Sun 23 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Duncans Visitation

Sunday 23rd August 2015


Wonderful view this morning

0405hrs: Woke up with severe stomach pains again, laid there and some memories of the dreams remained: People who I’d know in the past where interrogating me about something, and they kept passing me into other bare rooms with a chair, desk and a pair of binoculars hanging on a mannequin of a laughing policeman? In each room someone rollocked me about something… Lost in a building, got to the roof, jumped off, changed me mind too late and as I dropped Lords of the manor types started to shoot at me with the shotguns, I noted they had poodles as gun dogs?

That’s all I recall.

Got up painfully (Knees and angina) and managed to get into the bathroom – where I really struggled to perform my excavations duties – it was agony – took an hour plus and I bled profusely afterwards. A most uncomfortable feeling remained in my innards after for ages.

Gingerly went and made a cup of tea to take me medications with, and wondered if the Beetroot and Apple bread I had late yesterday had caused the intestinal problems this morning? But last time I had some there was no reactions like this?

I’d saved half the Beetroot bread and wrapped it up in foil to help keep it fresh for Dunc to try when he called today – not sure if I ought to feed him that now.

No signs of the warned-about rains yet.

Set about doing some Facebooking while I had the chance and was in the mood.

I was a bit cheerfulish cause of Dunc coming to see me like.

Went to get a shave wash and ready for Dunc’s arrival. I didn’t really mean to stub me toe on the way out of the kitchen on me new storage boxes and knock off me 36 medication box’s onto the floor so they now all have to washed again – and I kept the curses to low decibel level. Huh!

All freshened up I went to put me hearing-aids in to go and meet Dunc as he arrived… could I find them? No! Spent ages and ages searching and slowly going bonkers!

Eventually went down and met Dunc who had very kindly brought me a really useful computer desk and chair. It’s also dead handy for having a nosh off of. So kind of him, what a man… but I was guilt ridden with not being able to concentrate on  anything properly cause I was panicking about me hearing aids and the thought of £4000 to replace them I couldn’t tell half of what he was saying either.

We got upstairs and in between my nipping off every few minutes to search somewhere I’d already searched for the hearing-aids, I made us a cuppa and we and a chin-wag.

He showed me some photographs of the isle in Scotland where was born and lived, I’ve never seen such beautiful land before.

Dunc’ started to assemble the clothes-racks, while I guiltily kept nipping off for a failed search for the aids. After he’s finished the first one I joined him in pretending to help him with the second one.

The third one was the killer… between us we managed to reach a level of pathetic competency and after erecting the tubes into a frame, struggled with the  canvas for hours until Dunc realised we should have threaded the first tubes through the canvas… I was so thankful for all his help, as I now have two clothe-horses I can use, and would never have got them assembled on me own.

A very weary and tired Duncan returned home, and I guiltily thanked him and returned to the flat to search yet again for the hearing-aids.


Nosh, eaten at the table and chair kindly supplied by Sir Duncan Roberson

I got me nosh on, boiled new spuds, mini sausages, apple, fresh pod peas and beetroot, with caramelised red onion relish – followed by lemon and Cornish clotted cream.

I think I would have enjoyed it so much more if was not nipping off to search places I must have searched two or three times already for me haring-aids while eating it.

Finished me main course and was about to start on me lemon and cream and a thought came over me puddled brain – ‘Did I scoop up me hearing-aids with the paperwork earlier this morning when clearing the window ledge in readiness or me doing the checking out of the turn switch so I could clean them – then forgot about? (Bit of a mouthful there, sorry). I went into the bedroom where I stashed the stuff and found the carrier bag – OH THE JOY when I found them!

I went back and finished the lemon and Cornish clotted-cream, suddenly it tasty such a lot better.

A cuppa and took me medications, emailed Dunc’ with thanks and told him I’d found the hearing-aids.

Bet he thinks I’m a right plonka – mind you, I am!

8 thoughts on “Sun 23 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Duncans Visitation

  1. YAY! I’m so glad you found the hearing aids. So far I don’t need them, but after all the noise in this building that might change. I’ve decided to just get an old fashioned type though — a huge funnel like trumpet to hold at my ear, so I can rudely yell “EH? What?” Just like in the old movies.
    It’s good that Duncan was there to help you with the clothes racks also. So happy that you have that finished now. I do wish you weren’t in so much pain though. That part makes me sad.
    My son came to visit today, and was very agreeable about my “new” repurposed sewing table. He removed the hinges, nailed something on the back to make it stronger, and helped make a chair safer to sit in, so I now have an extra chair, a sewing table with shelves, and help for my move. Tomorrow morning will be 11 days to go.
    Take care of you luv. Please don’t hurt any more. Send the pain to me. i’m used to it.

    • Thanks Angie. The third hanger is still part built and laying around until i can get someone who know what they are doing to correct the errors I made in erecting it as far as I have, we should have threaded the long bars into the fabric first, of course I didn’t – now it’s a pile of tubes and fabric part-built and lying around waiting to be rescued. Hehe!
      Many years ago I worked in a pop factory, and the exploding bottles along with the noisy machinery left me with hearing problems, not deaf mind. It’s horrible not being able to use them when I lost them.
      I love the hearing trumpet remark, they actually work yer know. But don’t even think of it for real gal, they dig into your ear-holes and hurt.
      Does my heart glad to hear your finally getting some help and making progress at last – Yabadabayippee!
      Duncans computer desk and chair that he suggested I use to eat off is great – I used it as a table to eat from last night – it collapses too so when I find somewhere to store it… hehe!
      I have got some Original American Chip Spice – Salt, paprika, tomato powder, monosodium glutamate (whatever that is) onion and garlic. i tried some on me boiled new potatoes potatoes last night, it were nice.
      Since me heart operation I too have never been free of pain – so maybe you’d like to pass some of yours on for me, and this will keep me occupied on me journey over to the states later? Hehe! TTF pet. XX

      • Monosodium glutamate, otherwise known as MSG, is the stuff added to keep the rest of the stuff from clogging together. I’m not sure why that is called Original American Chip Spice, because it’s not on any spice rack I’ve seen over here. I’ve never used anything except salt and pepper on my potatoes, and only add vinegar on my fries (chips). When I boil the potatoes, I add butter at the end, pop the lid on the pan so it will melt, and only add pepper.
        My new apartment will have a “breakfast nook”, a protruding thingy that will be in my way when I work in the kitchen, but some genius decided it was necessary for all the old folks who have problems with their balance and fall a lot. Just something else to hit and break some joint or bone on as we are on our way down. I suppose I will also have to invest in a bar stool if I ever use it for my table, but I doubt I’ll do that. My rent will go up as it is, and I can’t afford to buy more furniture. I would rather use my money for yarn, or something more fun than a bar stool for a thing I don’t even want.
        I’ve had pain since I was born, so that is a lot longer than you, and I’ve had more time to become adjusted to it. Strange that my first memories involve headaches and the end of WWII.
        I have a lot of garbage to get together to take down to the garbage chute, so I have to look for my bags. I know they are in here, just not sure where. One more thing I set down and lost forever. I’m sure as soon as I buy more of them, I’ll find the original box. Ain’t life fun?
        Take care of you luv.

      • I suspected this advertising it as original was con Angie.
        I seem to have started trying new things with me cooking now I’ve got a cooker (stove?), I’m enjoying it when I get the time gal.
        I wish I could come over and stick some protection strips on the edges of yer nook for yer. Fools!
        I don’t have pain at all compared to you gal – just a bit of bother.
        Losing things comes natural to us pet.
        I do wonder what life would be like if we didn’t forget and lose things? Boring I bet. Hehehe!
        Hope things really work out good for yer. TTFN flower XXX

      • I think advertising it as American was the con Inchy. I enjoy trying new things also, but they don’t always work out. That’s when it bothers me because of the wasted money.
        You’re too sweet. I’ll figure some way out of the kitchen mess. I always do.
        We do lead interesting lives. If I found things the first time I looked I would probably pass out from the shock. You take care of you now.

      • Thanks pet.
        I’d like to report to me Overseer Angie the Ether bound Angel – that this morning I found me hearing-aids and alarm wristlet first time! Yahooo! The aids are in the centre draw on me 1967 G-plan thingamajig sideboard whatever you call it, and the wristlet in the bathroom where I plan to leave it each night when I have me late rinse – but we’ll see how me best laid plans go shall we pet? Day one of planned regime worked anyway. Hehe!
        I still can’t decide whether to go for a kayak or canal barge yer know… Tsk! Taketh care and thanks again flower. X

  2. Hi, Inchy.
    Can you do me a favour, mate ?
    The next time you see Duncan, could you ask him if he knows anything about a computer desk and chair that went missing from my home around the time of his last visit ?
    Ta very much,

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