Inchcock Today: Thu 29th Oct 2015 Progress in sorting… rumbling innards tested

Thursday 29th October 2015

Woke 0415hrs without any sense or feeling of had any dreams at all? Rare that. But I think I might have had some, because Little Inchy had been bleeding again overnight.

Put the kettle on, went into the bathroom and on the throne. The aroma produced in the evacuation had me worried about those tenants in the three floors of flats above! Putrid would be far too a gentle word to describe it. I wondered for a while why this new distinctly horrifying scent from within this morning?

Coughed a bit, had a rinse, sorted Little Inchy again and back in the kitchen to make me cuppa. There I realised perhaps why the lingering and seemingly getting worse aroma from the bathroom had occurred – spotted an empty Pot Noodle in the waste bin! Reckon I must have got up in the night and eaten it?

Finished yesterdays diary, made another cuppa and took me medications.

Then, just like turning on a light-switch – the innards started rumbling violently like never before. Tad worried, never known it so bad before or come on so viciously or quickly. Took some extra antacid medicine in the hope that it calms whatever is causing this down. I really will have to drop everything and seek help if gets any worse – my hands are shaking now. Good job I’ve got me wrist alarm on to press if needed, a comfort this is.

I wondered if I’d eaten anything else in the night with the pot noodle that might have caused me tummy-angst? Can’t see any other empty packets pots or tins anywhere.

Sod it, the angina started off now as well, what with Little Inchy stinging and the rumbling battle in me stomach along with the shaking hands its hard to type or concentrate. Huh!

Continued Facebooking then got missen washed cleaned and ironed. Hehe!

01topj6Set about erecting me 3 draw wheelie cabinet thingy wot I got from Ikea.

Took me time like, followed the plans diligently etc.

Took this photo when I got a phone-call from BJ to tell me he’s be here between 1030 > 1100hrs.


Still lots to do, but the old devil is progressing

Got in finished and went down to meet BJ – who nearly arrived on time – but I’m glad he didn’t, else I’d have lost the opportunities to remind everyone that he has never arrived on time yet! Hehehe!

BJ took me photo so I could show off me new trolley.


Proudly the old fool poses…

01topj4He took another but chopped the top of me head off!

So he tried again in the front room this time.

Got me grabber and old Security Working truncheon on show.

I had to use the truncheon as a hammer a I can’t find the one I thought I’d brought with me from the old house like.


BJ reminded me that the Nottingham City Homes contract mentioned some thing about not drilling holes into the wall? Oh dear… Have to check this with Steve tomorrow before we (Well he!) starts to drill the brackets into the wall to hold the book-case in place?

We had a good old natter and a cup of tea, then BJ said he’d run me into Arnold to a Carpet place he knows to try to get a carpet to fit.

So out in the rain and we were soon at the factory shop. Got a carpet that might fit, I’ll find out later.

BJ ran me back to the flats where I met some residents and the Obergruppenhureress in charge Julie. Gawd she gives me the shudders!

Gave them some nibbles, we had a little chin-wag and up to the flat.

WC’d, damned Little Inchy was dribbling blood again. I’ll ask for advice on Monday when I go to me Warfarin INR blood test.

01topj0101aDecided to have me Frikadellens with potatoes, Sweet potato nuggets with peppers & coriander Rotis, garden peas and beetroot for nosh tonight.

01topj9bWith some bread thins.

A very nice Swiss roll, lemon of course.

This will test the rumbling innards I thought?

It tasted gloriously wonderfully almost perfect. Rated this one 9.5/10!

Must get the kitchen sorted out after me making a mess in me assembling the trolley.

Tiredness dawned and I sat down to read me book for a while, then turned on the lousy TV.

That was the end of the day for me, nodded off…