Tue 1 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Not much done today

Tuesday 1st September 2015


I’m starting this diary off from yesterday at 2100hrs – due to me getting confused as to what time it was, thinking it was morning when it was evening and what day it was… if yer see worra mean.


Started this diary, then did some Facebooking and checked emails.

Got a wash and shave, then the Morrison’s order came – the driver didn’t leave any paperwork with the nosh?

Rang Steve UK as he told me to about the keys for the old place – No answer… Well fancy that!.

Had a cuppa and took me medications rather late in the day but still, better late than never.

Now I’ve got to wait for Steve from Age UK to ring back, and keep trying to ring him. Can’t make plans for going about me hearing aids.

I rang Jane and Pete about fetching me Deeds for the  house but they couldn’t tell me when I could go to collect them as Pete had to go to the dentist.

No answer from Steve Age UK.

Popped into the WC taking me phone with me in case Steve from Age UK rang (Faith that was!).

A knock came on the door – struggled to get missen decent and hobbled t’door – it was the lady I was speaking to yesterday from the floor below – she’d spotted a hearing-aid on the table in reception and thought it might be mine!

Hopes lifted we went down and it was the one I’d lost! Yahoo!

Thank heavens someone found it and the lady informed me!

When I got back in hunger pangs gripped me, and I put some chips on t’oven and had two of them Polish hot dog like things. I rang Steve (The invisible man) of Age UK and forgot to take a photo of me nosh, but was still well and truly over-the-moon with finding the hearing aid.

Ate it up and cleaned the kitchen up a bit, then had a search… a long unfruitful search for me Audio Record Book.

Made a cuppa and took me midday medications.

Watched two episodes of New Tricks while waiting foolishly for Steve (The invisible man and Councillor) of Age UK to get in touch as he said he would last Friday. Humph!

Did some graphicalisationing.

Still no answer from Steve Age UK. “Ring me and I’ll come and collect the keys and get started sorting out selling your house for sale…” said Steve of Age UK last Friday.

Well I did call him Tuesday (Today like), 5 times before 1100hrs leaving voice messages – then Text him – Then tried on the other phone twice, left messages, then text him on the other phone and tried fruitlessly to ring him yet again… twice more. It is now 1345hrs and I’m well miffed, after getting me hopes up with foolishly believing him again! I think I’ll have a sign made for me forehead: “Please Con Here”.

I can certainly recommend any older person with problems and no help to contact Nottingham Age UK to try to get a Councillor to assist them… if they are sadists and mugs that is.

Can’t concentrate on doing owt else at the moment. Need to know where and when I can get the keys to Steve so he can start moving with the house selling.

Wanted to get to do some things in town as well, but the unknowing and lack of control of events is so frustrating!

Aye up… Steve from Age UK rang… I take it all back… He going to call in tonight to collect the keys on his way home to enable him to get a Charity charity van to pick up owt they’d like, then house clearers. And I hope get the house on the market sharpish!

Cheers up a tad now, currently singing away to missen a mix of the mobile phone ring tone and Adam Faiths, ‘We are in Love”, with intermittent bits of Dean Martin’s old stuff.

I went down to the Winwood Community shed with the mail for Margaret the last tenant, and handed Deana Walker and Obergruppenfurher Julie a choice of nibbles.

Got back to the graphics with a renewed jest.

Fell asleep and woke up with Steve ringing the intercom.

Gave him the house key and had a little chin-wag.

He showed me some of the functions of the TV remote thingy, then shot off cause he was on his way home and had frozen foods in the boot of his car.

I put kettle on and made a cuppa and took me evening medications.

Laptop on and updated this scintillating bit of rubbish.

IMG_0002Comment from Angie mentioning her itch on her back and how she struggles to get to it to relieve it.

I told her about me shoe-horn that I bought last week at Ikea and how I now utilise it as a back-scratcher.

Perhaps she could employ me as an official Angel-Back-scratcher and I could move over to the States? Just a thought like.

AANancyDid some graphicalisationing for the TFZ page.

Lyzzi and Thomas in this one, with a few TFZers pets thrown in. Hope they like it. Two new pets included that I didn’t have photographs of to use in the past.

The now becoming famous early evening tiredness dawned again on me.

I got down and conceded to the land of nods calling.

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