Sun 13 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – A day in to get some work done… but…

Sunday 13th September 2015


Woke at 0615hrs: Full of memories of some of me dreams, the one I recalled best was of me in a frogman’s outfit that had cockroaches inside the helmet, I was at the bottom of the ocean, and a fish (fresh-water Carp like one) was trying to break into me helmet? Duncan Robertson, well his head anyway, was floating around and talking to the fish – no idea what he was saying like. For some reason I was searching I think, for me hearing aids on the bottom of the ocean? Duncan disappeared and returned with a note on a school easel and pointed it out to me, it said “Ferry on the way, don’t burnt your porridge?” Lots happened then but I can’t recall what exactly, only that I found myself on a bus driving along the sea-bed and Duncan was the bus conductor, and he hit me with his ticket machine and threw me off the bus without my frogman’s outfit, but handed me a sign printed ‘Help’ first, then started eating the cockroaches?

I got up and WC’d then made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on and got into finishing yesterdays diary off and doing some graphic preparation work, and created the dream-scene above.

Then I put an advertisement on the Streetwise sight to sell me microwave cooker.

Got carried away and me tea went cold, made another and when I was in t’kitchen noticed a lady with her two dogs 13 floors below outside on the field.

01topa2aThis for some reason cheered me up, seeing the dogs tails wagging furiously and her giving them fuss and attention, so I took a photo of them with me Panasonic camera.

Not one of me best, but they were a long way away – that’s my excuse anyway I say. Hehe!

Still didn’t get me second cuppa though – Little Inchy was very sore and leaked a bit of blood again, so I went in t’bathroom and tended to him.

Not complaining at all though, me other ailments were all apparently giving me a rest this morning: The Ulcer was nae bother at all, the reflux valve had gone down nicely, the skin cancer wound was only itching a bit and no pain whatsoever, Arthur Itis was not bad at all, Anne Gyna was calm too. The hernia only gave me little twinges, and the bruise from me last Whoopsiedangleplop had all but disappeared, so only Little Inchy bothering me at the moment! Great! Add to this the being cheered up by seeing the woof-woofs so happy, I’m feeling very contented for once.

I sent a message to the local police about the many pavement Cyclists on the roads locally:

Good morning,
I’m writing to ascertain what the law really is about cyclists riding on the pavement locally to me. (anywhere really I suppose).
Being elderly and not so nimble nowadays, every time I go out to Sherwood I see cyclist on the pavements.
I realise they may find it dangerous on the roads – but not one of the dozens I have photographed and hundreds I have seen have had a honker, horn or bell on their bikes.
My being partially deaf this would not help me much anyway I know.
I have had cyclist on the pavement coming from behind at great speed, many of them using the mobile phone whilst riding.
giving me and others I’ve spoken to a nasty shock – on three occasions I’ve been hit by them, none of them stopped afterwards either.
They in escaping danger for themselves are creating danger and hassle for the less able pedestrians.
If they are too scared to use the roads they shouldn’t be on a bike.
I enclose just a few of those I’ve caught with me camera.
This is a serious worry and concern for me, and many others in the aided-flats i live in now, after moving from my house to avoid the local yobs.

I’m really concerned almost frightened to go out lately so many of them and they do not slow down, and just give abuse if I mention anything about their possible illegal activities.
Thank you.

Made yet another cuppa and got on with this diary, then did some Facebooking, checked me emails and blogged.


Rated 8.8/10 Super-good Nosh this one: Virgin oiled red peppers, wonderful roast parsnips, cubed potatoes, beetroot, red onion, beef pasty, apple, roast potatoes, garden peas & carrots. Followed by Blackcurrant jelly & cream!

Got me nosh going.

Did some Facebooking while it cooked the settled down to eat it.

Rated this one 8.8/10, very nice.

Beef pasty, red onions, garden peas, carrots, beetroot, roast parsnips cubed potatoes, red peppers marinated in Virgin oil and roast potatoes.

The usual tiredness came over me quickly. so I updated this diary to here, made a cuppa and took me medications.

Had a bath – falling asleep in it – Tsk!

Then got me head down – eventually nodding off.