Fri 16 Oct 15: Inchcock Today: More confused than ever after today…

Friday 16th October 2015


That’s cleared some anyway…

GC blue01

Wilko delivery arrives…

Up at 0350hrs – straight t’porcelain yet again – ‘Little Inchy’ in a state yet again. Looked at the Wilko stuff that needed sorting and set about sorting some.

Well that couple of hours graft did me a lot of good: Now, Arthur Itis has started in me knees and hands, the Reflux valve is making me gasp and me back is playing up again!

WC’d, then made a cuppa, groaned, muttered and moaned a bit to myself and took me medications.

Emails checked, Graphicalisationing started then Facebooked for a while.

Luckily, or unfortunately which ever way you look at it, I realised I’d done me night medication pots up wrongly! Huh, fancy that and Tsk! So I lost an hour or two in resorting them and taking out the second Ramipril capsule I put in the pot in error and replacing it with the Omeprozole I’m missed out.

Back on the laptop to Coreldraw, while listening to G F Haendel’s Water Music on YouTube, very nice.

AndyDid some Facebooking, a lot of Facebooking and some more graphicalisations too.

I changed to listening to some Trad Jazz. (Good this, I just  hope nobody knocks on me door or rings me while the headphones are on me head!)

Still not bathed or shaved yet, and it’s now gone 0900hrs.

I got myself cleansed and polished, and down with the laundry to get it washed and dried. Took me cross-word book with me to try and do some while waiting.

One of the lifts was not working, but I got down alright and soon had me washing in the one free machine and was out in the reception area doing me crosswords for an hour while I waited for the machine to finish.

A lady came past me into the room with a big bag of drying to do and I had to go in and tell her not to use the one drier as my washing would be done in 7 minutes and if she, who had washed her clothes in her machine in her flat used it, that meant I would have to wait well over an hour after waiting already for over an hour for the washer to finish to get my clothes dried. She was alright about it and said she’d come down later.

IMG_0037Got me things into the drier a few minutes later and settled again with me crossword book to wait. Met a few residents and had little natter here and there.

Caught a squirrel outside through the window in the car park though.

I popped back in to see how the drying was going and it had stopped after about 10 minutes. Had to put more money in again, but it went okay this time.

Got the togs out and back up to the flat. Put some of them in the airing, and hung up the others on me Ikea clothes rack, that I am pleased to report has not yet collapsed.

WC’d and made a cuppa, laptop on to update this tosh.

Turning even colder as the day gets on.

Facebooked while awaiting arrival of Steve from Age UK and Nottingham Building Society man.

Steve rang, he might be late arriving asked me to let the NBS man (Sam) know.

Then Sam the NBS man arrived and started talking but his voice was not in tune wiv me hearing-aids. Hard work.

Steve Age UK arrived and they talked and I guessed what they were saying, my lip-reading skills are not good.

I was presented with many papers and signed them. Dug out various paperwork (Showing off me folder/files system) to prove I owned the house and who I was like.

I needed to pay some money to the NBS and gave Steve my card and he got on the phone and paid them via me Visa thingy.

They were off and gone and then I got a recorded message from the bank telling me that five transactions had taken place? Not one as Steve and the NBS man had told me?

I rang Steve as this worried me a bit. Of course no answer as he was off work now.

Worried about this, but there is nowt I can do until Monday at the earliest! Oh dear!

Got me nosh, and had me medications.

This nosh despite me worrying about the bank – was a Super-Nosh!

01topj3Rated this 9.4/10.

Sorted me medication pots out.

The usual nowadays fatigue dawned on me.

In fact I fell asleep on the porcelain!

Woke with a jolt then sorted out some programmes to watch on the TV and wrote them down – then fell asleep again before they started!