Thu 27 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Struggling!

Thursday 27th August 2015


0245hrs: I just knew as soon as I woke up that I’d been dreaming and nightmaring away – but I could not remember a single detail or bit about the actual dreams, only a sense that they weren’t good.

Thought about meeting Steve from UK later today at the old house and hoped some progress could be made.

For some reason I thought the clock read 0445hrs and wondered why I felt so tired after sleeping in late for me? Made a cuppa and took me medications, started the laptop and realised when it loaded the time was actually now 0254hrs? So I must remember I’ve already taken me morning medications!

I checked that I’d put me hearing-aids in the right place, the centre drawer in me wonderful 1967 G-Plan cabinet – and found me wrist-alarm. Things were looking up this morning. Hehe.

IanH03Started today’s diary off. Then got carried away again with an idea for a graphic for the Beetroot Protection League in Burnley.

Cost me few hours to get it right mind.

But being as I had time this morning I used it doing graphics instead of getting the flat sorted out… Guilt ridden I tell you, I am…

Going to meet Age Concern’s Steve at last for help with the house sorting and selling – I bet I’m no further advanced after our meeting? Lack of confidence in someone who talks well but does little – still it’s not costing me money, just frustrations.

Finished me graphicalisationing, did emails, Facebooking and when I stood up to go and get a wash shave and you know what – Arthur Itis complained rather nastily – might take me stick with me today – but maybe not, I’m bound to lose if I do. Tsk!

By gum how time flies.

I should have time to do a bit of WordPressing after me bath and shave… I hope.

Back in a bit…

Had a bash on t’internet and after a while BJ rang, he is on his way in 15 minutes.

Got down to meet him in front of the flats, bless his cotton socks I’d be lost without him completely.

We went to the house and I walked to the chemist – where I found my prescriptions were not ready until the Friday after next? Made a minor Whoopsiedangleplop there didn’t I?

On the way back to the house I met my old neighbour and had a chat with her. She had been trying to sell her house for a while but has now rented it to a friend of hers. Not encouraging that news.

Got back to the house and BJ had made a start sorting for me already – no stopping him is there. Hehe.

We spent a good two hours or more sorting and I was not in a good state by then. The knees and feet were very painful and I felt drained – then Steve from Age UK arrived and I must admit I told him straight about the lack of help and movement in getting things sorted. Give the man credit he accepted my criticism and came back and promised me that I could sell the house after clearing it of my stuff needed, without cleaning it up, for a lot less naturally – but said he would sort it all out for me.

On Tuesday I have to phone him to tell him all the stuff I need at the new flat had been cleared from the house and (He says) the only time I would be needed at the house after that is a few occasions to sign paperwork!

That sounded really good to me, but his record in answering my phone calls and text messages in the past have been lamentable.

I live in hope. I think BJ was surprised at my forwardness (I was!) on this occasion. But I was so frustrated, tired and worried about the money running out – all I want to do is get this place off my mind so I can concentrate on the tons of work and sorting still needed at the new place, so I can enjoy it a bit before I croak out. As I told them earlier.

Now I mustn’t get too hopeful knowing my luck.

I went into the kitchen to finish packing some stuff and the same thing that happened the other day, did again – just as I was bending I got a dizzy come on and went over backwards this time. Yet again I was lucky someone was there, they hauled me up and I am now the owner of newly bruised ribs and left wrist. Tsk!

BJ departed saying he will call me in the morrow and lift me and collect the things stacked ready to move that I require at the flat, and have another check around to see if I’ve missed owt. So one, maybe two more efforts will be needed and hopefully I will never have to go there to work again.

Steve went up with me to sort if I needed owt from the attic and carried some down for me. We came across some old photos that was glad about finding.

Steve left when I did and I thanked him.

As I walked to the bus-stop I realised that along with me ribs and wrist, my big right toe was giving me some gip – When will it all end! Hehehe!

01topa2Caught a bus into Sherwood, too late to catch an L8 or L9 bus up the hill, so I waked up and through Woodthorpe Park and down to the flats. I was actually singing to myself despite the rain starting – I mustn’t get too excited eh?

I called into the Co-op and got a pack bread thins en route, cause I forgot I got one yesterday – Humpf!

Weary and aching so I got back to the flat and made me monster salad for later.

01topa2aPut the bread thins in the freezer, made a cuppa and perused my bruises and blue big toe.

Laptop on and updated this diary like.

I thought how lucky I am really, having BJ and Dunc helping me out.

And hopefully close to getting the old place sorted, even if I get a lot less than market value for it – it will be a blessing to get rid of the hassle and worry… if it all works out of course.

Now, after being lifted by events of the day, I find I’m back to worrying about how it will go – Wotaplonker!

Can’t wait for next Tuesday to see how it goes, it’s a start anyway. Crossed fingers, even if Arthur Itis didn’t like me doing that.

Well drained but surprisingly hopeful I got the quilt and me aching limbs down on the floor, read me book a while, mused over tomorrows jobs to be done, and got off to sleep very quickly. Although I kept waking up, I could understand why with new pains every-time I moved, coughed or passed wind, along with fretting about things.

Hey-ho – I hope things are now in Defcon 2 and a go! You know?

8 thoughts on “Thu 27 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Struggling!

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  2. Here’s hoping you can get that fleapit off your hands very soon luv. It seems to be turning into a nightmare now, and time for it to just go away.
    Time for those whoopsidangleplops to go away also. I would say mine haven’t bothered me for a long time, but if I say that I’ll fall on my face, so I didn’t really say that.
    I think I burned the battery up in my cell phone today, uh, yesterday, but fortunately have an extra that I was able to switch to easily. It’s harder to text people on, but I don’t do that very often, so that will make it better.
    Wouldn’t you know it–now that it’s time for normal people to get up, I’m about to fall asleep. And I have to find a card to send from some place in all this mess It’s just not gonna happen today.
    Take care of you luv.

    • Thanks fer the good wishes Angie flower. I couldn’t have put it better myself, you have a turn of phrase like wot I do yer know.
      No more Whoopsiedangleplops for Angie! Enuf is enuf and you’ve had too many – No more Whoopsiedangleplops for Angie!
      I got some hearing-aid batteries today thanks to BJ – got em back and spilt some seasoning on them – a case of Salt and battery? Hehehe! I am a fool, sorry can’t help it pet. Good job you had a spare one.
      Don’t, well try not to go searching for stuff now gal – it’ll send to batty when you can’t find them – that’s wot I found anyway. Hehe!
      The ninth is coming to take Angie away – it’s not too far she is going to stray – but waiting is making her think each hour is a day – Soon contentment will dawn, I’d like to say!
      XXX TTFN pet.
      I’m gonna get me head down in a bit.

      • A poet and don’t know it, aren’t you Inchy? So you’ve decided to season your hearing aids now, huh? If you lose them you can get a dog to sniff them out? That’s what I need right now, a dog with a good sniffer to find the things I need/want/lost/gave away and forgot. Or more likely, all the above
        I’m more than ready to stop the Whoopsiedangleplops. Just have to convince my head of that after moving to the new place and having that thingy sticking out in the way. It has some good points, but it will still be in the way.
        I told the office person about my roaches, and she wrote it down, so I hope they will do something about it. Like maybe get a better bug control company to take care of actually getting rid of the bugs in the building, instead of this company with their watered down, useless sprays that don’t work more than 3 days.
        We also need a better elevator service department. A manager who knows how to manage would be the best bet. Do it right the first time and save money in the end.
        Take care of you luv.

  3. Seasoning me hearing aids means I can stick me finger on me ear-holes and lick up afterwards perhaps when I’m on the bus or at the check-out in the store – just to see others reactions? Hehehe!
    The sniffer dog is a good idea, I’ll bring one on me giant raft with me.
    As instructed Angie gal, I had NO Whoopsiedangleplops yesterday, and am over the moon that you avoided them!
    That sticking-out aid might have to go to be on the safe side perhaps?
    ‘ Do it right the first time and save money in the end.’ Such a sensible comment that gal.
    One of the lifts here has developed a shudder.
    Could you catch the bugs and box them, then sell them as pets on e-bay for folk where they do not have them to buy? Give em names: “Reluctant Enforced Sale” Family pets devoted mother Wilhemina, father Walter and children Winifred and William – none aggressive – Must go as family as it would break my heart to break them up – House trained – No Special care needed – Loving nature – Any Offers considered.
    Hehehe! Just a thought – maybe you could make a post about this, using your clever witty choice of words on WordPress?
    Take car love, thanks for being there pet. X

    • You know, if people could sell pet rocks, why not a family of bugs? They could even have a choice of live or dead ones, with the dead ones costing a bit more, since I would have to do a bit of work making them dead. And at some point it would mean I would have to touch them. I’m making a very strange face at that idea.
      The sniffer dog on the giant raft is a great idea. Since it will be a giant raft, maybe you should make it a large dog. They are more intimidating, although a small dog will dig it’s teeth into the ankle and not let go. That can create some major Whoopsiedanleplops for the person on the receiving end of those teeth. Add some files to keep the doggie’s teeth sharp too.
      I reported my bugs to the office yesterday, and was told they had them also. The office just reopened after it was renovated, so that’s not a very favorable report for me to hear. Maybe I’ll just rent a raft after I get my stuff moved down the hall in 6 days and 2 hours, and come over there while they finish the work on the building, and then I can wait and do the heavy lifting part after I come back from my visit to your side of the pond. And maybe a good angel will come in during my absence and put it all in place for me, clean all the dust away, wash the windows, adjust the air, hook the cable up and switch my phone and internet service over to a more reliable place than what I have. And maybe pigs will be flying when I get back also, and someone will actually pay me for that blue bridge I keep offering for sale.
      Keep up the good work with the Whoopsiedangleplops, and I’ll do the same, and if we both leave at the same time, we can meet in the middle of the ocean.

      • Another great comment Angie thanks gal.
        Perhaps you could make a mini-lion trap like thing to catch the bugs without touching them, then wait till they snuff-it? Or humanely kill em with spray?
        I’ve added a file and dog food to me list of things for the giant raft now thanks. I’ve a tale to tell of me dog handling days in security, I’ll look up the link.
        “I reported my bugs to the office yesterday, and was told they had them also. The office just reopened after it was renovated, so that’s not a very favourable report for me to hear” classic!
        Maybe “I’ll just rent a raft after I get my stuff moved down the hall in 6 days and 2 hours, and come over there while they finish the work on the building…” had the lot in it, humour, wit, truth, satire and cleverness! Love the you get it in about your count-down recording, Hehe!
        “We can meet in the middle of the Ocean – what a wonderful thought. I’d better add a bottle of champagne to me list of things to take with me then eh?
        Take care and don’t overcharge for the bugs – then you can get repeat custom later. Hehe. XX

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