Inchcock Today: Sat 26 Sept 15 – Idle little monkey dun very little in sorting stuff today. Huh!

Saturday 26th September 2015

01topj0101aWoke at 0515hrs: No cramps again last night – I still put this down to the magnificent magnesium tablets.

WC’d and pondered on me dreams form last night – and how I found time to have any cause I seemed to be waking up every ten minutes? Had a pen in me dressing gown pocket and wrote what I could recall about the dreams onto some loo paper to get on here later.

Felt a bit perkier this morning. The usual bleeding from the back end was absent, but ‘Little Inchy’ had been bleeding again. So much for the new magical cream potion. Hey-ho.

P1020109Made a cuppa took me medications and checked out me last efforts on getting the corner-stand to look decent – failure again! It’ll get one more effort from me later today, and if that fails also I’ll have to get rid it and get a another one.

Taking the tea bag out of the cup to put it in the bin, and the fingers froze (As they often do – Tsk!) and I dropped the bag – naturally it splashed as it fell on the  corner-cabinet. Oh lucky me! Hehe! More sorting to do now.

It looks okay from a distance, but the blotches are so apparent close up. Even worse now I’ll dropped me hot tea-bag on it. Shame!

I got the old computer out and gave it a good charge up while I finished off yesterdays diary. (that took two hours plus off the day!) So Pete can use it it straight away when I give it to him on Monday to use in conjunction with the pressie of the spy-watch I gave him for Christmas like.

Nipped to the WC again and saw me dream-notes on the loo-roll, so I brought them back to the laptop to record.

The end of the world had arrived, so many wars and religious battles going on, so many different peoples living together all killing each other, no control, death, hatred... for some reason I found myself in a conning tower at an airport, burning planes and the city beyond was aflame… A traffic warden was ticketing the crashed planes on the runway? The people in the room were asking Me? what to do. All I was interested in was finding my missing saucepan lid?…

Another time later, I was eating a pot of porridge in a trench with shells landing all around and painting on an easel a portrait of Margaret Thatcher?

Much more happened that I cannot recall. Then I was back on the roofs of buildings running, being chased and leaping from building to building until I got to the library which I entered through an old fashion chimney and the lady at the desk told me off and sent me to get cleaned up – I opened the door and fell into a boat on the sea… Giant fish fingers came up out of the depths and offered me a haemorrhoid cushion…?

Fooey2There was much more I’m sure, but can’t get any details back.

Got me emails checked, did some Facebooking then spent several hours doing graphics for this diary and me blog post about Fooey.

I eventually forced missen off the laptop. Not easy yer know..)

Went on the old one to take off anything private on it like, before giving it to Pete.

Time shot by today.

I got the old laptop sorted (Eventually) and then had another go at getting the corner-stand sorted out.

01topj4Got me nosh done.

Vegetable sausages, few chips, polish sausages, tomatoes, bread thins and me seasoned baked beans. I was going to have the last of me lettuce with it, but it had ‘Gorn-off!’ Tsk!

Followed this with a low-cal blackcurrant jelly and sour cream. Good stuff again – rated this one 8.85/10.

Fell asleep watching the goggle-box, Jonathan Creek it was.

Kept nodding and waking for a few hours before finally getting off proper.

No cramps but the tooth played up a bit.


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sat 26 Sept 15 – Idle little monkey dun very little in sorting stuff today. Huh!

  1. Goodness Inchy, I think I might have you beat. If you only look at one third of the room, I looks great. Everything along the wall on the left still looks pretty much like a tornado blew thru, but if my son comes today, he will take me shopping — I hope, and I’ll get a file cabinet for this room, at TV stand with room for my CD’s and DVD’s for the living area, a computer chair the grandkids haven’t destroyed for this room and I can put away the pillow that is holding me propped up in the old chair away then, file my junky looking papers, move my TV to a real TV stand with room for the stray disks that are cluttering up both rooms, bring my dresser back in this room and try to forget it was THAT THING that I fell against two years ago and crushed my shoulder.

    I have come far enough along — oops, he’s here, so I gotta run. Wish me luck.
    Take care of you.

      • I’ve used a lot of descriptive phrases today that would get me kicked off WP, as well as every other social network if I repeated them. Was married to a Navy man for 30 years, so I learned a few I had never heard before from him.
        I only got a printer today luv. And if I had a gun I would shoot it. But I’m going to go and relax with some music instead, try to forget everything that went wrong today, and call the company tomorrow to ask for help with this object. If they can’t help, I’ll just take it back and use the money on a filing cabinet instead.
        Take care of you luv.

      • Hello Angie, Hope your progressing with your yarns gal. And have avoided to many choice words to use? Hehe.
        I hare your feelings on printers gal – I can never get them set-up properly and have to ask for help, I’m so bad with this I gave mine away years ago and didn’t replace it. Now you mention them, I might try again… or not eh? I remember my ruining my laptop last time I tried to install one. Tsk! I can understand you getting frustrated completely. X
        Guess what Angie… I found me missing hearing aid! Yahoo! It was in the rubbish bin in the bathroom? No idea how it got there, but I’m so glad to have found it – a sort of reverse-whoopsidangleplop? Hehe!
        Busy day today, meet Pete to give him my old laptop, GP, nurse for INR Warfarin blood tests, GUM clinic… ah well, that’s the plan gal.
        Did you live on the bases with hubby?
        Take extreme care pet, I insist no Whoopsiedangleplops please.
        TTFN XXX

      • I got the printer set up, finally. Only used a couple of choice words this time, and those were for the person on the help line who hung up on me. That was very rude, and I’m going to let them know about it.
        My yarn is tucked away, except the part I’m trying to untangle. I found one end today, but had to cut it when it became so stuck I couldn’t go any further. I’m going to win that one though. I’ll just have to set it aside for a little while until I get some crochet work finished on a couple of baby blankets. Then some projects for my kitchen, and on to Christmas gifts. Or maybe it should be the Christmas gifts first, just to be sure I have some to give my kids. Not sure what to do about the grandkids. Probably gift cards for places they will enjoy. Food is always good for most of them.
        Take care of you luv.

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