7 thoughts on “Horoscopes for October 2015

  1. Well I’m a Virgo so I must complain, mostly that it was quite difficult for me to read my horoscope (horrorscope?) so I really can’t tell what will happen in my future, but if I am to have read correctly, I resent you thinking that I have a low IQ and my plans to assassinate Mr. Osbourne will be going as planned! Furthermore, I probably would have been better off as a Libra, being that the contemplation of my bell bottoms takes up much of my time as it is!

    • Inhcock sends you his humblest apologise Ma’am, for his graphicasionalistical faux pa.
      This error sneaked through the editing check sequence usually carried out by Inchy so diligently – on this occasion he puts this down to his having fell asleep on the bus again, so had to catch another bus back to where he missed his bus-stop – thus had so much less time left to perform these editing duties.
      In the event of this happening again to any Virgolean content I have warned him I will stop his subscription to his Ladyboys Mayhem Monthly Magazine and have his squeaky plastic mallard duck removed from his bathroom cabinet.
      Also and besides, there is in the pipeline an article dedicated to the Virgolean Female species coming up as soon as his lady friend Grizelda Hutterswaithe supplies her article for him to use. There my be a delay, as Inchy likes to visit and grope Grizelda personally for each article she supplies him with. So getting a van to transport his medications and medical accessories usually takes a while.
      He tells me he understands the bell-bottom contemplationing and has a similar situation himself with his frayed trouser bottom edges?
      He also points out that a high EQ is so much more attractive and desirable.
      He is sorry he could not reply himself personally, but it is time for his medications and medicating his various parts – knowing how long this takes him, he hopes you will kindly forgive him.
      Your: Mike Steedenski (Personal assistant & Psychoanalyst to Inchcock)

      • Well, I was going to ask you who you were and what you’ve done to Inchcock but at least you had the good sense to identify yourself. I’ll have you know that despite it all, I have good reason to believe that you have abducted Inchcock and are holding him against his will. I have a right mind to report you to the proper authorities as it is my understanding you are already a prime suspect in a case of public indecency although I hear there is little hope of getting slime like you off the streets as you are already in cahoots with the British police department…that being you supply them with a daily allowance of alcohol.

      • Oh yes! But to show that we Virgeans are better natured than others, perhaps we should lock him up in a Claret Vat? Just a thought like…

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