Mon 24 Aug : Inchcock Today – Shattered, drained, and a tad tired…

Monday 24th August 2015


0200hrs: Awoke full of memories of the dreams I’d had – by the time I’d remembered yesterdays farcical losing of the hearing-aids Whoopsiedangleplop, and the joy of finding them, the memories of the dreams had dissipated into the ether from which they came… Tsk!

To the WC as soon as I’d struggled to me feet – felt the ‘sensations’ from ‘Little Inch’ as I walked there, oh dear. It turned into pain when I cleaned away the blood, the lesion and it’s condition is best not described here – but it were nasty! Huh!

I reckon I got a good six hours kip last night – mind you I was drained from all the erectionalisationing of the clothe-racks and worry about losing me hearing-aids.

IMG_0098Made a cuppa and returned to the front room, where I felt warmth and appreciation when I saw the computer table and chair that Dunc’ had given me – his suggestion to use it for eating off worked a treat last night.

Thanks again Dunc’ mate!

As I settled at the laptop to finish off yesterday Diary, I realised that Anne Gyna, and the reflux valve were giving me a break… no bother from either yet – I like this situation!

Mind you, with the ‘Little Ich’ all inflamed sore and bleeding, it’s just as well methinks.

BJ said he might be able to get to see me today to help with the sorting at the old place for couple of hours. Two visitors in two days eh? I like that too!

Started this diary off, and had to visit the porcelain again – messy again.

It was almost time for me medications, so I made another cuppa and took them.

Did some blogging and am glad to report that Kentucky Angel Angie in America has got a date for her moving flat, and some help with it. so glad for her.

BJ rang, he’s coming to pick me up – I’ll meet him at the end of the road.

We got the old house and started grafting straight away – amidst the dust and rubbish BJ took control of what needed doing and led me in how it should be done.

It was really hard work up and down the stairs for me. By the time we’d got many many bags ready to bring to the flat, and bags and box’s of rubbish, donatable goods and stuff to bring via a van and man separated in  their own area, three hours had passed, three painful areas.

Me knees legs back and groin ached summat rotten and I was feeling so weary, but so glad and thankful for BJ helping me out.

IMG_0104BJ then ran me back to the flat with the articles. He even dropped me off in Sherwood so i could have a look to see if the sue Ryder shop had any suitable beds in yet. BJ was tired himself by now and went to get something to eat from the cafe while I visited the shops – I got  a high handle brush and dustpan i thought would make life easier.

We got back to the flat and what-a-performance struggling to get all the stuff in the complex then the lifts (with BJ me and the bags we filled the lift) and into the flat.

IMG_0103There was no way of stopping BJ, who despite being weary himself, once he saw the mess I’d made of erecting the canvas cupboard thing in the bedroom – he set about correcting and putting it right for me.

As he huffed and puffed, I felt guilty again and aware of the help BJ and Duncan have given me.

IMG_0102After what seemed an age, here is what the thing looked like.

BJ then raised the top of one of the clothe racks (Top photo right), so I could hang me dressing gowns and longer stuff up when I eventually get things sorted and a bed. As long as  don’t put heavy stuff on it, it looks good enough fer me.

Made BJ a much needed cuppa, and he went on the balcony for a fag and phone someone.

While BJ was doing this I had to tend to ‘Little Inch’ in the bathroom. Lost a lot of blood and the haemorrhoids were leaking a bit too. The back was so painful, and I had a dizzy spell while sorting missen out. The knees were bad and I generally felt a bit run-down with it.

BJ said he might have an hour tomorrow to help again! at the old place. I felt humbled at his and Duncan’s good nature.

IMG_0105I walked down with his to his car and saw him off, inadequately thanking him again.

Back up to the flat and looked at all the stuff BJ and Dunc had made possible. Amazing.

Kettle and nosh on – tried out me new brush andpan thingy. It certainly saves on the bending – thus the back and knee pain!

IMG_0106So tired and drained. And I promised Patti and Angel I’d try to take it easier? But I have to accept graciously any help I can get. Tsk!

I finished making me nosh:

A few new potatoes left over from yesterday, a mini pork and pickle pork-pie, mushroom pate, Wieska, raw pod-peas, beetroot, mini sausages and me speciality- Instant mash with dollops of cheese mixed in – then roasted till singed in’t oven. On reflection, doing this diary in the morning after like, I’ll give this one 8.8/10.

Could do no more after eating this – well I washed the pots up – took me medications and just got me head down.

6 thoughts on “Mon 24 Aug : Inchcock Today – Shattered, drained, and a tad tired…

    • Well done you Dunc as well, fer being a mate and helping me out. I want to get to a stage where you can come visit me and relax… yes, relax and sit down and let me hear your tales from the Bonnie land in comfort with a cuppa, relaxed (I said that before didn’t I?), comfy and let me feed you some nosh.
      BJ was a gem too, don’t you just hate capable DIYing persons? Hehehe!
      Thanks again for all your assistance mate, the table and chair are, as you suggested being used in Inchcock Towers fer eating me nosh and it’s perfick! Take care Dunc. TTFN

  1. Ah Ha, the truth comes out. You are burning your candle at both ends luv. And I can’t even fuss at you now, because I’m doing the same thing. Your “table” (desk) and chair are lovely (Duncan, you rock!) and the new clothes racks are perfect. I’m so glad BJ helped you with the last one (my thanks also, BJ). You have so many wonderful friends around you Inchy.
    Just a few hours over 9 days now, and I can go down to my new place and start putting things in order. Living in chaos is frustrating. So many things to accomplish today, so little energy left.
    Tale care of you luv, and REST. Angel’s orders!

    • Thanks Angie Angel. My two mate are the best, one day I want to help them if I can.
      I’ll pass on your thanks to BJ and Dunc when I see them, that’s better than me writing them I think.
      You must be getting excited now, but try not to get too anxious Angie pet, please.
      Chaos seems to be permanent to me – I only ask that we can both get some comfort and a settled life soon. As long as the managers and ruling caste will let us eh?
      I’m sending a longer cuddle through the ether to you today Angel, just cause you deserve it! XX

      • Thank you Gerry. Not sure about deserving it, but I sure need a nice long cuddle.
        I’m hoping that when I am in the renovated apartment the chaos will just get tired and go away. It took over and seems to like my life, but I don’t like the way if’t running it for me. I just want it gone, everything put away, and a chance to sit back and enjoy a few weeks of peace and quiet. Somehow, I don’t think that will happen.
        Eight and a half days now. I’m finally calming down though, and slept well last night — a bit over 8 hours for the first time ever. And still sleepy now, after all of that.
        Hugs on their way across to you luv. XXX

      • Thanks pet, I really needed that hug.
        The Chaos theory is Chaos Fact for us innit Angie? Hehe!
        8 hours kip eh, well done flower – that’s great to hear.
        I’ll save a bit of the hug for later today, when I go to the old place to do some sorting if yer don’t mind, i’ll need it then.
        Finding it hard to get the old place sorted and sold yer know. And I haven’t got the new place anywhere near sorted either yet. Mustn’t let it get me down though. I’ll think about you coping with all your problems, and that makes me feel ashamed I can’t cope sometimes.
        Today at 1400hrs BST (Sorry I don’t know what time that will be over in the States) I will emit love and warmth through the ether along with hopes that you can feel it gal.
        Hope you can keep up the kipping, that would be smashing.
        TTFN taketh care. XXX

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