Inchcock Today – Sun 27 Sept 15: Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day! Oh dear…

Sunday 27th September 2015


Another dream filled waking up all the time nights kip! (Oh dear) I eventually got off proper like and managed a good five hours slumber in one go, and all through the night, only two calls to the porcelain.

I found some notes that I had apparently scribbled about the dreams, but they were largely indecipherable. Most annoying that.

Very foggy this morning.

Whoopsiedangleplop number one: I’ve lost one of me hearing-aids again! Searched fruitlessly for hours everywhere, including the bins. Definitely lost it this time. Damn and blast!

Made a Cuppa and took me medications. Depressed and annoyed wiv missen again now too!

Another Hearing-aid search, fruitless.

Had a good wash and scrub-up.

Decided although it was later than I had planned to to do it yesterday (I was hoping to get to the laundry-room around 0500hrs to beat the others to getting a free machine) to get me washing done. But I’d lost so long searching for me hearing-aid. 0645 hrs: Collected the washing from the bathroom bag, made sure the soap capsules and softener were in the bag and I’d got the coins to operate the machines.

Got to the lift to go down, and when I pressed the call button, a lift came up to me 12th floor, but the door didn’t open? After a few more presses, it did open and I nervously got in and pressed for the ground floor. The cage shook a bit on the way down – don’t know if it made any noises cause of course I had no hearing aids in. Huh!

Got in the room and someone had beaten me to one machine, but the other was free, so I got me washing in alright. I could see the fluff sticking out of the drier that someone or more than one by the look of it, had not cleaned out. I cleaned it up.

I returned to the flat and made a cuppa and did another pointless search for me hearing-aid.

Laptop on and did some updating on me diary. Then down again to the laundry room – via the lift that acted up just like me earlier trip down in it.

Me washing had 3 minutes left to finish, so at least I timed something right for once. Hehe! But someone had used the drier I’d cleaned out, so I cleaned out the other one and used that.

Back to the flat and did another pointless search for me hearing-aid.

Did a graphic and searched again for me hearing-aid.

The lift acted the same when I went down to the drier in the laundry room.

Took me washing out and into me bag and back up to the flat. Saw my first person of the day a lady I’d not seen before. Obviously she was on her way to the laundry room. Maybe not a good idea to try and get my laundry done on a weekend?

Back to the flat. Took me bags to the rubbish chute now it had well gone 0800hrs.

Whoopsiedangleplop number two: When I got back from the chute, I bent down to pick up a bit of fluff I’d walked into the hallway – had a dizzy, grabbed at the door handle to stop missen going down – of course the handle turned and down I slid – Clunk thud! Hard to believe even for me, but I caught me left cheek (Face cheek!), against the storage heater – it is now more important than ever that I get  to the dentist, and it also started the angina off. Hey-ho!

01topj1Another cuppa (a right thirst this morning?) and took an extra pain-killer to ease the pain from the tooth.

Started today’s, then finished and posted yesterdays diary. While doing this I came across a photo I’d taken yesterday afternoon when I noticed a large number of flies buzzing outside around the kitchen window. I tried repeatedly to get a close up photo of one of them, ten wasted shots later, this was the best I could manage. Wondered why they should suddenly appear? Were they perhaps young meat flies?


Fog all cleared now

Did some Facebooking,  a lot of Facebooking.

Went to make another cuppa and took another photo from the kitchen window now the fog had gone.

Rang Jane about the time for meeting Pete tomorrow with the Laptop for him.

Agreed to meet him twixt 10 > 1015hrs. (Well that’s what they demanded like).

Then if we’re quick I can get back to the GP for me flu jab and INR tests in time for 1130hrs – then back into ton to report me hearing aids missing – then back to Sherwood to get booked in at the dentist. That’s the plan any-road…

Whoopsiedangleplop number three: Went into kitchen to wash me cup and noticed the sink looked a tad grungy. So I decided to try the Jif cream cleaner on it to see if that would improved it any… during which I came up with some advice for any other old twit who wants to scrub his kitchen sink with cream cleaner to be aware of…:

P1020119“Take extreme care when bending over into the sink to get good access with yer scouring pad… as when you get carried away, it does yer spectacles no good at all when yer bang em against the tap spout!”

You can always add calling in to see the optician tomorrow along with going for yer flu jab, yer INR Warfarin level blood test, the dentist and the audio clinic to yer plans. Huh!

Got me nosh in the oven and saucepan cooking away.

Pondered on whether or not to try and do, me corner-stand up again, but thinking of the Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day up to now – I decided to leave it until tomorrow morning, then I’ll give it plenty of time to dry properly while I’m out in me appointments and errands for hours.

P1020120Ate me nosh, battered fish fingers, seasoned chips (fries), and baked beans, followed by a lemon dessert and apple pieces.

Rated 8/10.

Washed up the pots and sat down to watch TV, after a few nod-offs I gave up and sorted what I hope is me last bag of documents, mostly for shredding, then found some more in the next box. Tsk! They can wait.

Had a bath and changed into me night attire. Made a cuppa and laptop on to finish this diary off.

Did some Facebooking and checked emails.

Evening all, have a good day.

After I’d had a nod-off for a few minutes I sprang awake – I’d been dreaming of Kentucky Angel, I was in America with her and we were at a fair eating candy-floss! Wonderful dream.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sun 27 Sept 15: Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day! Oh dear…

  1. you have your hearing aids in when watching TV, Inchy ?

    if you do, and you fall asleep in the chair while watching TV, might be your missing hearing aid is somewhere around your chair ?

    • Morning Duncan thanks.
      I have to wear me headphones when I watch TV sir. I’ve found the hearing aid in the bathroom bin? Don’t ask why or how it got there please, I don’t know? Hehe!
      Me sorting has come to a (temporary I hope) stop, due to me new ailment – a lump that keeps going up and down on the back of me upper right arm? Very painful and a mystery to me. Going to the doctors this morning mate – get me extra prescription, tell her about me swelling legs and lump on me arm too, then the chemists, audio clinic, pound shop, Council offices and the GUM clinic for me new cream… that’s the plan anyway mate. And we both know what an happen to the best laid plans. Hehe!
      Hope all well your end Sir. Cheers.

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