Fri 28 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Progress made!

Friday 28th August 2015


0045hrs: Gave up trying to sleep cause I was waking every few minutes anyway – me mind racing and me body aching from the usual complaints and the results of yesterdays Dizzy-spell Whoopsiedangleplop. Huh!

Lay for a few minutes thinking and assessing me knocks and bruises.

BJ coming later so we can move the stuff left to bring to the flat from the house. After I managed in a rather slow cumbersome and embarrassing fashion to get missen up off the floor, I visited the porcelain, then hobbled into the kitchen and made a big cuppa.

Got the laptop on and finished yesterdays diary, then started this one and did some graphics.

Coughing as well now, and had another dizzy when I went to make another cuppa cause the first one went cold. Not a bad one though.

Sat a while and pondered on me hopes that the plans made yesterday with Steve from Age UK will come to fruition soon, and I can get the old house out of my mind and concentrate on this flat and getting it sorted.

Went for a heavy duty action in the bathroom and thought to myself how calm the duodenal ulcer is, the haemorrhoids were not bleeding hardly at all, the reflux valve was calm, even the skin cancer wound had stopped itching. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were only fairly bad – so overall medically speaking, apart from me newly acquired knocks from yesterday, I was in good form! And I’d found both me hearing-aids and wrist-alarm on me first effort to find them! With the fresh hopes of getting things moving on the house selling front, it seemed all systems go.

This little musing session cheered missen up a bit it did.

Me second cup of tea had also gone cold, so I made a third one – with grim determination to drink this one.

Did some graphicationalisationing in Coreldraw.

Bath and change of togs – Cuppa and a pot of porridge.

BJ rang he’ll be here in an hour or so.

IMG_0135Met him outside and he ran me to the Audio Clinic to get some hearing-aid batteries, then to the old house. Where we set about sorting the last of the things needed for the flat – it filled his car.

Dusty tired and sweating we got back to the flat and unloaded the stuff, stuff to IMG_0134the lift, stuff and us in the lift, stuff up to the 12th floor, stuff and us out of the lift, stuff and us to the flat door, stuff and us into the flat and bedroom to join the other bags and boxes awaiting attention and sorting.

Here is BJ carrying possibly the last bag of stuff from the flea-pit into the flat – and the heaviest of all the bags today.

A much longed for action, that without BJ and Duncan would not have been possible.

Of course I still have to get in touch with Steve from Age UK on Tuesday – and that challenge has been known to fail a few times over the last few weeks…. Oh dear! To arrange for him to collect the keys.

IMG_0136I popped into the front room, (well there is no back or side room, just the front and the bedroom) and observed the many bags and bo’s awaiting sorting in there too.

But it didn’t phase me this time, knowing that hopefully things will get moving next Tuesday, and soon I can forget all about the old place… I pray!

IT suddenly awned on me – today is Friday, flipping ‘eck, the clinic!

BJ ran me down into Sherwood where I could catch a bus to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic – I thanked him for all his help, slipped him some petrol money and shook his hand.

While at the bus-stop I got a missed unknown call on me mobile – and noticed the reminder for the Clinic was not showing like it usually does? I checked and found it is for next Friday not this one. Oh I did feel a fool – but at least I didn’t arrive there and look a clot this time – Tsk!

Got back to the flat and got some nosh on, started this new laptop and it indicted it was loading with the circle of dots going round… for half an hour!

I thought I’d have to take it back to the  liars conmen and nasties at PC World nd didn’t like that idea. I started the old laptop to punch in a queries about the new one not loading and got an idea and forced closed the new laptop and restarted it… Phew it worked, this time anyway. Risked putting in sleep mode while I had me nosh.

IMG_0137Enjoyed it, but for ome reason couldn’t finish it all.

Eyes to big again.

Chips, beans, tomatoes, onion rings, last of me veggie bacon and bread thins. Rated it 8.2/10.

Washed me pots and pans as the sunshine came out.

Restarted the laptop (okay) and updated this diary. Did some graphics.

Kentucky Angel Angie has 7 days to go to her moving apartments and is so excited. I hope it all works out for her and she really is comfy and content in the new place.

Me knee and feet were bad, but the other ailments under control like.

Head down really early even for me!

I’ve had one of me easiest day for ages, but feel so drained?

TTFN all.

2 thoughts on “Fri 28 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Progress made!

    • Cheers, your right Dunc. I was hoping to get a start on doing the “Dunc & Inchies Construction Endeavours” blog today, but for some reason Dunc, despite all the good kip I got in last night, I’m well drained again?
      Today’s mystery is the disappearing saucepan lid? TTFN mate.

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