Inchcock Today: Tue 29 Sept 15:

Tuesday 29th September 2015

Woke around 0400hrs – No dream memories, but plenty of pains Tsk! The new swelling on me arm was taking the lead pain-wise possibly because it’s a new one, although the swelling had gone down a lot, the tenderness was the same. The reflux valve had gone down nicely at last. Arthur Itis was calm, Anne Gyna was giving out warning signs of what she intended for me later in the day though.

01topj2And the old scars on me chest and tummy from the heart operation had gone a fluffy white colour for some reason? The skin cancer wound was itching like crazy?

Possible perhaps that the scars and cancer wound problems were due to me using a different bath soak?

Still, other than these worries I was in decent spirits this morning, despite me busy day ahead!

I must try to avoid any more Whoopsiedangleplops today.

Put the kettle on and off to the porcelain – to find ‘Little Inchy’ had been bleeding again, but the hammorhoids had for once not been doing so.

Started the laptop and took me medications. Must find time to do up some more medication pots soon. Today is going to be a busy one again, more-so in fact. Got Morrisons coming early, on time I hope or I’ll not be able to get to the Doctors in time for me appointment, then to the chemist, then into town to the audio clinic for some batteries (Thankfully they do not charge us pensioners for em you know), try to get to a pound shop for some woolly hats, then to Loxley House to return me election papers and after all that, to the GUM clinic to get me cream for ‘Little Inchy’ – that’s if I haven’t forgotten owt like?

Still, the hernia and ulcer aren’t giving me any gip at the moment.

I realise how lucky I was to find me missing hearing aid yesterday and pondered if I’d ever find me missing camera memory card or the missing saucepan lid?

So busy with much to get done.

The right arm was hurting now without my using it – even when I just moved it, hurts when I straighten the arm too, it tingled a bit all the time? I don’t like this at all.

Started a graphic for a post while I had the time.

Got missen cleaned and polished for the days efforts to come.

Morrisons delivery arrived I quickly put away the fridge and freezer products.

Bag, nibbles, bus-pass, camera, hearing aids etc in bag and pockets and off on me walk to the GP surgery.

P1020133Thirty minutes later I arrived at the surgery.

booked in and crossword book out while I waited me turn.

Called in and met with Dr Vindla (Who as wearing a very short skirt and Little inch needed controlling) and told her about me blown-up legs and asked about whether I could go back on thee Furosemide tablets. She explained that as I was on so many medications she didn’t want to risk affecting the balance of effect of the others and said to see how it went – ‘Put my feet up whenever I could at night and keep up with the walking’.

Then she had a look at the pain in my right arm – I said I can see no bruising in the mirror and explained the pain. Turns out it was massive bruising and she asked me however this occurred. I had no idea?

I did feel a fool!

She suggested I take a memory test and told me to book one with the receptionist on the way out. which I did for Friday, but forgot to write down the time, later I sent an email asking for the time. 

P1020134Gave them their nibbles and set off on the bus into town.

The first sight when I got off of the bus was a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist who rode over the lights and along the pavement weaving between pedestrians. The Swine!

P1020136I noticed that at the entrance to Clinton Street, the traffic lights had been hit again.

Not that it stopped the famous Nottingham pedestrians from still crossing against the lights at all!

Walked through into the slab square and up to the audio clinic where I nearly grew hair again waiting to get some hearing-aid batteries. This is one of the more morose NHS places I have to visit, possibly because the patients being deaf there are no conversations going on?

P1020138The lady who spoke to me was almost impossible to lip read – no idea what she was saying but she looked rather stern faced? Frit me a bit!

Back down into the centre, feeding some pigeons en-route. I love the pigeon on the right with its legs apart and looking up.

P1020140Through the slab square. Not many folk about today in the centre.

Across and up through near Clinton Street again and I espied a new to me market stall laid out with three obviously Eastern European gentle men with stubble on their faces that spouted a threatening look at anyone P1020139who went near their many tables laid outside on the walkway. At least they were trying to make an honest living I thought.

They had many boxes of shoes and leather goods stacked up against the wall and their priced were really low.

The ladies boots in the photograph I took were all either £10 or £20.

Called in the pound shop and got a tin of stewed steak for a change.

I caught the bus to the GUM clinic as the day melted away – gawd it was going quickly.

Brother-n-law Pete rang me, he was having bother sorting getting his spy-watch sorted on the laptop I gave him. I told him I’d come to his mansion in the morning in an effort to help out.

Got me cream and on the bus back into Sherwood.

Then a Whoopsiedangleplop of sorts!

I fell sleep on the bus and missed me stop, in fact I woke up as the bus was arriving in the city centre!

Caught a bus back to near the flats and hobbled home – ‘Home’ – a nice word that nowadays.

Got in, WC’d, creamed little Inchy. Then put away the other stuff I’d had delivered earlier from Morrisons.

Sorted out me medication pots and took the nights doses.

Head Tue

P1020142Got me nosh on. Mixed some black bean sauce in with the stewed steak, made some mash and had it with some garden peas. Followed by a lemon mousse with Cornish clotted cream, delicious!

Rated this 8.2/10.

Decided to wash the dishes up after eating it and managed to drop me big dish when cleaning it – what a mess!

Sat down and put me legs up on the Ottoman… and that was that! Nodded off into oblivion.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tue 29 Sept 15:

    • I understand Dunc, I really do mate. I’ll let yer know worrit entails and how I did after having mine is done on Friday. Incidentally I still can’t find me saucepan lid from two weeks ago or me camera card from last week yet. Might as well laugh about I suppose. Hehe!
      I wonder if I should mention me falling asleep on the bus too? Haha!
      Take care Sir, and no Whoopsiedangleplops please.

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