Wed 23 Sept: Inchcock Today: Hassle!

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Morning all!

0630hrs (Late for me) Woke up in the chair, hobbled to the WC.

DSCF0200-002Me legs were swollen again and Arthur Itis was visiting me knees fingers and hands. Reflux valve sticking again, bleeding Little Inch and haemorrhoids and toothache persisted.

The skin cancer wound started stinging and itching again?


Thought of the dreams I’d had while I was on the porcelain – by the time I’d finished made a cuppa and got the laptop on few memories remained. Somehow I was back in boats/ships again, and frustrated… no details came back to me. Annoying that!

Made another cuppa and took me medications, and extra 30g codeine taken.

Finished off yesterdays diary of Woe and started this one.

Checked emails – Did some Facebooking and posted yesterdays diary. Graphicationalised.

Got a bath and shave, got me things ready and went to the community shed with letter I’d received for Margaret the previous tenant. Gave Deana and Julie their choice of nibbles.

Caught bus to town, then another out to West Bridgford to sister Jane and Pete’s abode.

P1020070Gave them their bag of treats. Had a Chin-wag and rollicking received.

Had a bit of fuss with their cats.

We decided that I would ask Steve of Age UK to ring Pete, who had some ideas for selling the old house quicker. I said next time I contact Steve I’ll get him to ring Pete. Pete was not happy P1020072that I didn’t ask him first.

Jane managed a smile and showed off her home grown figs.

I walked on to the centre and caught the bus to town.

Dropped off near the Victoria Centre and had a walk around for a while until time to catch the L9 bus back to the flats.

P1020076Slipped the pigeons some seed near the back of the council house.

Walked through the slab-square.

The square was full of little ganglets of Nottinghomians.

Not very busy elsewhere.

P1020077Caught some citizen ignoring the traffic lights as a tram passed by clanging it’s warning bell.

Along Long Row and up inton Street, that was it’s usual busy self.

Turned into a street to avoid nowadays if you don’t want to be stopped by Big P1020074issue sellers, beggars, street artists or consumer service interrogators.

Walked to the top and into Upper Parliament street and left along to the Post Office bus stop.

The L9 arrived and I got on and fell asleep without any problem.

Kept waking and nodded off again and was lucky when I woke just as the bus was arriving at the flat bus stop.

Steve rang minute later – I told him about Pete wanting to speak with him, he sounded a tad put-out by this. Wanted to know why. Told him I thought they were worried about me not things sorted in time before the reserves got too low. After another chin-wag he said he could be free tomorrow but wanted to know what time. I said I’d ring Pete to find out then ring him back.

Rang Pete, who said any time after 1400hrs.

Rang Steve back and he said he’s be at the flat about 1400hrs then.

Tension was in the air…

A letter from Nottingham City Homes arrived about Virgin Media making folk sign a contract with them. Like they had with me. A bit confused about this? Sent email to Dean Walker telling her I’d signed a contract and asking for advice.

I had a walk into Sherwood and called at the Co-op shop to get some beetroot and apple bread. They had some Cheese and Jalepeno bread on sale and I tried one of those, even not knowing what Jalapeno was. Got some other bits so I could use me £1 off if I spend £10 voucher.

Walked back through the park, was going to take some photographs of the birds in there, but had not got me camera with me. Tsk!

P1020078Had curried beans, hot dog sausages and the new bread followed by mandarins in jelly with cream cheese.

It was horrible!

Rated this culinary disaster at 3/10. Huh.

The jalepeno in the bread tasted like red hot peppers, I could still taste the burning flavour hours later.

Took me medications.

I washed the pots left them to drain on the draining board, made a drink, sat down and nodded off.

Woke hours later at well gone midnight. Mouth felt like sandpaper, but surprisingly the toothache was no worse.

Cleaned up the kitchen stuff, WC’d and made a cuppa.

Started laptop to update this diary.

Checked and replied to emails.

Did some Facebooking and graphicationalising.

4 thoughts on “Wed 23 Sept: Inchcock Today: Hassle!

  1. I’m sure glad Pete will help you luv. Now that will make Steve have to answer your calls. It’s too easy for people to ignore lone old folks, but when the family gets involved it changes the entire atmosphere. They have to be careful around family, because they never know if a lawyer (solicitor) has been retained also. Maybe Pete can also speak to the Postal Authority about stopping that lady’s mail to your address. That is an unnecessary inconvenience for you also. And that reminds me that I still have to send a change of address form to the places I want to continue sending mail to me. I might also have to change my registration to vote. Not too sure about that yet, but I’ll check with the voting office and find out. Darn, I also have to change my ID card. I think I had better go take a nap, because every time I remember one place, a dozen more pop into my head.
    No more whoopsiedangleploppers allowed now. Just think about that toothache before you fall, and grab something, or be in front of something that will break the fall. Angie’s orders!
    Take care of you luv.

    • Off to see Pete and Janet in an hour or so pet.
      After speaking to Steve, Pete seems happy to leave it to him (sorting the house out).
      Glad you reminded me of the post, must get onto that soon.
      I’ve just finished after a lot of kerfuffle getting myself on the registration list at this flat. (I hope).
      I’ll remember your orders on the Whoopsiedangleplops and do me bestest to avoid em thanks pet. Hehe! X

      • I’m slow getting my email and reader updated, but I do believe you have had a couple of Whoopsiedangleplops since I gave those orders luv.
        I managed to get my new printer to work — it was all my huge stupiditifications in the first place. I was putting the paper in the wrong slot. Now just how dumb, dumber, dumbest is that! It’s printing pictures, text, everything I send to it now, scanning things to my computer, just everything I need. Mainly I just had to get the other one off the computer so it would recognize this one as the only printer I have. My bad.
        Hope your visit went well. I should connect with my brother so the next time he comes to town he will come by and visit me. He lives in Lexington, about 175 miles away, so he has a long drive when he comes.
        Tale much better care of you luv

      • Well done with getting the printer sorted gal – that’s a job I’ll have to tackle once the house is sold I’ going to treat myself to one… I think?
        Hope your brother comes soon safely and a chin-wag of mammoth proportions and great pleasure ensues! X
        TTFN pet.

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