Tue 25 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – He took a break from getting the house sorted – The little Monkey!

Tuesday 25th August 2015


0215hrs: Woke up aching all over and coughing and wheezing! (Oh dear boy, did I overdo it yesterday or what?) But I have to take help when I can get it don’t I? I thought to myself.

Finding somewhere that doesn’t ache or hurt in my wobbly-body this morning is proving difficult, nay, impossible!

Between me usual ailments and the newly accrued aches and pains from the last few days overdoing it like, I must say I may not complain if the end comes soon. There, now you all know. You will find me valuables all hidden in the lidded egg-cup wot I hid in the rusty black box full of sewing things in the bedroom – hidden inside a box marked “Life-like Blow-up dol…” well, its coloured pink… I amaze missen at times yer know. Here I am, not in the best of health and I should be morose and depressed, yet I still find missen writing jokes and humorous (I hope) funnies?

After losing me hearing aids, wrist health-alert alarm and me sanity in the last few days, I wonder what next. Hehe!

I keep getting ideas, and some passed to me for articles to do and post, but don’t feel I can concentrate enough at the moment, although I persist with this diary?

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Got yesterdays diary finished and posted, started this one off, checked and answered to emails and comments, then did some Facebooking.

Got missen spruced up to go to the old place and do some more sorting out. Got to the bus-stop and me brother-in-law Pete rang…

Don’t you just hate that, there you are, bus-pass in hand gossiping at the bus stop outside the flat complex with around six other tenants waiting fer the bus… You see they have stopped talking, and a few moments later one of them tells you, your phone in your inside pocket is ringing and you take that long fumbling to get it out the caller has gone! Tsk!

Got on the bus – got off the bus and retrieved me free pensioners bus-pass from the pavement – got back on the bus, swiped the card and walked into the bus to be greeted with derision and laughter from the other folk for keeping them waiting. All light-hearted stuff though, I think.

I overheard someone behind me talking about the wall-clock from the reception area being nicked again. Apparently the replacement clock for one that disappeared last week, only lasted 5 hours this time before it was spirited away.

Pete rang back again. He wanted, being as this was the first day of the two new tram routes operating, to go on them. I was perhaps a little too keen to agree and miss doing the back-breaking work I should have been doing at the old place? Any road I said I’d meet him at his bus-stop in town.

I got into town with plenty of time to spare – glad I’d took me camera so I can photographicalise the tram routes for the Troll Free Zone gals and guys. As I went into Wilkinson’s to see if they had any of the place-mats I saw a bird on the roof of the pub that I’d never seen before (Not seen the bird not the pub before). I hastily got me camera out and focussed in close on it, as it flew away… not that it mattered… the camera informed me that there was no SCIM card in it – Grrr! I’d done it again and the card was back at the flat stuck in the laptop! That was the end of me photographic plans for the trip! Huh!

Got me mats and spatula then met Pete, we then made for the tram stop and caught the one to Chilwell. Getting on the tram was like packing sardines in a can – nearly all the passengers were old foggies like wot I am or screaming balling kids! The seats were uncomfortable. Not complaining like, just mentioning these things.

Trying to communicate with Pete amidst the deaf pensioners shouting at each other and the mega-gobby kids was not easy. Pete I reckon is as deaf as I am but vanity prevents him from getting hearing-aids.

We then returned on the next tram and dropped off at the station, then Pete wanted catch the other new service tram to Clifton – so we did. Not a pleasant outing but Pete seemed to enjoy it – he likes owt that’s free yer know – he gets his spectacles from the pound shop shop, not that he’ll wear em if any women are around, vanity again see – but don’t tell him I told yer mind so fer gawds sake!

Again we caught the next tram back, and as a little girl fainted right in front of me, as luck would have it, we were at the stop for the Queens Medical Centre. So her parents and sister took her off and into the hospital.

Pete dropped off to catch his bus at the station and I went on into the slab square in the City centre. Then into Primark to see if they had any of the strong socks in stock – as usual I came out a little worse off financially, but with some socks, underpants and a dressing gown. I have now sworn not to go in there again until I get the house sorted and sold!

I had a wander around until it was time for the last bus from town to the flats.

I was soon on the bus and met Norman with his mate as we got off we started to have a little natter as the rain started to come, we nipped into the flats as the Fire Alarm sounded and was told to nip out of the flats by Deana who appeared from inside to check the location on the fire panel – Norman wanted to go in to this flat, but the indicator said the fire was in the lift.

So we went out and awaited the fire brigade – Four tenders turned up in five minutes.

While we were waiting for the all-clear from the officers, for some reason both Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna gave me a painful visit with venom. Suddenly I was hobbling and struggling for breath like yesterday and first thing this morning?

We got the all clear and we went up and I got me washing ready in’t bag, the soap capsules, me camera and the SCIM card, crossword book, me umbrella and some nibbles and went down and got me washing in the machine.

Then thought I’d nip through the Park into Sherwood and get some bread.

So I did, glad I’d got me umbrella cause the rain came heavier on the way to the shops.

IMG_0109I called in the Co-op, but as it was getting late they had little choice left.

I walked down to the polish shop, where I held the door open to let in a none-talking lady.

No thanks and she got served first of course.


I walked out and back up to the Co-op and got a pack of bread thins after all.

The traffic was getting busy as I hobbled back to the top of the hill.

IMG_0108The rain kept up this on the way back too. But I managed to take a photo of a tree stump that had been cut into the shape of a seat – somehow I hadn’t noticed this before.

I pressed on and through the park back Woodthorpe Court through the not unpleasant rain and wonderful green coloured surroundings.

Back at the flats and inside the entrance foyer, I took a photographicalisation through the side IMG_0110window of Mugger Lane where the car parks and garages are between the beautiful trees as the rain belted down.

Back into the laundry room to see if me washing had finished, and a few minutes later it  did.

I transferred me togs into the drier and sat in one of the reception area seats and did some of me crossword book for an hour or so until the clothes were done – then IMG_0111packed them into me big Lidl bag.

The laundry room always reminds me of Alcatraz.

Got the lift back up to the flat, put away me togs.

Wash and got me new thin dressing DSC00033gown and jammy bottoms ready to wear. (Not warm enough!).

Used me new racks in the bedroom for the first time.

A break in the rain and I tried me new camera out with a photo taken from the kitchen window on full zoom of a dog kennel (or maybe a shed?) far away. Pleased with it.

Made a cuppa and took me medications – missed me midday ones – Humpf!

Laptop on and updated this twoddle.

IMG_0112Got me nosh done – herb tomatoes with streaky smoked bacon and bread thins followed by low-cal blackcurrant jelly.

Simple nosh but tasted grand! I rated this as 8.4/10.

Got into me new jammy-bottoms and long top then got me head down.

Well tired yet again.

2 thoughts on “Tue 25 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – He took a break from getting the house sorted – The little Monkey!

  1. Now you have me worried luv. Parts of your day should have been nice, but being packed in the tram is not good. The long walk in the rain was also not good. Are you coughing again now?
    I must have been born to be a Mother Hen. Always worrying about my chicks. If you begin coughing you must see a doctor and get some medication so you won’t get pneumonia. If only I could send you a flask of my good Kentucky bourbon. That would warm you up and keep you from getting a cold.
    I’m off now to do my own shopping for the day. Take care of you luv.

    • Bless you Angie. “I must have been born to be a Mother Hen” – well please carry on Mothering me, I like it. Hehe!
      I’m afraid to say that I am not allowed and alcohol nowadays, but I don’t miss it now, although did fora long time.
      Hope your shopping trip went well. I seem to have been afflicted when shopping, and somehow clotted cream cakes are jumping into me basket lately? Worrying that.
      Treat yourself to one for me gal. Do you get strawberry cream doughnuts, or apple and cream turnovers in the shops there?
      Taketh mucho care and as you tell me, don’t overdo it please pet.
      TTFN XXX

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