Wed 30 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Hey-ho!

Wednesday 30th September 2015


Misty Morning

Woke around 0500hrs – Dreamt of abandoned offices building again, with me either chasing or running away some peoples?

Urgent trip to the porcelain – I’d left some hand cloths soaking in the sink so went into the kitchen to wash me hands. Saw the medication pots I’d washed to use later were still on the draining board and needed wiping and the lids putting back on and placing in the drawer. So I got them all sorted with lids that fitted and put them in the bowl to carry them to the drawer for storing – Early Whoopsiedangleplop here… dropped the bowl! So had to cleaned them all again! Huh!

Made a good strong cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on and did what I didn’t do last night cause I fell asleep early. Got yesterdays diary finished and posted.

Stated this diary then did some Facebooking while I had the chance.

Hurriedly got missen scrubbed up and to the bus stop outside the flats. Bit of a chin-wag with the other residents.

I managed to catch the wrong bus Huh! It was the L9 I caught, but it was the one going away from town not to town. Laugh… well no I didn’t actually. Dropped off in Sherwood and caught a bus into town.

01topj2As I walked along towards the bus-stop to go to Jane & Pete’s – I was reminded of the Alfred Hitchcock film, ‘The Birds’.

Harmless ones though – the pigeons are likely to crap on you from a great height, but I don’t think they would peck one to death?

Got the bus to Jane’s mansion and was greeted with a nice cuppa and a smile. (A bit of a rare and worrying event that!)

I set about trying to get Pete’s Spy Camera software to load. After around three hours I got it loaded – then we spent another hour trying to set the date on it – without any success.

I was really up-tight about me failure when Steve of Age UK rang but I couldn’t get me phone in time, so rang him back. He’d spoke with two people and got quotes from them, both high, £800 and £850 pound for the house clearance… Oh dear. He said he trusted the £850 man more than the £800 bid. So I agreed and told Jane and Pete I’d have to go, so I could get to the bank and get the money ready in case they could get to do it quicker than next week as will be planned

Said me cheerios and set off and caught a bus into town.


Exchange Walk, Nottingham City centre

To the bank, then worked out I had some time to spare before the last L9 bus left, so had a walk around, starting in the slab-square, then up King Street.

Walked up to Trinity Square where I found some ‘Bling to photograph for the TFZers site.

01topj4Can you believe the prices of these glasses in a shop window in Trinity Square?

I put the prices in Canadian, Australian and Canadian dollars so the TFZers can understand exactly what the English pounds in costs/prices actually represent in their money.

01topj5Got to the bus stop in plenty of time, passing the Cafe Row of shops on the way.

You can see how busy they were not can’t you?

Just as well I got there early because the bus pulled out three minutes early. Tsk!

I managed to fight falling asleep until just before the flats – and missed my stop, but got off at the next one and walked back. Wot a plonka!

Got in WC’d and made me salad ready for later and washed the pots.

Laptop on and made sure I added the  time of Fridays ‘Memory Test’ at the doctors, 1200hrs to me Google calendar that the surgery had given me in rely to me email bless em.

Updated this diary, then did some Facebooking with drooping eyelids. Hehe!

Went to make another cuppa to take me medications and found I’d left the hot tap water running! Getting depressed with missen now!

No bath tonight then, the water heater was not working?

01topj7Got me nosh.

Rated it 8.4/10, nice salad. Mushrooms, oiled and sliced some red peppers, Krakowska pork sliced up, garden peas, wonderful beetroot, boiled eggs, pork and pickle mini pies, tomatoes, last of the veggie bacon (No more to be had now, a one-off from MarieH agedFulton foods) some bread thins, spread with Bertolli Olive Oil spread and butter.

Checked me emails again – did a graphic of TFZ’s Marie. with Marie and a photo in the background I took today at the jewellery shop. I’ll post it later on the site.

Did some WordPressing reading and voting.

I decided to get just one bag sorted tonight… however I foolishly decided to have a cuppa first… and nodded of in the chair…


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