Inchcock Today Thu 8 Oct 15: Cleaning and polishing, Dizzies and drained

Thursday 8th October 2015

Up at 0605hrs, late getting off last night, well, this morning.

WC’d then made a cuppa, laptop on, medications taken – ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding.

Made list of things to try to get help with from Steve from Age UK when he calls.

Emailed appointment to the doctors for next Monday at 1020hrs for me INR Warfarin blood level test.

That reminded me, I must not forget me Memory Test tomorrow at noon… oh dear…

PatMCringGraphic finished for the TFZ site. hope they like it.

It’s me and Pat Melsted-Chabot wiv some animals in toe. The pussy cat in it was who Pat lost when he disappeared. I thought it a nice tribute to put her in it. As I say, I hope she likes it and is not upset.

Checked emails incoming.

Made another cuppa, WC visit again and a feeling of semi dizziness lingered, no actual bad attacks like yesterday yet, a sense of partial mistiness… Not a good description that, light headedness perhaps?

P1020238Laptop off and got the thing ready to clean the bathroom.

Nasty open pipework that flakes and seems to gather dust at the back were a sod to get cleaned. I must, soon as the old place is sold get someone to do something about this. Panelling or summat that is easy to clean and P1020239remove?

The big job tackled next – the kitchen.

Started with doing the windows. Devils own job as usual trying to get the damned window to turn around so I could clean the outside from inside if yer know worra mean like?

P1020240I got it turned eventually.

But that bugger of a switch mechanism on the right twixt the window and the alcove that allows only two inches of space for you to grab twist and hold it out damaged/squashed me thumb again. Tsk!

 P1020243Used Dettol cleaner and window cleaner afterwards and managed to get it looking a bit better outside, still got the odd streak or two.

Turned it back closed and did the little window at the bottom then the main one and the paintwork.

P1020244Then, Arthur Itis started playing me up Huh!

The chips in the glass outside still annoying me though.

Set about doing the floor in the old-fashioned style – on me knees with a bowl of soapy water and rinsing and P1020245drying it off with kitchen towels in little patches as I moved backwards.

Getting up on me feet again afterwards was a bit of a painful kerfuffle I can tell yer. Huh!

Did the sink/draining board, cabinets, fridge, counters, cooker and paintwork after the floor had dried – not too bad a job compared to last time I did it.

Had a  cuppa and took me midday medications then forced missen to get the bag ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

I rang Steve from Age UK, but no answer.

It was heavy, and I needed to take another bag with me brolly, bird seed, nibbles etc with me.

P1020248Set off on a walk through Woodthorpe Park down into Sherwood. On the path down t Mansfield Road I spied two ladies with their dogs having a walk, and boy were those dogs having a ball. It made me wish I could have a dog and especially one like these two, so happy and tail-wagging at turbo speed. Bless em.

Down to the Hospice charity shop and handed them the donations. I bought a book while I was there, another J Clarkson one. Much as he annoys me at time I like his writing, crude, witty and bold. Another £3 spent I need not have… Tsk!

Back up to the Co-op store to spend £10 so I could use me £1.50 off voucher. Got amongst other bits some Cornish Clotted Cream raspberry ripple ice-cream. There seems to be no end to my spending recklessly! Got some salad stuff for nosh tonight.

To the bus-stop cause an L9 bus was due and I had me free pensioners bus-pass with me and was feeling a bit worn now after all that cleaning and walking.

I met the gal tenant from number 82 on the same floor as me at the shelter.

Had a good natter and gave her some nibbles. Caught the bus with her back to the flats.

Invited her in and gave her a tin of chocolates for her finding me hearing-aid and always talking to me when she met me.

01topj3Steve Age UK rang, he’s on his way to collect the dosh to pay the house clearers, he’ll be here in half an hour or so.

Laptop on and caught up with this diary.

Got me notes for Steve and the money ready for him.

It started to look a bit dark and rain threatening, and it had definitely had got colder than it was earlier.

P1020249Took a photo from the kitchen window of the threatening sky. The clean kitchen window I might add! Haha!

Fatigued now.

I sat and the last bits of any energy drained away.