Wed 26 Aug 15: Inchcock Today – Scoffing away eating like… well I don’t know, but he’s eating far too much Tsk!

Wednesday 26th August 2015


The field this morning in the rain

0345hrs: Woke gently for once. Lay there a few seconds and made some notes of the dreams I could remember having, then the urgent and sudden demands of the bladder beckoned and I struggled up and hobbled to the bathroom – which is where I realised that the new jammy-bottoms did not have a hole in the front if yer know worra mean! Huh!

Cuppa and medications taken.

Laptop on, finished yesterdays diary posted it.

Noticed the notes about the dreams I scribbled – but my writing was hard to decipher. It seems I was with several folk and we were dancing in a fashion, somewhere on the deck of a boat… a lot of activity of an intimate nature was being enjoyed by all – then damn it I moved into a different scenario. I was being pummelled from above by folk one at a time who were queuing to hit me with various articles thrown down through a man-hole above, and a voice would shout out a score each time they clobbered me, accompanied with a trumpet fanfare and falling twinkling broken Christmas baubles?

Went on Facebook to cheer myself up as I felt a depression coming on after I’d thought of how things were not moving with sorting the old place out.

Back to the bathroom – the haemorrhoids were not so bad and bled a lot less this morning. The worst are Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis. The reflux valve that can cause bother quickly from nowhere is nice and calm at the moment. I said the worst is Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis, but I think I was wrong – sudden depression is the worst.

I started the graphics for a blog for LOMM about Dunc and my efforts at erecting the clothe-racks, as Dunc suggested.

Took me a few hours to get the graphics done on Coreldraw X7 before starting the actual writing of the blog, and I didn’t know why I was doing them really in the state me mind was in. Foolish childish escapism perhaps? (Sounds about right to me).

LyzXmasSpent three hours doing one graphic, but it was a hard one and it came out fairish, so I was sort of pleased with it, and I do enjoy doing them.

This cheered me up a bit.

Must phone Steve from Age UK, the missing man who doesn’t reply when I phone him – I think I’ll do a text message instead – begging him for help with getting the house sorted and putting it on the market.

Here goes, I love wasting me time…

Had a good soak in’t bath. Got missen looking half decent and set off to take the letters to the Flats Community Shed – got as far as the lift, then returned to the flat to pick up me camera making sure I’d got me DSIM card this time.

Off to the shed, and had a natter with the gals there, forgot to drop off the letters – hey-ho.

Had a walk through the park into Sherwood and called at Sue Ryder shop, they had no beds in, but did have some of the large Ottermans in, but only two and I wanted four to finish of the bedroom – all bar having no bed that is like.

Caught the bus into Arnold and had a wander around there.


Dark skies and closed down shops in Arnold

Even more shops had closed-down now.

It’s not fair on the shoplifters yer know!

The fag and Alcoholics cheapo shop had closed too!

It’s not fair on the unemployed yer know!

Walked to Fultons to see if they had any of the cheapo-but-nice blackcurrant lollies in, no luck.

Walked out to Sainsburys with a view to catching the last L9 bus back to the flats after shopping, cause there is a stop outside their garage, well filling station.

In the middle of me shopping, Steve from Age UK rang, he’ll meet me tomorrow at 1400hrs at the old house to have a look at what needs doing next in the plan to sell the house when I get it ready like! We’ll see if there isn’t a meeting that runs late that prevents this happening.


Outside Sainsburys waiting fer bus

I over spent again, nothing new there then: Got some of the beautiful Anya potatoes to boil, bread thins, tomatoes, lemon cheesecakes and… oh dear, and this as dear too – Cornish Clotted Cream! The shame of having a weak will-power will be my undoing yer know!

Got to the bus stop and waited in plenty of time for the bus to arrive, I thought I was about 5 minutes early for it, got there at 10 past it was due 15 past.


I stayed awake on the bus – Yes!

No sign of the bus after what must have been ten minutes, so I looked up the times on the time-table in me pocket… then checked the time on me mobile – it was 14 minutes past – how I made such a cock-up I don’t know. but I got it alright and enjoyed the ride through the housing estates of Nottingham en-route back to the flats.


Naughty Cornish Clotted Cream for afters – guilt ridden I am now, guilt ridden!

Back on the main roads again and I was soon back in the flat getting me spuds on the boil and me Fisherman’s Pie in’t oven.

Had some of the nobbly long special nutty flavoured potatoes boiled, the fish pie, sprinkled with cheese and singed a bit on purpose, beetroot and apple – followed naughtily by lemon cheescake and some of the Cornish Clotted Cream! Marvellous, but the pie let me down, very much lacking in taste! Humpf!

Still I give it 8/10 just fer the potatoes.

Devoured it and got the laptop on to update this diary.

Took me medications.

Read some of me book and actually ate some of the fancy potatoes I’d done extra to have tomorrow? Why am I eating so much lately – I’m like a pig lately?

I must try to remember to ask Patti Berkert for some more photo’s of her art-work so I can make another graphicalisation for her talents. These are the two I’ve done with photo’s of her actual art pieces. Brilliant aren’t they, I’m so proud of the gal – oh, second thoughts, I’ll not ask her yet, cause she’ll be busy arranging her trip to Brazil. 

ArtG2 ArtG

AngBThis is one wot I dun is of Angie, the Kentucky Angel.

She is a treasure too. Copes with so many ailments and problems but still finds enough energy to plan of building a giant canoe so she can come and visit little me. (I’m planning on building a kayak for a return visit). Angies and Patti’s senses of humour are so precious to me.

The arthritis and angina are back again after giving me a break earlier, so I’m going to get me head down early methinks.

That’s the plan anyway, hehehe!

TTFN I hope!

5 thoughts on “Wed 26 Aug 15: Inchcock Today – Scoffing away eating like… well I don’t know, but he’s eating far too much Tsk!

  1. If I get out on the ocean dressed like that I think I might get lots of help by just sticking my thumb out for a ride, You sure make me look better than I ever have in real life.
    My tummy and clock are both telling me it’s time for breakfast, so I had better listen.
    Take care of you luv.

      • Something really was making me hungry, cause I sure hit some wrong keys signing my name. Had a nice sammy for breakfast, and didn’t choke at all. Then went down to sign the new lease for my new apartment — 7 1/2 days til move in, and all excited about that, and going, going, going all day. Now I’m going to take the rest of the day easy – I think.
        You take care of you. And maybe cut a slit in the front of those jammies, lol. I’m still snickering over that one. Sorry, but it is funny.

      • Signed the new lease eh… bet that felt good Angie?
        Got the jammies on now, 0322hrs, been up for two hours or so, only just made it in time when I went to the porcelain and forgot about the lack of vents in them, whipped em down and torn the cotton around the waistband in me rush… Tsk! I had to laugh at missen like. Hehehe.
        So, they are going to get thrown out cause sewing owt is impossible fer me. Hey-ho.
        7 and a half days to go, you have defcon3 and all systems go! Yipee!
        Sorry about me Whoopsiedangleplop yesterday, I’m calling at the doctors on Monday… oh no, it’s Bank Holiday Monday, I’ll go on Tuesday then.
        I’ve been thinkin’ like, do you think it would be best if I made a giant raft to come over on, cause the things you reminded me to take wont fit in me kayak?
        TTFN Angie, hope you get some rest and well done on yer eating well gal. XX

      • Oh no, you should have cut that hole right away. Now you’ve lost your jammy bottom.
        It did feel good to sign the lease, and now it’s 7 days and 3 hours til I pick up my keys. But who’s counting???? And who do I think I”m kidding?
        The giant raft would probably be the best if you can’t get the submarine. Be sure you have a sturky tent on the raft for protection from the storms that are sure to blow in on the way over. Or at least a very extremely largeical brolly. That could also double as a sail on the sunny days.
        Take good care of you now luv.

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