Wed Sept 16: Inchcock Today

Wednesday 16th September 2015


Morning View – Just before the rain started

Up at 0620hrs, got lots of sleep in last night and can’t recall any dreams.

WC, no bleeding from Little Inch or the rear end. Super!

Took photo from the kitchen window (Above).

Finished the Tuesday diary and posted it.

Asda order arrived delivered by a polite but wet driver. Who warned me of the weather. Bit of bad luck, the  folders I’d bought were not the type I thought and no use for what I wanted them for. Tsk! Also the substituted some goods again with stuff I didn’t really like!

Put me stuff away – freezer and fridge now really bulging!

Took rubbish to the chute at 0800hrs, started this diary off and decided to go to town and pick some folders of the type I need from a Stationery shop, will try to catch the 0930 L9 bus into town.

Had a wash and shave and put me big coat on cause of the threat of heavy rain to come.

Walked to the Winwood Community shed but no staff there again.

 Back to the reception and had a chin-wag with some of the residents. Caught the L9 bus into town, using me precious free pensioners bus-pass of course.

01topDropped off the bus and walked in the drizzle up Goosegate and down into the City Centre.

The café’s were putting out their chairs and tables for the rich to come and eat later – I say this because the nearest one to the camera had a sign outside telling us  all of a Special Offer on between 1000 and 1200hrs this week only! Buy any £15.00 ($23.20)! portion of their seafood-pizza and get a second one for half price!

01topaI walked on through the Slab-Square where I came a cross a frightening sight… 28 Nottingham ankle-snappers with only 7 people on guard duty with them! Hehehe!

The CPO (Community Police Officer) on duty in front of the Council House soon moved away into the building when he saw these arriving – mind you he was probably just warning those inside to hide their wallets and get ready for a physical onslaught?

Down Exchange Walk and into the Stationery shop – got a folder thingy that holds 30 files so that should do me for me sorting and storing on me documents.

01topbUp back into the city centre, just as a tram was at South Parade platform and another coming into it from the other direction.

Observe the Nottingham shoplifters never-changing attitude to moving traffic and the rules of the road?

That reminded me, I haven’t had an answer to the email I sent to the local police about Nottingham Pavement Cyclists yet – wondered if I will get one eventually?

01topcI sneaked some seeds to the pigeons on me way to take some Bling photographs for the TFZ gals.

These new crop of young pigeons are nippy yer know.

Missed again… Tsk!

01topdAs I got towards the corner with King Street, I looked up at Little John the council house clock to check the time for me catching the bus back to Woodthorpe Court and noticed some stonework for the first time, so I got me new camera out and zoomed in – a bit easier to get this shot than the pigeon earlier Hehe.

01topeGreat to be able to get a shot like this from so far away with me new Panasonic Lumix 570 with 30 x zoom. Just showing off a bit here, sorry.

Still never ceases to amaze me how the masons managed to get it all in place and for it to stay there for so long?

Not to mention the artist who had to sculpt then first.

Walked up King Street to the top, plenty of time to catch the bus, so I stood on the corner hoping for a good camera shooting incident – and I got one too – not what I was hoping for mind:

01topfA Post Office Van drove up the hill and turned of the road… on the zebra crossing onto the pavement! You can see his wet tyre marks where he drove off the crossing! Then he parked in the middle of the pavement and went into the Post Office presumably to collect some mail?

Not that he had much option I suppose, it’s a nightmare parking anywhere in Nottingham City Centre nowadays – unless your driving the Lord Mayors Jaguar of course.

I got a parking ticket one Sunday when I was responding to an alarm activation!

Caught the bus and didn’t nod off! Yes! Didn’t nod off! It was close mind…

Got in and hunger pangs tingled so I got me nosh early.

01tophHot dog sausages, apple, tomatoes, some delightful sweet cooked beetroot by the Lincolnshire Beetroot Company via Asda, not cheap, but excellent taste, garden peas, cheese cubed, bread thins and some mushrooms and red peppers that I’d marinated in olive oil. Where and how the strawberry cream cakes got there I can’t imagine. WPlie Had to force missen to eat them…

Wash me pots and then got sorting through the bags and box’s in the bedroom to find any paperwork so as I could collate it with the pile in the front room, ready to sort them into their relevant wallets like.

Two hours later, and I’d only worked me way through a third of the bags in the bedroom – not even thought about getting to those in the living room! Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

The usual rained and weariness came over me. I feel terrible cause it really looks like I’ve not got owt done – despite me bestest efforts. With the files and wallets laying all over waiting to get sorted the place looks worse than this morning now… Huh!

P1020039The postman cameth… one for Margaret the previous tenant and two for your truly.

One the INR test results and one from the Nottingham City Homes. Telling me to qualify for the Responsible Tenant Reward I need to:

  • Pay me rent on time (Direct debit)
  • Keep me annual gas safety appointment (Although the place is all-electric?).
  • Behave respectfully, not cause any anti-social behaviour or be abusive to staff?
  • Keep my garden or balcony tidy
  • Not cause any damage to my home (As if!)
  • Have been a tenant since 1st November 2014 (That’s me out then!)
  • Be registered to vote at this address

A leaflet about ‘My Big Birthday Bash’ Fun for all the family? Free Lunch Graffiti artists? Bouncy Castle! Gardening workshop and much more! I see…

01topjAnother leaflet: Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes would like your views about whether we should join the Rental Exchange. It means that we’d share your payment history with Experian, unless you ask us not to, but it would only be accessed by companies when you give your permission. If you are a good rent payer we think it would be beneficial. (To who?).

We will consider all feedback and views of tenants overall before making a decision on whether to support participation.

Let us know what you think.

I filled it in and went to the Post Box calling at the Winwood Community shed en route – all locked up of course.

Posted the from off returned and sent an email to Deana asking if she could assist me with phoning the Electoral place about me not hearing owt about me being on the register at this flat – at her leisure of course and if she could find the time like.

Flipping wind is gerrin’ up out there now.

Managed to lose me SD card from the camera – I took the card out of the laptop to take the photo of the letter, went in t’kitchen to put kettle on but could not find it anywhere when I returned – Whoopsiedangleplop of sorts. Spent ages searching, but… no luck! I had to use one from another camera. Tsk and Huh! Lost the photo’s now! Cobblewangledrip I am!

Started to worry about things all of a sudden.

My confidence has gone into the ether.

Still awake at 0200hrs. Tsk!