Inchcock Today Fri 2 Oct 15: Memory test – Whoopsiedangleplop!

Friday 2nd October 2015

Head Mon

Spent the night in the chair again dosing off and waking every few minutes – Tsk!

Forced missen to give up and rose to go to the porcelain around 0700hrs – late for me, but had so little sleep.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

I’d left the hearing aids soaking to de-coke the ear-pieces last night, so cleaned em and refitted the tube then put them in the drawer in me 1967 G-Plan cupboard where they should be, so as not to throw hem out with the rubbish of lose them again. (Another effort to train me failing memory)

Got the memory test at the doctors at noon today.

Spent a good while finishing yesterdays diary off and Facebooking. Too long really, but I enjoy it?

Got a bath and shave etc and the things ready I’ll need today on me trip out: Audio clinic record card, bus-pass, camera (I love this Panasonic Lumix camera), bank card, cash, keys, bus time-table me hat and some nibbles for the medical staff were all put in me bag or pockets.

Set off on me walk to the surgery. Met two residents as I left and we had a little chin-wag, by gum I like having these little chin-wags.

Hobbled to the surgery, well pleased with me timing when I arrived and told the bemused looking receptionist I’d come for me Memory Test. After a few minutes looking for  the appointment she realised it was for NEXT Friday not today! Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day – Tsk!

I laughed it off, but inside I was getting a bit worried about yet another memory kerfuffle!

As I left the surgery I decided that i would go into town to try and get one of the really large rolls of paper towels that I saw advertised in the shop window at only £1.20 each, then have a run out on the bus to Derby to try and get some photographs of the mallards on the river Derwent.

P1020175Another Nottingham pavement cyclist was recorded on me camera as I arrived at the bus-stop.

Taking this photo I missed the approaching bus. Huh!

Got into town and walked to the shop that had the towels in the window. I found that the £1.2o price did not include VAT – making them £1.39 an you had had to buy a pack of 6 of em minimum. I could have used the six cause they looked good and useful, but I could not carry them. Tsk!

I wondered if this was going to be another bad day for all me plans?

Undaunted I limped down and through the City Centre onto Friar Lane to catch the Y5 bus that takes the scenic route to Derby. As I was reading the timetable to find that the bus left in seven minutes time – it pulled away making me feel a bit P1020176of a plonka! The next one was due in twenty minutes, so I had walk around town for a while.

Clinton Street had it’s usual crush of people, so I went the other way around to avoid getting delayed.

Back into the City slab-square I P1020177observed tow imitation policewomen nattering on the steps of the Council House as the chap in the foreground chased after two yoblets for some reason or other.

It didn’t disturb or stop them having their natter though.

Got back and on the bus to Derby. This one left on time – I’m thinking of writing to the company to congratulate the driver?

P1020178As we drove into the Beeston Bus-station i noticed a sign on the window of the Team Elite Kickboxing with the sign on the window informing us it was ‘The Family Business of the Year for 2015?

Continued the nice sunny run out to Derby. Looked in me bag for me crossword book and there it was gone?

P1020179Arrived in Derby and dropped off early to go down to the side of the river Derwent mallard searching.

I was so pleased with getting a rare shot of the pigeons on a broken tree branch near the bank. You just don’t expect to find pigeons posing like this do you.

P1020181Then I fed some seeds to the pigeons on the steps and got another decent shot in as they fought each other to get to the fodder. The ones on the branch stayed there and didn’t come for the seeds.

Very strange that I thought?

01topj7Someone further down the steps fed some bread to the water birds and I got this long distance photo of them arriving in a convoy to investigate the food.

Then I pondered about why else I had come to Derby – surely I wouldn’t have come just to take photos of the birds? I decided to have a nip around the Eagle Market then get back to Nottingham.

Making use of me free pensioners bus-pass today! Hehe!

Had a poddle around and saw some Amber I think they are, Bling and took a photo of them for the TFZ gals.P1020184

There is something about this type of jewellery I find attractive, maybe because they look old, aged?

I was going to get some photo’s of fashion clothes but had a dizzy spell, so I decided to make me way back to the bus-station.

01topj9Caught the Y5 bus again, this time back to Nottingham..

I can’t recall much of the journey as I spent most of in in the land of sleep like.

Luckily the driver was driving jerkily and slamming on his breaks very often, so I was awoken as we arrived in Nottingham.

Had wonder round when I realised I’d missed the last L9 back to the flats, to kill a few minutes until the 40 bus was due. This one drops off on Winchester Street and it’s only a few minutes walk to the flats from the bus stop on the hill. Mind you, getting across the road on the bend on the hill is life threatening!

When I returned to catch bus, I thought there was a football match on somewhere, but it was only the massive Queue for the bus. Huh!

P1020186Got on and managed to get the last seat in the Old foggy reserved ones.

Took a photo from the seat of the other passengers who had to stand crammed in like sardines.

I managed with difficulty not to fall asleep on the way back.

Two elderly ladies got off at the same bus-stop, and we all crossed the road together – but they never spoke to me. Huh!

They walked off after we’d crossed and they went into the Private senior Citizens Home at the end of the road.

Got missen in and to the porcelain sharpish.

Got into the kitchen to put the kettle on and there were six dirty great meat flies on the window? Took me a good while but I knobbled em in the end. I wondered how they were getting in, maybe through the hole in the wall behind the cupboards?

Changed into me layabout comfy togs and slippers.

Got me nosh in the pan –  Mild chilli, with potatoes and black bean sauce. For some reason I lost me appetite and turned it off?

Made me cuppa, and took me medications, laptop started.

Then had a look at the mail that had been delivered. Three for previous tenant Margaret and two, yes Two… fer me. Virgin Media trying to sell me summat called a Tivo, and Nottingham City Council telling me I am now on the voting list for this address.

Made another cuppa and updated this diary.

Getting dark earlier now.

Had look on the BBC news page on t’internet.  …. 14 year old plans to behead police officers – Syria being bombed and the Oregon massacre… as far as I got, depressed I went back to Facebooking.

Evening all.