because I slept last night for a longer period I have done in years – and I ain’t done much physical today at all?

Walked up to the top of King Street and waited for the bus.

Almost as soon as it drove off I found myself fighting me eyelids to stay open, and it stayed like this all the way back to the flats.

IMG_0144Got up and in the flat and started making me nosh. Today was fish-day for Inchcock: Asda ‘Smartprice’ fish in batter (Cheapo but so tasty!), Youngs Battered fish cakes, boiled potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes and butter-beans.

Followed by the last of the Cornish clotted cream and lemon cheesecake.

Did a bit of touching up of the woodwork on me cabinet while it cooked – kept nipping into the kitchen to check it like.

Set up the table for me nosh and thought I’d try to watch some TV while eating cause there was a Sherlock Holmes on. Farcical idea – I really must get some help with this ruddy remote control thingy… Tsk!

WC’d, ‘Little Inchy’ and the haemorrhoids bleeding again. Getting low on me cream for him as well now. (Gobbledicrushums!)

The nosh was really really good – I gave it a rating of 8.8/10. However, I only just managed to stay awake long enough to wash the pots – (not seen the saucepan lid since???) when I just had to give in to me bodies demand for sleep?

Got me haemorrhoids cushion on the new brown chair, feet on the Ottoman and was off in seconds into the land of nod.

Woke three hours or so later, had a look for me mysteriously disappearing saucepan lid without any luck – made a cuppa and took me medications, I keep missing me midday ones yer know – not good this habit!

Laptop started with the intention of updating this dairy… no, diary, and doing some graphicalisationing prep work. But the sun was so strong coming through my uncurtained windows (summat else to do when I sell the house and get some cash to use – especially now I’ve seen how quick me balance is dwindling – Huh!).

IMG_0145I got a squeegee mop and extending clothes line stick and elastic banded the corners of me small throw on the ends of them, and got it up in the window so I could see me screen like – just as the sun went in seconds later! If anyone had seen me efforts they would have laughed out loud – I think I laughed out loud to start with too!

I stopped laughing the third time it all collapsed on me. But perseverance paid off in the end – mind you there’s time for it to collapse again yet – not that it matters so much now the blinding blinking sun’s gone in. Hehe!

The tea went cold, so I made another and conducted another none-successful search for the saucepan lid, it’s getting to me this is – Where the heck is it!

I even checked to see if I’d somehow left it in the bathroom as I made another visitation and cleaned up ‘Little Inchy’ yet again.

I wanted to make a start on the blog-post about Dunc and my efforts to get the clothe-racks erected, but concentration was lacking and believe it or not, I was feeling tired again??? Why how I asked myself… no answer came.

IMG_0146Just look at the sky now.

In between searches for the saucepan lid (Black with black handle 7″ wide) I put some photos on and did some Facebooking.

I say some Facebooking – I spent over four hours Facebooking.

Eventually getting me head down around 0300hrs.

Addicted? Me? Maybe.

Well… yes!

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