Inchcock Today – Mon 28 Sept 15: Hectic!

Monday 28th September 2015

Woke around 0500hrs and lay a moment or two thinking of what I have to do today: Take rubbish to chute, bath shave, get the 0930 L9 bus into town – remember to take the laptop to give to Pete when I meet him in town, bus back to Carrington to the GP for me INR Warfarin blood level test and flu jab and ask for a prescription for some water tablets, back to town and then to the audio clinic to report me lost hearing-aid, then on the bus to the City Hospital GUM clinic… worra day in prospect I thought!

Then, having plenty of time I drifted off back to kip – a rarity that for me.

01topj1To the WC and somehow the memories of the dreams I’d had returned a bit, wrote them down to record here later… I was at a highland sports meeting – wanted to toss the caber but couldn’t lift – I seemed very upset that they would not let me throw me walking stick instead?… then recalled bits of me on a ferry trying to get to see my cyber-friend Lynton Cox in France – everything stopped me, I had no passport and insisted they let me into the country using me free pensioners bus-pass, they deported me back to the UK to Swansea? I was happy there and stayed joining the Torchwood team? They sacked me the next day when I passed wind and it killed an alien prisoner as I was feeding it a dog bone.

Done me porcelain duties then, emptying some bits from the rubbish bin to put in the bag to go to the chute and…

I Found Me Hearing Aid – Yipidee Super!

I felt sure I’d looked in there when I found I’d lost it yesterday? Over the moon now!

Cuppa medications taken, laptop on and started this diary off.

01topj3Got a wash and shave, changed and off with me bus-pass, bag, camera and list of jobs to do, to the bus stop outside the flats and listen to the chin-wags while waiting the arrival, of the L9 bus into town.

Nice morning.

I noticed close to a sign telling us that Nottingham was now Officially the 01topj4cleanest City in Britain – laid this pile of rubbish – just thought I’d mention it like.

Then I met Pete at his bus stop. Handed him his laptop drive and mouse. Wished him well with it and off he went to buy some nuts for his squirrels then back to his mansion to sort out his spy-camera wot I bought him early for Christmas like.

I poddled to the bus stop to catch a bus back into Carrington for me GP nurses appointment.

Asked for a prescription for Furozamide water tablets cause of me swelling legs.

Sat down and  got me crossword book out to tackle going through the ones I was stuck on to get as many answers as I could. I got one answer from the 80 or so that needed doing. Tsk!

The nurse called me in and gave me the flu jab and took me blood for Warfarin level testing. Then she booked me in for tomorrow morning 1010hrs to see Dr Vindla about me swelling legs. Then booked me in for a week on Tuesday 6th October for me net blood tests. She was not happy with me reflux valve sticking out like it was as she noticed and made a memo for the Dr on the computer.

 I caught the bus to the City Hospital GUM clinic to collect me new ‘Natural based bio-polymer, topical calcium alginate cream’ (No I don’t know what it means either – Hehe) for ‘Little Inchy’ as instructed – it was all locked up? I supposed I’d got the day wrong again, I’ll check when I get back to the flat, if I remember?

Back on yet another bus into Sherwood. Damnably good job I’ve got me Pensioners free bus-pass innit!

01topj6Decided that as I’d done so well with me walking I’d walk back to the flat up through Woodthorpe Park, and down to the the flats.

I Noticed near the broken gate, they had put up another new poster informing us this ‘Our Green Flag Award Winning Park’!

It’s hard to see on this photo wot I took, but the Harris fencing that had been erected twixt the footpath and the dangerously crumbling wall had been vandalised and flattened. The used contraceptives on the floor near the first sitting bench on the left could hardly be seen due to the half-eaten and thrown away take-away remnants.

01topj7When I got to the top and turned right down towards the flats near the little croft, I used me full zoom to take this photo of a wood-pigeon.

Down the broken gravel-path and to the reception entrance. Where I met Deana Walker the camp kommandant and gave her some nibbles. Nice woman.

01topj8The little squirrel I named Cyril greeted me when I got there and he even nipped up on a parking bollard so I could get a reasonable photograph of him from a distance.

I wondered, does he know his coat blends in with concrete post?

Got in the flat and made for the WC.

Took the camera mobile and GP card from me coat.

I could almost feel me legs swelling physically – but they gave off no more pain than usual. The reflux valve and me feet were worse at this time.

01topj2Laptop on and updated this rubbish.

Added appointments to me Google calendar.

Another rather busy day tomorrow it seems.


Got me nosh on, fish-cakes, fish portions in batter, some chips and a couple of parsnips slices with garden peas in the oven.

While they were a-cooking I finished sorting the paperwork I found in yet another box yesterday – will it never end! Hehe.

P1020132Fair nosh, nothing special.

Followed by Lemon fool and mousse.

Tiredness dawned again.

Hate to thing how I‘ll manage with tomorrows lots to get through.


Nodded off and woke up half an hour later needing to tend to the porcelain, with a dirty great swelling on the back of me right upper arm? Throbbing and tender to the touch or when I caught it against owt?

Good job I’m going to see Dr Vindla in the morning. I’ve a feeling this might be seriously bothersome, whatever it is.


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Mon 28 Sept 15: Hectic!

  1. Is the swelling in the spot where you got the flu shot luv? If it is, all you have to do is move the arm around and give the serum a chance to absorb into your body. If you do that each time you get an immunization it will prevent the pain and swelling from that shot. A little trick I learned from my Mom. Painful for a moment or two, but it pays off in the end.
    You were busy today–or was it yesterday now? I slept way too much today/yesterday, and am not at all tired or sleepy now. I do have quite a lot of pick-up work to do though, so I really must get started. No one around me to disturb, thank the good Lord.
    Take care of you luv.

    • Thanks flower, I’d not thought of that being the cause. I can’t remember which arm they gave it me on… they know I’m left handed so maybe it was thanks.
      Good luck wiv your yarning.

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