Tue 22 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Up and Down… down mostly… Tsk!

Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Woke up in the chair 0320hrs. Reflux valve, bleeding Little Inch and haemorrhoids and toothache the first things I noticed. Hehe!

To the WC, ‘Little Inchy’ creamed, haemorrhoids bleeding badly, stomach still churning away, but the toothache seems to have eased a little since I woke up.


That’s not the sun, it’s a reflection from me flash – Can’t touch me for it. Hehe!

Got the laptop on.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Facebooked catching up with wot I missed yesterday. Checked emails.

Got missen a good spit and polish ready fer the Morrison delivery of fodder.

Morrison’s delivery arrived and I put the stuff away.

BJ rang he’s on his way. Got ready and went down to meet him, rather pleased with myself for remembering to take me mobile, camera, hearing-aids, shopping list – all four items on it, the washing, powder, softener and change for the machine with me.

Got as far as the lift…

Went back and collected me hat.

When we arrived at the launderette I tried to contact Steve at Age UK – no answer again. Left message asking him to contact me.

01topj2Two hours later we were all done and BJ lifted us to Asda (Walmart).

I had to get to their loo, hobbling hastily I got there just in time.

Had a good wander round, and ended up spending only £18.15.

That includes a pack of good thick socks at £6.

Bottle bitter orange mixer, mandarins in orange jelly, Washing up liquid, chicken sausages and two new items, well one new one being made again. Walkers have started to produce the Marmite crisps again, si I nabbed two multi-packs of 6. Also spotted some 01topj3Sweet potato chips in seasoned oil – expensive mind – £2.59 for a tiny bag of em. One of the TFZ gals recommended them so I had a go and got one.

Took a photo of some ‘Bling’ for the TFZ gals.

The toothache started throbbing again.

01topj4The sun was coming out when we left the store.

Got an ear dropper from the chemist on the way out.

Not too busy today, far less than usual when I used to go regularly with BJ on a Tuesday.

Tried ringing Steve at Age UK again – I do like wasting my time don’t I? Huh!

01topj5BJ dropped me off outside the flats, and I hobbled up with the two laundry ans shopping bag to the flat.

The lift was making some disturbingly odd sounds?

WC’d and got me dinner started, then laptop on and updated this tosh.

Took a long distance photo with new Panasonic camera of the top of the path into the woods – the first time I think that I’ve looked in this direction without seeing owners or dogs or ankle-snappers, Park Cyclists or yobs – in fact no one was in site?

01topj6Made me nosh and thoroughly enjoyed it – another 8.9/10 for this one. Very tasty!

The Sweet potatoes were grand.

Cleaned me pots, opened the blister-pack that held the ear-dropper in it – tugged at the edge and what do yer reckon? – Whoopsiedangleplop, When it finally gave I hit me blooming chin and set the tooth off again! Grrr!

One more final attempt to get in touch with me councillor Steve from Age UK – failed again.

Back on the laptop to catch up up to here, then tried the Serif Draw again – never really got into this package, I’ll see how it goes.

Waste of time, I can’t get used to it at all.

Lost hours with it – fruitless hours.

Sept15 aaaTyler2Facebooked and put some of me graphics on Facebook.

Watched the TV for a good while. Until I fell asleep for a minute or so and pressed a button on the remote and woke with the screen bare bara notetelling me there is no DVD in the unit?

I tried me best to find out how to clear it back to the TV. An hour or so later I gave up and turned it off, disconnected then reconnected the goggle-box, and still the same message came up. Then, hard to understand how this happened I know: I dropped the remote and caught it as it hit the chair arm – and the TV came back on?!?!?

All this because John Lewis who sold me the set sent a different remote to that in the instruction manual, and I could find no details or guides for this replacement control on the web anywhere. Tsk!

Nodded off again eventually, woke up with toothache.


4 thoughts on “Tue 22 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Up and Down… down mostly… Tsk!

  1. Very interesting day luv. Your photos didn’t come thru though. When mine do that, it’s usually because they have been deleted from the hard drive. That suddenly makes me wonder if some that I just put on my post are still there.
    So sorry about your tooth. OUCH! (feeling your pain there, because I remember what it feels like). I hope you can see your dentist soon. I’ll see mine the first of October, not long now. I hope I can get my new dentures sooner rather than later. My gums stay sore from the way they rub all the time.
    I hope you have a better rest of the week luv.
    Take care of you.

    • Cheers Angie. I did clear some photo’s off me external drive – didn’t realise that would take em off me wordpress. Tsk!
      Hope you get your dentist to sort out your problems sooner rather than later flower.
      TTFN X

      • The dentist I’m going to this time will fix everything for me. He’s the one I had in the country, and my son still drives 150 miles round trip to see him, so we all know he’s the best. My appointment is a week from today, so I am really eager to get the work started. It will be expensive, but it will be so worth it for me.
        I learned the hard way to never delete files from my computer, because if they are deleted from the hard drive, they go away from everything you put them on. It really upsets me that I deleted some files containing photos of my Uncles in their WWII uniforms, and now they are all gone.
        I am feeling so tired and sleepy today I just don’t know if I’ll wake up or not. Slept too long this morning, then got up and went to the grocery, put it all away when I returned, and did a couple of things in the hobby room before collapsing in an inglorious heap on my chair for a couple of hours.
        That sounds like a good idea for something to do now, so I think I’ll just do it. Take care of you luv.

      • Good news on the dentist – hope all goes well gal.
        I’ve got an external drive now to keep stuff on, just in case, but I do forget to use it at times. Tsk!
        “before collapsing in an inglorious heap on my chair for a couple of hours” love it, and it sounded like me when I’d got me sorting finished yesterday Angie.
        I’m hoping things will start moving next week in getting rid of the old house. Details in me diary pet.
        Well, must have a shave and bath and get ready to visit me sister later on.
        All the best and a few gentle hugs sent.

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